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Grow Features and Reviews

Grow data visualization software helps organizations from any industry to prepare, store, visualize, and distribute data.


Grow data visualization software provides businesses from any industry with a business intelligence solution that aims to accelerate growth. With Grow, users can prepare, clean, and transform data across different sources. Companies of all sizes use this software to analyze and visualize their sales figures, analytics, customer data, revenue, and other financials in real-time.

This data visualization software provides tools that help users prepare, process, store, analyze, visualize, and distribute data. Grow data visualization software offers native integrations for social media, ad platforms, CRM, databases, marketing analytics, and accounting. Plus, this software supports both SQL and non-SQL transformation.

Grow ensures that user's metrics are reliable and up-to-date. Users can import critical data with ease on this software. Besides, users do not need to use third-party data storage.

All data stored in Grow deliver transformational insights for business growth acceleration. Users can assign and authorize data access to members within the business. Moreover, users can see how much data they have stored to enable easy error reconciliation.

Grow data visualization software allows users to define how they want to navigate their data. Users can explore and manipulate data series by filtering, sorting, comparing dates, and grouping. Also, this software allows users to change data metrics based on dashboard filtering, time, or categories.

Data visualizations that span bar charts to columns makes it easy for users to spot trends and patterns. This software's drilling, filtering, and slicing features help users understand their data. Moreover, every member of the team can share insights and metrics.

Product Details

Grow data visualization software allows users to choose what data they want to store or pull. Users can develop datasets that incorporate standard business logic into a single platform that all team members can use. Plus, users can give access to the raw data to team members within their business.

This software offers users storage flexibility that allows them to store their data in different formats. Users can clean and transform simple datasets with basic metrics. Besides, users can build dashboards and metrics by combining multiple data sources.

Grow data visualization software allows users to connect to commonly used platforms and import data seamlessly using APIs. APIs import and refresh data continuously to ensure that users' metrics remain up-to-date. Plus, MySQL, SQL Server, BigQuery, Redshift, and Postgres are a few databases supported by Grow.

This software supports connectors like HubSpot, Copper, Native Salesforce, and Infusionsoft that blend and import data. Marketers can optimize their marketing budget by importing data from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. Besides, social media platform integrations help users understand customer engagement.

Grow data visualization software's marketing analytics enables users to understand their customers. Digital analytics platforms like Google Analytics and HubSpot allows users to understand site engagement. Users can measure their finance KPIs with financial integrations like Xero and Quickbooks Online. Plus, this software enables users to import data from files via integration with Airtable, Excel/CSV Upload, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Smartsheets.

Grow data visualization software offers users both SQL and non-SQL transformations. Users can utilize non-SQL transforms that support data grouping, filtration, summary, joining, and custom calculations. Besides, they can combine data from multiple data sources to build dashboards and metrics.

Grow supports PostgreSQL, which allows users to transform multiple data tables. Plus, users can utilize PostgreSQL to explore sophisticated data structures.

Grow data visualization software allows users to combine and transform different data sources with ease. Companies can filter, explore, and analyze multiple data visualizations to gain insights about their businesses. Data visualization tools like charts and graphs displayed on dashboards help users make the right business decisions backed by data.

Users can use different chart types like bar graphs, tables, pie, bullet, HTML, image, a single value, and gauge to explore and visualize their data. This software allows users to build custom dashboards by grouping data using different criteria. Plus, users can filter, sort, slice, compare, and summarize data for growth optimization.

Grow data visualization software allows users to create a metric data collection to offer insight for their team. This software enables users to dynamically change their displayed dashboard using date, number, or category. Besides, team members can have different metrics when they log in.

Users can get proof-of-concept insights from their data with ease by using the pre-built dashboards. The metrics and dashboards are customizable to suit the needs of different businesses. Plus, users can create in-progress metrics before deploying the live one.

Grow data visualization software allows users to use data visualization tools to spot trends and patterns. Users can use chart groupings to see the raw data that makes up the visualization. Also, this feature allows users to view their data's actual state based on previous run times.

Users can display data differently by changing the chart type of their data metric temporarily. Thus, switching metric chart view to table view will enable users to see how the data beneath looks. Besides, users can use a single metric to analyze and interact with their data.

Grow data visualization software allows users to share their dashboards through multiple channels. Users can schedule data reports to be sent regularly to stakeholders via email. Plus, displaying the data metrics on a TV enables every member of a team to stay abreast at all times.

Shareable URLs allows users to view data metrics without logging in. Users can share individual parameters to a Slack channel for all members of the team to see. Besides, users can export raw and transformed data tables from each report.

Grow data visualization enables companies to personalize the software to suit their brand. Users can display their logo and customize the domain. More so, companies can use the custom palette to set the color scheme to the brand's color.


Grow data visualization software is a major solution used by different industries for data preparation, storage, visualization, and distribution. This software integrates with typical web applications to simplify data analysis and drive business growth. The core strengths of this data visualization solution are its emphasis on customization and integration.