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Kentico Xperience Features and Reviews

Kentico Xperience content management system helps brands to streamline content creation and deliver engaging digital experiences. 


Kentico Xperience offers a cloud-based content management system that allows companies, professionals, freelancers, and content creators to quickly build web pages and deliver digital content. The software provides an intuitive Page Builder that enables content managers to create web pages using simple drag and drop widgets and reuse the content in their mobile app, email campaigns, and other digital channels

Kentico Xperience content management system allows companies to deliver personalized experiences by applying personalization rules, maintain brand consistency, and compliance throughout the entire content lifecycle.

The software allows users to create multilingual content and site structures for different languages such as Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Eastern European languages. Companies can design content workflows, ensure consistency and compliance, set timed actions to automatically push content to the next stage in the workflow based on a specific time or after another event. Users can get automatic email notifications when tasks are updated or waiting for completion. 

 Content teams can check out content so that it is not available for editing by other people and check back when they are through. Users can set new versions, leave comments to let others know why changes were made. With a single interface, content teams can access and manage all their websites and applications, easily share credentials content, code, data or design, maintain a consistent brand message and brand essentials across website properties.

Product Details 

Kentico Xperience content management system enables companies to design webpages without technical knowledge. With the intuitive Page Builder, users create new pages using simple-to-use drag and drop widgets. The software lets users apply personalization rules and deliver personalized experiences even without technical knowledge.

Users can create simple layouts that suit their needs by dividing pages into multiple sections and configuring the sections to have a unique look. With reusable widgets like drag and drop tiles, hero banner, forms, carousel, inline editors, and more, managers can effortlessly design website content.

Managers do not need to create a new page from scratch at all times. They can save their top-performing layouts and landing pages as templates, including sections, widgets, properties, and content. Users can also pick up templates to create new web pages quickly. 

Kentico Xperience content management system enables users to reuse digital assets. Users can insert their media files, including videos and pictures from the library directly to widgets from a single interface. The software allows users to link other pages from their page tree and reuse the content. 

Kentico Xperience content management system allows managers to create and use structured content in multiple places. With this tool, users can create and manage various content types, including articles, blog posts, multiple product catalogs, and more. Managers can reuse their content across various sites, email campaigns, mobile apps, etc.

The software allows users to define the structure for different page types seamlessly. Without writing multiple lines of code, users can build forms to capture text, images, videos, media files, and other digital assets. Managers can customize data entry form layouts using a form designer with a wide variety of fields and data types. 

Managers can display information in different ways and via multiple channels using structured content that is stored separately. Kentico Xperience stores data in relational data tables, thereby providing data consistency, high performance, easy querying, and integrations. With this software, managers can intuitively create new pages, and maintain consistent website structures by determining which content type can be created under specific pages or sections of their website. 

Companies use the Kentico Xperience content management system to design workflows, ensure consistency and compliance.  The software has a simple user interface that allows teams to develop custom workflows based on their internal processes. Users can manage the content flow between authorized users and review them before they are published.

With this software, companies can ensure that content is consistent with their brand, compliant with internal processes, and meets regulatory requirements. Managers can configure rules, and delegate users, select content editors, owners, and content approvers for workflow processes. 

The tool allows users to define an unlimited number of steps in their preferred order for any document. Managers can use the Workflow Designer to define multiple workflows based on the page content or context. They can then assign them to pages based on characteristics such as subject, language, subject, author.

Kentico Xperience content management system allows managers to create content in any language. With this software, managers can translate their website into multiple languages, explore foreign markets, and grow their business. Users can manage sites in languages, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, and Eastern European languages.

With this tool, companies can manage translated content, coordinate content creators, translators, proofreaders, approvers, and track pages that have not been translated or updated using translation workflows. The software allows users to fallback to default language versions if a page is not translated into a specific language.

Kentico Xperience content management system supports smart language selection and automatically shows the appropriate content culture based on the browser settings and domain name. All content on the platform is stored in UNICODE and displayed in UTF-16 or UTF-8 encoding. The encoding ensures compatibility with any language, including Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, or Chinese.

Kentico Xperience content management system allows companies to manage multiple websites with ease. With this software, users can manage all their sites using a single interface rather than access various applications with separate usernames and passwords. 

This software allows users to create memorable digital experiences on their online store, community, blog, corporate website, and microsites. Managers can build their website templates and deploy them when they need to develop another site or microsites. The tool lets users base their templates on existing website structures, designs, and predefined content.

With this software, users can easily share credentials content, code, data, or design, maintain a consistent brand message and brand essentials across website properties. Managers can assign dedicated users to their websites and empower them to switch between sites using a single set of credentials easily.


Kentico Xperience content management system helps companies create engaging content from anywhere without maintenance or downtime. The software allows managers to drive collaboration across content teams and maximize their expertise with reviews, tasks, and inline suggestions. With this software, managers can create remarkable digital touchpoints and drive active customer engagement.