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IBM SPSS Features and Reviews

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software empowers users with tools to prepare, analyze, visualize, and uncover actionable insights from both small and large data sets.


IBM SPSS is a statistical analysis tool used by multiple industries, including marketing, healthcare, government, data mining, survey, education, and research. This software focuses on solving industry-related issues to foster quality decision making for businesses.

Businesses of all sizes use this solution to improve their efficiency, increase revenue, and circumvent competitors through significant data deployment, machine learning algorithms, descriptive statistics, and predictive analysis. SPSS allows users to utilize advanced statistical procedures to analyze and understand complex data sets. This software helps users avoid errors associated with large data sets. Plus, users can transform and visualize their data with ease.

SPSS supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. This on-premise statistics software helps users minimize data preparation time by observing patterns, spotting invalid values, and outlining variable distributions. Users can automatically prepare and analyze their data with a single step. Besides, users can automate standard tasks through syntax.

This software empowers users with an extensions library for them to enhance SPSS syntax with R and Python. With SPSS locally installed, users can store their files and data on their computers. Users can analyze complex relationships by using univariate and multivariate modeling. Additionally, this software allows users to predict categorical outcomes.

IBM SPSS allows users to apply non-linear regression procedures and use decision trees to identify groups and relationships. This software helps with direct marketing and forecasting. Users can analyze statistical data from complex samples and interpret results. Plus, users can use categorical data to predict outcomes and show relationships.

Users do not need to have previous statistics experience to make use of this software. This software offers visualizations and reports for users to communicate their results. Besides, SPSS provides custom-built interfaces to multiple skill levels.

Product Details

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software offers advanced modeling options to analyze data with distinct characteristics. This software helps users to describe the relationship between dependent and independent variables. Businesses can find out more about their customers by conducting research and analyzing the data gotten. Data from any survey conducted by Survey Gizmo can be exported to SPSS easily for analysis. Additionally, users can find out if random effects can introduce correlations between cases.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software makes data sourcing, analysis, and manipulation easy. Data in this software gets stored in SAV format, which makes it easy to conduct data analysis. Users can access data with different variable types. This platform automates data modeling to save time. Besides, SPSS can perform trend analysis and retrieve

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software's custom tables support a wide variety of customized reporting tools. Users can create charts with the templates available by adding predefined categorical variables. This software produces underlying syntax when users create tables for their survey. Plus, users can save this syntax and automate the custom table creation process for future use.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software enables users to predict categorical outcomes with ease. Users can apply a variety of non-linear regression procedures to predict future results. This software offers users a wide range of techniques used to discover relationships in data sets. Additionally, users use different variables such as age, sex, education, and employment status, to perform regression analysis.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software allows users to use decision trees to identify groups and relationships. This software groups and records individuals based on their characteristics. Users can estimate future events using historical data available. SPSS lets users predict the future of several aspects of their business using open data. Plus, users can find out the key drivers that influence the growth of their business.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software enables users to identify their customers and improve their marketing campaign strategy and results.  Users can define their best customers and identify different characteristics of consumer groups.  This software allows users to target specific consumer groups to maximize favorable marketing response rates. Also, users can effectively compare their various marketing campaigns to pinpoint areas that need attention.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software allows users to develop time-series forecasts. Both beginners and experienced users can create models and produce estimates using a variety of predictors. This software enables users to determine significant predictors using available data and variables. Plus, users can utilize this functionality to determine the trend of their data.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software helps users to improve predictive models and find complex relationships. This software uses neural networks for predictive applications like multi-layer perceptrons. Users can use variables like age, employment, and household income as covariates, dependent variables, or factors depending on the analysis they want to undertake. The neural network of this software ensures that all specifications inputted are correct. Besides, users can visualize the sensitivity and specificity of complex relationships analyzed.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software enables users to use categorical data to reveal relationships. This software using optimum scaling to analyze complex data difficult for standard analytical procedures to analyze. Users can perform correspondence analysis to explain differences between categories in a variable or the differences in variables. Additionally, users can visualize data relationships on graphs and plots.

SPSS statistical analysis software enables users to analyze complex data samples and interpret the survey results. This software allows users to select complex samples and incorporate their design into their data analysis. Users can carry out a complex sample market analysis on their industry by analyzing data gotten from a similar industry. Plus, this software provides risk estimates for users to understand their risks.

IBM SPSS statistical analysis software allows users to input missing values and uncover missing data trends. Users can perform missing value and multiple imputation pattern analysis. This software enables users to determine the importance of these missing values and input them accordingly.


IBM SPSS is a statistical analysis solution used by both students and organizations. It helps users to analyze complex data, find missing data, perform predictive analysis, identify data groups, and improve marketing campaigns. This analytical solution mainly emphasizes on effectiveness.