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Image Relay Features and Reviews

Image Relay digital asset management software enables organizations to track, manage, organize, monitor, and upload digital assets.


Image Relay offers users a centralized cloud-based hub for storing files, simplifying the management of their files. Even more, the software enables users to distribute, manage, monitor, organize, and upload files easily. Also, with Image Relay's digital asset management system, businesses can improve their time to market, external communications, and internal processes. This system also enables users to implement appropriate digital asset governance for better brand awareness and consistency.

With Image Relay, users can build custom portals containing company branding like logos, themes, and so on. More so, businesses can share content like files and materials without giving out passwords and usernames, allowing for easy collaboration. Even more, users can share and create content as well as configure their sharing settings, ensuring that content is shared with the appropriate persons. At the same time, Image Relay enables users to convert videos to HTML5 formats, allowing them to preview their videos before downloading. Users can also convert audio files to HTML5 formats to preview them.

Image Relay also offers search functionalities that enable users to search for full texts within documents. Furthermore, the software allows users to manage tags and metadata attached to individual documents, enabling auto-filled searches. Additionally, the software utilized Zapier to integrate with third-party apps like Percolate, Issuu, Conceptboard, Basecamp, and so on.

Product Details

Image Relay digital asset management software offers users a content library. The software gives users a detailed view of their assets, which allows them to add to a collection, share content, and download files. Even more, admins can view asset activities, set expiration dates, tag files, add attachments, add new versions, and edit metadata. Plus, the software generates full-screen previews and thumbnails for documents, videos, and photos.

Additionally, with this software, users can create dynamic folders and reorganize them when needed. Image Relay also allows users to replace, organize, and add metadata to multiple assets using a single command. More so, organizations can use WebDav, SFTP, or the software's desktop uploader to upload multiple folder directories of content. At the same time, users can share multiple files or entire folders using Image Relay's custom Collections or quick links.

Image Relay digital asset management software offers businesses a collaborative Collection. Users can generate auto-notifications when a Collection has been updated, making sure followers know when are there are new updates. Also, vendors and teams can collaborate on Image Relay's Collection to share, curate, and manage brand directives, campaigns, and assets. Even more, users can choose from theme templates for presenting and organizing their content. Plus, they can add descriptions and segment content into sections.

This feature also enables users to create web pages to share and curate their content. Also, users can quickly update assets and have the modification implemented across multiple channels.

Image Relay digital asset management software enables users to share files easily. Users can share files as embed links for presentation materials, PDFs, sites, and social media. Also, multiple files can be shared as a single link in a visual format. At the same time, product files can be delivered as a whole folder directory, allowing dealers and sales reps to organize their content easily.

With this feature, users can generate download links to include on their websites or in a presentation. Even more, sales reps can create upload links for receiving files from teammates, customers, and vendors. Plus, designated folders can be chosen to receive files, and notifications can be set for when files are received. And, users can curate files and share them as informative web portals.

Image Relay digital asset management software offers users multiple search options. With full-text search, users can search for documents using indexed content like .xls, .ppt, .doc, ,pdf, and so on. The software also enables users to narrow their library by location of metadata, color, orientation, upload date, file format, and folder name. Even more, the software supports the use of numerous Boolean operators in searches without clicking on any search filter or option.

Image Relay digital asset management software provides users with an upload application. This allows users to push folder directories with multitudes of files and also auto-populate folder directories onto their archive on the software. Users can also use the software's drag-and-drop method to upload assets quickly. Plus, sales reps can create direct upload links for agencies, partners, and vendors to upload assets to their library without opening an account. The software allows users to upload files using WebDAV and SFTP and also supports an API for syncing with third-party apps for automatic uploads.

Image Relay digital asset management software supports multiple file formats. Users can share and store files in any format as well as preview videos, documents, and images. Even more, files of any size can be uploaded and converted into different formats.

The software maps, indexes, and supports IPTC fields and allows users to search and create custom asset fields. At the same time, users can set expiration dates on assets or expire them immediately. Also, the software enables users to update files with new versions as well as revert to older versions. More so, users have access to full-screen views of PDFs, spreadsheets, and documents, as well as preview video files before downloading through a shared link or when logged in.

Image Relay digital asset management software offers users asset analytics. Businesses can download and view tracking reports of shared links, files downloads, and uploads by specific team members or roles. Users can also pull up reports on the number of logins, as well as the geographic distribution of these logins. Even more, the software enables users to track activities like when files are shared, deleted, or uploaded, or when permissions are modified. Plus, users can track the file uploads of each team member.


With Image Relay, enterprises and businesses can manage, monitor, distribute, and upload digital content. The software also enables users to create customized portals with their brand colors, logo, themes, and so on. More so, Image Relay allows users to manage file repositories and share them with people without having to give them direct login access. At the same time, users can archive additional data and also convert audio and video files to HTML5, which allows them to preview their files before downloading.