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Joomla Features and Reviews

Joomla content management system helps both beginner users and expert developers to build and manage websites and online applications.


Joomla content management tool comes with more functions than content creation. It helps users build, manage, organize, and publish content. This open-source software focuses on providing these solutions for governments, non-profits, small businesses, and large organizations globally.

Joomla CMS supports nearly two million active websites and more than six percent of the global CMS market. This software's built-in model-view-controller web application framework allows users to develop online applications seamlessly. Developers can use this free software to build corporate portals, intranets, extranets, online publications, e-commerce sites, and personal home pages. Plus, Joomla is search-engine optimized right from the start.

Uses can customize their website and apps to fit their specifications using the multiple templates and extensions available. This software offers a vast global community that helps users get up to speed fast with the web and app development process. Besides, Joomla allows developers to write web and command-line applications using PHP.

This software allows businesses to add new features to their website or application as they scale. Content creators can create their sites in languages other than English. Web agencies rely on Joomla to build sites for themselves and clients. Additionally, users do not need an expert level of expertise to use this CMS software.

Joomla allows developers to build sophisticated add-ons that extend its power into unlimited directions. The framework of this software enables developers to build data reporting tools, custom product catalogs, communication tools, e-commerce systems, and sophisticated business directories. Moreover, anyone can share and use online applications created with this software.

This open-source CMS software can adapt quickly to complex needs. Users can define access rights for different team members and produce lasting and extendible solutions. Besides, Joomla is a mobile-friendly software that allows users to work on the go.

Product Details

Joomla content management system software enables users to configure personal options. This software allows users to give team members or clients access to their website using the different types of permissions. Users can select which team members can access, edit, administrate, and publish content on their site.

Joomla supports different user authentication protocols like Gmail, OpenID, and LDAP. Hence, users can use their existing account information to simplify the registration process. Additionally, this software allows users to have complete control over what people can do and who can see.

Joomla content management system software allows users to organize their content to suit their preferences. This software enables users to share their content with others and let users rate their articles. Site administrators can hide content from site visitors by archiving content. The pre-installed module of this software allows users to arrange their content according to the latest, related, most-popular, and newsflashes. Plus, Joomla's in-built email cloaking helps protect email addresses of visitors from spambots.

Joomla content management system software provides users with media management tools for media file and folder management. Users can configure the settings of this software to enable it to handle all file types. This software allows users to grab media files like images at any time. Besides, Joomla lets users have their website in more than one language.

Joomla content management system software allows content creators to syndicate their site content. Users can integrate RSS feed from other sources and aggregate them on their site with ease. This software enables users to create as many menus and menu items as they need. Plus, Users can structure their menu-lists according to hierarchy and content structure.

Joomla content management system software offers users pre-built templates for the creation of their website and online applications. Users can choose from the multiple models available to ensure their site fits their brand. This software gives users full visual control to allow them to customize every part of their page. Additionally, users can use different templates for each section of their site.

Joomla content management system software allows agencies to manage campaigns and banner creation. This software enables users to set impression numbers and unique URLs to their campaigns and banners. Users can send multiple contact forms to different individuals ad groups to foster contact management. Besides, Joomla provides site administrators with search statistics so they can know how well their site is doing.

Joomla content management system software helps site visitors with locating what they need. There are several documentation and resources available to help developers when creating websites or applications. Users can troubleshoot if they run into any problems during site development. Plus, the vast support community ensures that users have all the help they need.

Joomla content management system software allows file operations to occur without making all the folders writable. Error reports are available for system administrators who want to troubleshoot any issue. The multiple web development functionalities ensure that site pages load speedily. Besides, this software makes sure that administrators can effectively communicate with their site visitors through comment and private messaging.

Joomla content management system software allows users o create mobile-friendly websites and online applications. This mobile-friendly software enables users to access all its functionalities anywhere and at any time. Users can ensure that both the visitor and administrator areas of their websites and applications are mobile-friendly. Additionally, users and visitors can use their Apple and Android devices to access their sites.

Joomla content management system software enables users to utilize HTTP and XML to build web services. Users can integrate this software's APIS with XML-RPC services. Plus, users can use Joomla's extensions directory to view the different ways they can improve the platform to fit their specifications.


Joomla CMS is one of the major platforms for content creators, developers, and other business owners looking to build websites or online applications. This software focuses on content management, which encompasses content creation, editing, archiving, collaboration, reporting, distribution, and publishing.

Joomla provides users with templates, add-ons, directories, content management tools, integrations, and media management tools. The core strength of this Content Management System software is its emphasis on extensiveness and productivity.