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Keap Features and Reviews

Keap marketing automation software helps businesses centralize their daily activities and customer interactions in a single place.


Keap offers businesses online and marketing solutions and features like lead tracking, email management, marketing automation, social media management, lead generation, and so on. More so, the software offers companies integrated CRM functionalities, which allow them to analyze customer behavior, record engagements, score leads, and organize contacts. Plus, users can engage with their customers using personalized followup messages.

The marketing automation software also offers users a Campaign Builder feature that allows them to design and run marketing campaigns, as well as monitor activities. The software also enables e-commerce businesses to manage e-commerce stores, create order pages or storefronts, carryout post-purchase followup, and handle collections and billing. Even more, Keap gives users access to automated order billing and fulfillment as well as inventory management. Plus, the software's analytics tools enable users to analyze past data points and make more informed decisions.

Keap also enables users to automate their marketing and sales efforts, allowing them to deliver personalized customer experiences and maintain their brand messaging across campaigns. Also, the software centralizes users' contact information, which enables sales teams to avoid recurring sales activities. Users can also access their data from multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones. This software also integrates with marketing tools, which allow users to connect with their leads through offline channels, social media, and email.

Product Details

Keap marketing automation software supports email marketing. Users can design professional emails as autoresponders or announce promotional offers using Keap's drag-and-drop feature, which can be accessed in the software's Campaign Builder. Keap also allows users to design emails in plain texts or HMTL, and include elements like social sharing widgets and text boxes. Even more, users can customize email layouts and include branded elements using Keap's style tools. The software also enables users to increase their inbox deliverability rate using spam scoring.

Marketing teams can set up automatic processes for sending emails and texts to newly acquired leads using customizable, pre-written emails which guide leads to the next sales level. Also, users can create repeatable sales processes using automatic emails that are sent when leads move from one level to another. Sequences of emails can also be designed to be sent depending on client actions or timed triggers. At the same time, users can create checklists and standard tasks to ensure that their sales team delivers.

Keap marketing automation software helps with lead scoring. Sales teams and entrepreneurs can improve their productivity and identify potential leads using Keap's visual lead scoring. Also, the software uses a "flames" lead scoring method that helps users identify the possibility of a lead converting to sales. Users can view a contact's profile in a Recent Activity tab to check the number of flames available; the more the flames, the higher the possibility of that lead turning to a sale. This way, users can assign the appropriate salesperson to different leads.

Keap marketing automation software helps users run automated marketing campaigns. Keap allows users to create custom campaigns or choose from a list of campaign templates. Users can create automated voice broadcasts, social media posts, direct mail letters, email marketing, and other forms of campaigns. Even more, with Keap's branding center, users can maintain consistent branding across multiple communications channels and platforms. Plus, users have access to website analytics and can monitor web activities like visitor tracking. And, these website analytics can be used with real-time marketing reports to get an overview of social reach, click-throughs, and open rates, allowing businesses to refine their marketing efforts continuously.

Keap marketing automation software offers sales automation for users to manage their sales pipeline, score and distribute leads, create custom quotes for potential customers, and so on. Also, users' custom quotes are automatically turned to orders once they get approved by clients. More so, this marketing automation software also gives users access to sales reports containing key performance metrics like revenue and conversion rates. This way, users can identify areas that their sales teams need to improve on and campaigns that have been successful over time. Even more, these metrics can be viewed directly from users' dashboards or export reports in appropriate formats when needed.

Keap marketing automation software supports e-commerce store management. With Keap's e-commerce tools, users can build online storefronts for their e-commerce business with a digital shopping cart that allows them to process transactions from their websites. The software also gives users access to customizable templates for designing e-commerce stores, which can be used to sell subscriptions, services, and even physical products. Even more, users can receive payments with a credit card or via PayPal.

Keap also has post-purchase automation capabilities that allow users to automate the entire selling process on their e-commerce platform. The software enables users to automate delivery and fulfillment processes, upselling, and followup on targeted campaigns. Even more, with Keap's inventory management functionality, users can control their stock. At the same time, users have access to referral campaign programs and promotional tools for agent partnerships and offering customers free trials and discounts.

Keap marketing automation software has a contact management solution. With this feature, Keap enables users to view website activity histories, appointments, and task histories, lead scores, lead sources, account and order balances, sales and marketing histories, and contact information. The software also has a contact management tab that allows users to pick a contact and view their general information and account summary. This will enable businesses to see transactions made with individual clients. At the same time, users can segment lists by adding tags that work as searchable notes.

Keap marketing automation software also enables users to automate content management tasks, allowing them to nurture client relationships continuously. Users can set up appointments, followups, and tasks from within the software, as well as include active notes on clients and prospective customers. Plus, the software also allows users to share and view customer interaction histories with team members


Keap marketing automation software helps businesses organize their daily, recurring activities. The software also integrates with third-party software and marketing tools, allowing users to curate contact information from multiple places. More so, users can automate repetitive tasks and map out stages of their marketing and sales strategies. Even more, Keap allows users to centralize daily activities and customer interactions and also manage e-commerce stores from a single platform.