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Hubspot CRM Features and Reviews

HubSpot CRM helps marketers, salespeople, and managers improve their productivity for free by allowing third-party integration and providing automation, tracking and reporting tools.


HubSpot CRM is a free customer relationship management tool that goes beyond contact management. The software focuses on providing solutions for sales leaders, marketers, salespeople, operation managers, customer service teams, and business owners.

Businesses of all sizes now use CRM software to keep their customer relationship healthy. Studies have shown that 91 percent of all businesses with 11 or more employees use a CRM, whereas only 50 percent of companies with ten employees or less use the software. In another study from Forrester, CRM helped subjects improve their productivity by up to 50 percent. Another independent study says that CRM improved productivity by 34 percent.

HubSpot CRM has designed its solution to address the needs of a broad user base, with a slant towards improving these users’ productivity. This customer relationship management solution makes sure that sales leaders never have to update their reports manually. It automates performance tracking and reporting; HubSpot CRM presents these performance reports in a visually pleasant dashboard for users. 

Salespeople can rely on HubSpot CRM to organize and manage their sales activities, manage their pipelines, contacts, deals, and meetings. However, marketers can benefit from this platform, as well. HubSpot CRM provides marketing tools for generating leads and coordinating email marketing activities.

Customer service agents rely on HubSpot CRM to track their performance and interactions with customers. The tool supports up to one million contacts and unlimited data and users. Hence, operation managers can support the growth and performance of their sales and marketing teams with little or no hindrance.

HubSpot features a chatbot builder to help marketers convert more visitors to leads. It also has templates to improve workflows. HubSpot CRM uses data automation to update reports and manage repetitive tasks.

Product details

HubSpot CRM helps organizations, sales and marketing teams organize their contacts into a database. Most business owners do not keep all their contacts in order, so their contact information is in silos. They collect business cards, store contacts in spreadsheets, and maintain Linkedin connections separately. HubSpot helps business people bring all of these data from disparate sources into one place. It also helps them track these contacts’ activities on the web and spot prospects when they visit their sites.

HubSpot CRM comes with a built-in email feature for lead nurturing and customer relationship management. Bringing their email and contact management into one place allows businesses to nurture their leads seamlessly. With HubSpot CRM, you can create bulk email messages that are personalized to each recipient. This feature also allows users to add forms to their sites and collect useful data from visitors.

HubSpot CRM provides a dashboard that offers users full visibility into their sales pipeline. This feature offers a real-time report of the user’s sales pipeline. So, they can see their sales activities, salespeople’s performance, and the team’s overall productivity. This data is useful for knowing how to allocating coaching resources to the team members who need it and rewards those who drive the most results.

HubSpot CRM provides sales teams with meeting scheduling tools that come with extra features like live chat, prospect tracking, email templates, and click-to-call functionality. HubSpot hopes to help sales leaders gain the context they need when following up with leads. The tool removed friction from the sales process by providing sales leaders with the tools they need to do their work.

HubSpot CRM has a lead management feature to help users organize their deals, tasks, and communication with leads. This CRM solution simplifies lead management for users, so first-time customer relationship users will find this tool easy to learn. These users can organize and manage the deals in their pipelines, and then create tasks reminders so that they do not miss deadlines. Using the platform’s email, call, and other communication management features, you can save time and never be unsure of any past interactions with a lead.

HubSpot CRM empowers salespeople with email tracking and notification features. This feature helps salespeople respond quickly to events that might help them close deals faster. The moment a lead opens an email, HubSpot sends a reminder to help the salesperson follow up and close the sale. Salespeople can rely on the email templates that HubSpot provides to move this deal forward or call the prospect directly using the CRM.

HubSpot CRM provides an ad tool and a no-codes chatbot builder for marketers to convert visitors to leads. This CRM provides a free ad management tool to help marketers attract their desired audience and then use HubSpot’s form tools to turn these visitors into leads. Marketers can also improve the quality of their conversations with these leads by building and deploying a no-codes-required chatbot.

HubSpot CRM comes with ticking, shared email, and live chat features for users to manage and understand their customer communications. Customer service can also use HubSpot CRM to communicate with customers and other team members. They can keep their team focused on serving customers instead of monitoring conversations and tracking data. The tool comes with features for managing email, chats, ticketing, response time, wait-time, ticket volume, and other customer service metrics and needs.

HubSpot CRM allows more than 300 third-party integrations to help boost team performance and focus on critical goals. A quick benefit here is that businesses can connect their existing applications and get more results from their tech stack. 

HubSpot CRM provides automation, activity tracking, and analytics for performance measurement. With data from more than 20 million businesses, HubSpot boasts a robust information powerhouse for businesses that use the platform. Users can track all the metrics they want and filter for what they care about per time.

With built-analytics, users can uncover patterns easily. Marketers can spot what pages are driving the most results and the traffic sources driving the most conversions. Salespeople can spot the offers that are working and which email messages are getting the most attention.

HubSpot CRM analytics spots such details as the number of times visitors come to a site before they buy, navigation trends, and other behavioral data. Business people, managers, salespeople, and marketers can use the performance reports from HubSpot CRM to drive more conversions.


HubSpot CRM is one of the best platforms for both marketers and salespeople looking to use CRM to engage their leads and customers more. It provides users with forms, a chatbot builder, email templates, automation tools, live chat, contact and lead management, performance tracking tools, and more for free. The core strength of this CRM solution is its emphasis on productivity.