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HubSpot Service Hub

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HubSpot Service Hub Features and Reviews

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software helps users track their customers’ requests and keep their teams organized.


HubSpot Service Hub is a growth platform that ensures that users resolve all their customers' issues without exception. The company, since 2006, decided to provide the world with more inbound solutions. They have transformed their methods of attracting, engaging, and delighting customers. Presently, their software, support, and services have reached over 100 countries with a customer base of more than 68,800.

HubSpot Service Hub help desk software helps users connect with and manage their customers to lead them to success. They can build personalized customer experiences, grow from customers’ feedback, and create self-help solutions. The software integrates with HubSpot’s free CRM to give every team member enough data to engage customers in contextual chats. Since the software automatically stores all chat conversations in a universal inbox, any team member can give the perfect response to any customer.

This help desk software allows users to respond to chats directly from their inbox and follow up with emails, calls, task schedules, support tickets, and more. Its mobile app and integration with Slack ensure that teams can get notifications and respond on the go. Users also can designate office hours to let their visitors know when they are available to chat. Plus, they can follow up on missed chat requests when they set email captures.

Product Details

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software helps users to manage, track, and organized customers’ issues in one place. Users can prevent the risk of overlooking customer issues as they grow bigger. They can keep track of emails, manage spreadsheets, and listen to their customers. The dashboard allows users to collaborate and manage all the activities in one place so that all their customers get a one-on-one experience

The software allows users to know the tickets' status and how long it took them to get resolved. So they can track key metrics like ticket volume and agent response time. This allows them to map out effective ways to coach their support team, manage customers’ demands, and improve customer experience.

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software integrates team inbox with HubSpot’s free CRM. Each member of the team has access to the data of all the commonly managed customers. The software gives full context for personalized responses that follow available information. Whoever is replying to the customers will see available insights and contact information in the inbox sidebar.

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software allows users to spend more time helping their customers succeed. The software adds automation and routing to ticketing for an effective help desk that responds faster and more efficiently to customers’ emails. Whether the customer sends an email, fill a form, or communicates through live chat, they get a personalized ticket.

Setting up routing rules allows customers to be directed to the most relevant person for their issue type. Users can assign and route emails automatically or manually to specific or random team members. They also have access to free productivity tools like documents, templates, sequences, and canned responses that integrate with their inboxes. The templates allow users to draft email in half the usual time, so customers get answers faster.

Users chat with their customers, visitors, or prospects in real-time by using live chat to connect customers to the team's right person. The chat widgets can be customized to match any user’s brand with welcome messages that fit the page they are browsing per time. Users can also choose to introduce the chat when the visitor is engaged. The software saves all conversations in the inbox and the contact timeline for each member of the team to stay in the context of conversations.

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software prioritizes requests to resolve critical issues faster. Users can convert customers’ issues to tickets and quickly assign team members to manage them at any stage. The software retains useful information on the tickets about the customers’ history, service issues, product details, and more. This allows team members to give personalized support within the context of the issue.

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software allows each team member to track conversations they have with their team. Since shared emails are difficult to manage, the occasional question of who to respond to a certain email. Plus, the expectation that someone else should have responded. HubSpot provides a universal inbox for marketing, sales, and customer service teams. So, each member can easily see the last conversation with the customer and the team member that handled it. The software makes team email transparent and allows each member to follow the tone of voice used previously with any customer. 

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software helps users to get feedback from their customers. Users can use the results they get from surveys to build or tailor their customers’ experiences. It helps them automate their customer service with task creations, escalations, and routing. Plus, it works well for internal notification for team members or automated marketing emails.

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software helps users turn frequently asked questions into knowledge bases. The tickets and support question become an optimized, robust knowledge base of documentation and help articles indexed in search engines.

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk software allows users to create helpful chatbots without coding. These chatbots can help them book meetings, answer frequently asked questions, and more. This lightens the loads on team members and allows them to focus on building personalized conversations at scale. The seamless integration of HubSpot’s free CRM and the chatbot builder allows the software to provide tailored messages that align with customers' information.

Users do not need coding knowledge to create the chatbots because the software provides templates. They can choose templates based on the bot’s goal and customize the conversations to match their brand’s tone and voice.

Wrap Up

The chatbots have human touches because of the software’s integration with HubSpot’s free CRM. This integration also allows teams to deliver more personalized messages within the context and focus on satisfying customers. Plus, the software ensures that the customers are directed to the right person each time.