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IBM Cognos Analytics

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IBM Cognos Analytics Features and Reviews

IBM Cognos Analytics business intelligence software empowers organizations and managers to analyze and visualize data, share actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions. 


IBM Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence software for data analysts, scientists, professionals, and businesses. The software has useful features for companies operating in industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, banking and financial markets, education, electronics, energy and utilities, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, metals, and mining, oil and gas, retail and consumer products, telecommunications, media and entertainment, travel and transportation and the government. 

IBM Cognos Analytics helps businesses minimize costs and increase data accuracy. The tool has self-service capabilities and in-built artificial intelligence functions to help users get more out of their data. 

With this software, data analysts can quickly prepare and analyze critical business data. The tool lets users clean and combine data sources, and offers AI-assisted and automated data preparation. With this software, managers and product teams can seamlessly visualize sales and operation data, and business performance by creating beautiful reports and dashboards with AI-powered recommendations. 

With this tool, managers can gain actionable insights, share reports, and dashboards with management teams and other relevant stakeholders. Companies use insights from this software to make data-driven decisions that will drive operational excellence. 

The tool has features to help data analysts and engineers protect their data. Users can create scalable and robust governance rules, control access to sensitive data by granting and revoking access to other users. 

Companies can deploy IBM Cognos Analytics in the cloud, on-premises, or both. Also, users can use the software on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, or across a single cloud or multi-cloud environment.

Product Details 

IBM Cognos Analytics helps organizations and data analysts to explore and prepare data quickly. Separate departments coordinate business operations in large and complex organizations, and interconnected workstreams generate large amounts of data. 

IBM Cognos Analytics allows data analysts and engineers to explore, prepare, model, and analyze data speedily. The software helps users spot errors and clean large datasets in a few minutes.

With this software, data experts can import data from spreadsheets and CSV files. Also, the tool supports data import via connection to on-premise and cloud databases. Users can add new columns to data, perform advanced calculations, reorder, split, and hide columns of data.

This software infuses artificial intelligence in every aspect of data operations. Companies can automatically harness machine learning to search, find, and combine related data or data sources into a single, reliable data module.

IBM Cognos Analytics helps organizations drive productivity, make essential changes, and take critical actions quickly. It reduces the time to prepare, discover, model track, and analyze large datasets. 

IBM Cognos Analytics allows data analysts and data engineers to analyze data and uncover deep and data-driven insights. With this software, businesses can dig deeper into business data and gain actionable insights. IBM Cognos Analytics allows companies to perform data analysis, create multiple scenarios, assess the risks and rewards of alternative actions and strategies.

This software offers advanced statistics and analytical tools to help managers answer critical business questions. Business and finance leaders can create plans, budgets, and forecasts using planning analytics. Descriptive analytics help organizations uncover business operations' status while diagnostic analytics will explain the reason for the trends and data pattern.

With a single click, businesses and data teams can access accurate time-series forecasting tools and advanced descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics tools. Businesses use IBM Cognos Analytics to analyze data on-time, identify and resolve potential bottlenecks, and issues that may harm business operations


With IBM Cognos Analytics, managers can iterate and improve operational efficiency on an ongoing basis and driven by real-time data. This tool has self-service capabilities and AI-assistant that helps organizations automate data operations, and reduce costs such as support and training expenditures. This tool lets business users ask critical questions in plain language as well as receive actionable insights with natural language query support. 

IBM Cognos Analytics allows managers, data analyst to visualize their data and share them with relevant stakeholders. This software lets managers generate compelling reports and create beautiful and interactive dashboards to track metrics, KPIs, and other critical data points for operational processes, departments, and business performance. 

With AI-recommendations from IBM Cognos Analytics, managers can use the right visualization tools to present their data. The software offers geospatial capabilities and allows users to overlay their geospatial data 

IBM Cognos Analytics helps companies proactively respond to the ever-changing demands of the market. Sales managers can view real-time sales data, generate sales reports for a period, and identify tactics that will help the team achieve its sales objectives. With this software, managers can share dashboards across the entire team, set clear standards for sales performance, and pivot to quickly adapt and grow sales pipeline. 

IBM Cognos Analytics allows marketing managers to uncover trends in their marketing data using plain language questions and answers. With this software, businesses can brainstorm and discover new and innovative ways to generate valuable insights and turn them into action. Companies can segment the market, institute loyalty programs, and boost campaigns targeted at a particular market segment, geographical lines, and more. Also, marketers can increase exposure for their brand with strategic advert placements driven by real-time data. 

IBM Cognos Analytics drives collaboration between remote and physical teams. The software allows users to access the same data, analytics, and reports easily. With this tool, team members can capture, annotate, and share data and visuals via Slack or email.  

Companies can deploy IBM Cognos Analytics in the cloud, on-premises, or both. Also, users can use the software on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, or across a single cloud or multi-cloud environment.

IBM Cognos Analytics allows data analysts and engineers to access and share data securely. Companies can protect their data by creating strong governance rules, control access to sensitive data by granting and revoking access. 


IBM Cognos Analytics business intelligence software helps businesses, data experts, and professionals prepare and analyze data. With this software, managers can visualize data, and uncover deep insights that will improve operational processes and drive competitive advantage.