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Help Scout Features and Reviews

Help Scout Help Desk software is a cloud-based software solution that helps teams and businesses manage their customer relationships.


Help Scout is ideal for any business or company that is determined to provide an excellent customer experience. The software offers a shared inbox for users and their team, thus enabling customer support collaboration whenever an email or a request comes in.

Help Scout’s reporting feature helps users measure team performance, monitor customer satisfaction, and spot trends. Plus, users can see which emails have been attended to in real-time, limiting team members’ risk responding to the same customer twice. 

Help Scout software also has an integrated knowledge base, a robust API, and multiple integrations. Users can access the software via Windows, iOS, and Android devices to provide customer support remotely.

Help Scout offers a free plan that allows users to familiarize themselves with the software’s features before paying for the service. Help Scout offers three pricing plans for small and medium businesses and enterprises - Basic, Standard, and Plus. 

The Basic plan is suited for small businesses and startups. It allows up to ten users with unlimited messages and storage, one mailbox, one limited Docs knowledge base, support beacon, and more. For $20 per user per month, several users can subscribe to Help Scout’s Standard plan. This plan comes with unlimited messages and storage, five mailboxes, one Docs knowledge base, satisfaction ratings, over 50 integrations, and more.

The Plus plan, which costs $35 per user per month, also allows unlimited users, messages, storage, mailboxes, three Docs knowledge base, Security Assertion Markup Language single sign-on, custom fields, and more.

Product Details

Help Scout help desk software provides email management that enables users to organize emails, collaborate with other team members, and ensure customer satisfaction. Through this, a user can assign conversations to a single team member, collaborate with others to solve problems and see which team member is attending to customers’ emails in real-time.

Help Scout allows users to manage phone, chat, and email conversations from one mailbox.

Users can also divide conversations into different categories for reporting and automation purposes.

Help Scout help desk software’s knowledge base enables users to create and publish answers for clients. Users can create helpful content for customers with the Docs editor, which comes with Help Scout. They can also customize all related articles and SEO details without signing out of the software. 

Users can understand what their customers are looking for, what they are finding (or not finding), and what percentage of those customers still contact the customer support with the Docs Report. Plus, a Docs API includes the endpoints that users need to customize their knowledge base experience.

Help Scout help desk software’s report provides a thorough insight into conversations, emails, chats, docs, company, and customer happiness. This report evaluates a team or business’ busiest hours and trending topics amongst their customers. Users can get an overview of each team’s email productivity - including response, resolution, and handle time metrics.

For calls, Help Scout provides users with a summary of all created phone calls and which team members spent most of their time interacting with customers. Users can also see any team member’s performance metrics, including the number of conversations they have per day.

For customer happiness, users can utilize customer satisfaction ratings. This way, users will know if they need to applaud the team or strategize to turn a customer’s dissatisfaction around. Users can also export these reports to CSV or Excel for easier access.

Help Scout help desk software offers users security and reliability. To ensure optimum safety, Help Scout solicits security researchers and pen testers to root out possible security vulnerabilities. The software also follows the European Union’s data protection laws, encrypts users’ emails with transport layer security and secure sockets layer, and adheres to the Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor’s best practices.

Plus, Help Scout ensures that users do not suffer any dissatisfaction with its 99.99 percent uptime.

Help Scout help desk software enables users to integrate sites such as HubSpot, Jira, and Salesforce. By connecting HubSpot with Help Scout, users can bring information on their customers, and customer support teams have full details on the clients they are replying to. Simply put, a HubSpot integration means that Help Scout users can view a customer’s lifecycle stage, HubSpot owner, predictive lead score, total revenue, workflow membership, and many more.

With a Salesforce integration, Help Scout users receive full information about the customers whose emails they are reading and replying. Through the Help Scout Customer Profile pane, users can view all the relevant and custom fields pulled from Salesforce. Users can also see Help Scout Conversation history on four types of records within Salesforce - Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.

With a Jira integration, Help Scout users and their support teams can manage issues, view details of any Jira issue, and boost productivity. They can also link or unlink Jira issues to any Help Scout conversation and create a new Jira issue - including attachments, and link it to any conversation. Users can go to a specific Jira issue by clicking on the relevant link and ew important ticket details, such as Summary title and Issue Type.

Other integration options include Snap Engage, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, PipelineDeals, KISSmetrics, Kickstarter, FreshBooks, Infusionsoft (powered by Zapier), Nicereply, and much more.

Help Scout help desk software has Beacon support that encourages users to keep all essential customer data within the platform. With this, companies can offer live chat, suggest relevant help content, and give customers access to their support history without leaving the website.

Users can update Beacon settings without inputting any code lines. However, there is a Javascript API that allows users to control and customize Beacon with code lines. With Beacon, Help Scout’s users can authenticate a customer without requiring them to log in.


Providing customer support is a difficult job that Help Scout help desk software can simplify. The help desk solution allows users to communicate with customers reliably and professionally via multiple different channels.