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Goverlan Reach

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Goverlan Reach Features and Reviews

Goverlan Reach remote desktop software helps IT, managers, and organizations manage remote devices, provide tech support, drive productivity, and improve customer experience. 



Goverlan Reach is a remote access and desktop software for businesses of all sizes. The software makes it easy for managers to securely access remote systems and devices, share screen, keyboard, and mouse and support corporate users. 

With this software, managers can access unattended machines and provide on-demand assistance to users over the internet. IT professionals can query and manage local user groups and accounts on a single device or set of machines, rename local admin accounts, reset passwords, or modify group memberships. Goverlan Reach makes it easy for IT managers to initiate VoIP chat sessions with end-users, capture remote desktop access sessions, export the remote control view in image format, and create video recordings of the session. 

Goverlan Reach provides multiple software updates, patches, and management tools to help organizations streamline their IT resources. Managers can distribute, install and uninstall, update, and scan software remotely. Also, users can execute software updates from Microsoft Windows or other software like Google, Adobe, Mozilla, and more. 

The tool allows users to start, modify, stop, or remove system drivers or services, scan, and generate reports on connected devices like USB, drives, monitors, printers, and more. Managers use this software to query and manage connected printers and user drive mappings, remotely configure printers, additional file drive maps, desktop shortcuts, or environment variables for users’ desktop sessions without interrupting their work. With Goverlan Reach, managers can generate comprehensive IT reports on Active Directory objects, hardware and software inventory reports, and asset management reports.

Product Details

Goverlan Reach allows managers to access systems and users within and outside their network securely. With this software, managers can share keyboard, mouse, and screen without disconnecting the user, and support corporate users as they roam through the network. The tool lets IT experts log into and access unattended machines, and provide on-demand assistance to any user over the internet. 

Goverlan Reach allows IT teams to collaborate and resolve issues. Managers can invite other operators to join sessions, share screens, and control with different support engineers, communicate with users via text or audio chat, and save information via video recording or screen snapshots. 

With the multi-machine screen monitor, users can track screen activity and the health status of machines and view multiple devices, systems, spot problems, or undesired operation. IT teams use this tool to detect performance issues by monitoring memory, disk, CPU, and network activity levels. Managers can create custom layouts of screens and groups of machines; open and save them with a single click.

Goverlan Reach makes it easy for organizations to deploy and manage software patches.  This software provides multiple software updates, patches, and management tools for IT departments and system administrators. Users can distribute, install and uninstall, update, and scan software remotely. Managers can implement software updates from Microsoft Windows or other software like Google, Adobe, Mozilla, and more. 

Goverlan Reach supports centralized auditing and configuration. Users can set feature access for operators, use policies to define client approval process and notifications, audit remote assistance sessions centrally, and operator management actions. 

Goverlan Reach allows users to activate the curtain mode, mask end-users screens while performing administrative duties. Managers can prevent other users that are physically present at host systems from viewing what remote control operators are doing while sessions are ongoing. Companies use this tool for kiosk maintenance and protection of restricted information.

Goverlan Reach provides a broad range of features that help managers and teams seamlessly remote control any endpoint. The software supports multiple-monitor remote desktop sessions and RDS Session Shadowing and allows users to shadow the Microsoft RDP user and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop sessions. 

With the FastConnect technology, the software can detect active logged-in user sessions. Managers can specify usernames to connect to, and the software will present the user’s machines. Also, managers can specify partial user IDs, and Goverlan Reach will automatically search the Active Directory to resolve full user data. 

Goverlan Reach supports multi-monitors endpoints. Users can activate a single monitor viewport or multiple monitors at once, or monitor one viewport for each monitor on the operator side. The tool supports various RC Protocols and allows users to access various platform types by choosing from RDP, GovRC, GovRCMD, AMT, VNC, Telnet, or SSH access protocols. 

The software has an active remote task manager that lets managers monitor and manage running applications and processes running on remote machines. Users can start and stop operations and programs, access real-time statistics about memory usage, CPU, disk activity, and network performance. 

Goverlan Reach allows users to optimize startup programs to enhance user login speed, monitor performance counters, and system health issues. The software supports integration with the internal Active Directory and has powerful search capabilities. Users can quickly find and access any Active Directory objects, manage groups and accounts, reset passwords, or unlock accounts.

The tool allows users to modify machine names remotely, execute domain memberships, get privileged PowerShell, and command-line access to their servers and workstations, power off, restart, stand by or log off users on remote endpoints.

Goverlan Reach helps organizations to streamline systems management and automate IT processes in real-time. The software offers a programmatic tool to help enterprises optimize systems management tasks, reduce the complexities associated with managing endpoint landscape, including different operating systems, software versions, configurations, and application usage.

With process automation features, system administrators can create a runbook and compile routine systems management processes, procedures, and operations. Creating automation is seamless and fast and does not require programming knowledge.

Managers use Goverlan Reach to scan and detect React workflows in real-time. This software allows managers to schedule IT workflow automation to run based on a trigger or selected time and frequency. 

Machines can change to specific configuration and states or automatically set off a series of actions without manual or human intervention. For example, the tool can spot low disk space on systems, clear out temp and log directories, detect and disable undesired devices and systems, and more.  

 Goverlan Reach allows managers to generate reports and gain actionable insights for their organization. With this tool, managers can create reports in a few minutes to analyze and audit endpoints, measure exposure, and validate remediation campaign success and improve the quality of remote support operations. Some of the reports generated from this software include user reports (recently added, modified or deleted users), inactive users report, asset management report, software, and hardware inventory reports, list of systems with low memory, or failing hard drives. 


Goverlan Reach helps organizations and managers to gain remote access to attended and unattended devices. With this software, managers can audit endpoints, generate actionable insight, and streamline support services.