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HelloSign Features and Reviews

HelloSign Electronic Signature software allows organizations to get digital signatures from their clients, track progress, and sign relevant documents directly from their devices.


HelloSign Electronic Signature software is the easiest and secure way to manage, send, or receive signatures for documents, invoices, or forms. It offers users and teams a secure, intuitive, and fast way to complete paperwork online. At an SMB-friendly price, users get the same powerful workflow, custom branding, security, and compliance required of large organizations. 

The software allows businesses, their clients, or both parties to agree to documents with their digital signature. The process is safer than pen and paper and is recognized and trusted by analyst firms and millions of users. Businesses can reach their desired ROI and increase efficiency with features like team management capabilities, flexible signing workflow, email reminders, and more.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software is also optimized for mobile users to sign in real-time from any location. The software boasts a reduction in contracts turnaround time of up to 93 percent. Some users even claim to have saved over $50,000 in a year from employee efficiency alone. Others have recorded about a 25 percent increase in close sales rates and a ten percent revenue boost.

The software integrates seamlessly with business apps that users are already used to or enjoy using. Examples include Salesforce, Slack, Oracle Content & Experience Cloud, Eventbrite, HubSpot CRM, and more. It also integrates with and allows users to access and store signed documents in cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and more.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software offers a free mobile app for Android and iPhone. Plus, a Google App that adds a ‘sign’ button to all attachments to help with onboarding. This extension allows users to sign and sends documents through their Gmail accounts. Product Detail

Product Detail

HelloSign Electronic Signature software provides team management tools. Admins can see all the team’s documents and grant permissions as required. They can easily add, upgrade, or remove team members. Users can track the status of the forms they send and download them when they are signed.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software allows users to brand all their documents with company name and logo. Users can add professional touches to their documents by using customizable and reusable templates for repetitive.  These templates are pre-loaded with data and signature from the user’s system to save time. They also reduce churn in shoppers because they adapt to the information previously filled by the shopper. No field carries a repeat question, and data collection is in real-time. Thus, they result in faster turnaround times, better end-user experience, higher completion rates, and improved data accuracy.

An organization’s HR can use the software to complete their documents faster and speed up onboarding processes. Different documents used for onboarding may ask for the same information. So, HelloSign Electronic Signature software automatically populates the documents with data that the signer entered while applying. It then generates personalized PDFs and sends them to be signed.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software provides the most accessible API for users to build their eSignatures quickly. The software has one of the most scalable and fast eSignature APIs that is easy to implement. It gives users the freedom to customize their apps and create promotional emails.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software offers flexibility in workflows. It allows one to build forms quickly with drag-and-drop functionalities and no codes. The intelligent forms created can let up to 20 people to sign simultaneously or follow a pre-set order. It also allows users to carbon copy (cc) other members of the organization. When signing is complete, the software sends a copy to each participant’s inbox.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software allows participants to sign documents in-person on their Android tablet or iPad. This method is ideal for NDAs, photo releases, waivers, and more. The software undergoes constant updates in the cloud, so one does not need to download any software. Plus, it quickly uploads 17 file formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, and more.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software offers bank-level security. The software’s built-in security protects data by storing documents behind firewalls kept at rest by AES 256-bit encryption and backed up with AWS backup recovery. It protects documents with secure server infrastructure, SSL encryption, ISO 27001 certified data center, and SSAE-16. It also uses two-factor authentication to protects sensitive documents.

HelloSign runs a formal security program that handles information and risk management. The committee involved meets regularly to review security-related issues at the company, the infrastructure, and the product level. The company runs background checks on its employees and offer them training on security matters.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software allows users to add their eSignature to their favorite apps. Users can integrate the software with their websites or application for a uniform and consistent experience for both the sender and signer. This embedded signing allows visitors or customers to sign directly on users’ websites without having a HelloSign account or going to hellosign.com. 

HelloSign Electronic Signature software integrates with Gmail, Drive, Docs, Box, Evernote, Evernote, Dropbox, One Drive, Salesforce, and Apps Marketplace. 

HelloSign Electronic Signature software allows users to track documents easily. The documents are time-stamped and contain a detailed log of each parties’ personal information. It shows their names, IP addresses, email addresses, and the day and time that each activity happened.

It allows users to securely sign, send, and store agreements seamlessly on Dropbox. Users can use notifications to track their documents in Dropbox by adding an audit trail. They will receive alerts when their documents are being reviewed or signed.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software ensures that users are eSign compliant. Using the software means that users are compliant with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), the 2000 U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), and European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014). The software also complies with Privacy Shield and GDPR.

HelloSign Electronic Signature software helps users to reduce the time it takes them to close deals. Sales teams that use the software experience a 45 percent performance increase. They are not forced to learn new tools for their productivity to improve. 


HelloSign Electronic Signature software allows users to sign or request signatures within minutes. This covers documents that require the user’s signature, other people’s signature, or both. Senders receive an email notification that informs them when the document is signed.