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Klipfolio Features and Reviews

Klipfolio data visualization software empowers individuals and organizations from any industry to connect to multiple data sources, create data visualizations, and distribute them at any time.


Klipfolio data visualization software goes beyond data visualization. The software provides users with marketing analytics, dashboards, reporting, data analysis, and business intelligence. Besides, it provides solutions for salespeople, marketers, executives, analysts, accountants, customer service teams, and business owners.

Klipfolio enables teams of all sizes to use data connectors like spreadsheets, databases, and web services applications to gather their data to view in one place. This software offers organizations a visual data discovery platform to meet their data interaction and visual analytics needs. Plus, it provides data trends that serve as a business performance tool.

Over 60 thousand individuals and 10 thousand companies use this software. Klipfolio provides tools that help users interact with, visualize, and report data. Users can solve challenging data problems with sophisticated formula tools. Besides, the software enables users to build custom dashboards using pre-built templates.

Klipfolio enables team members to use multiple channels to share their dashboards with other members and clients. Live analytical insights keep members of the team informed at all times. Plus, this software features a TV dashboard display that nurtures data transparency in industries.

Users can also give their clients direct access to their live data for engagement tracking. KPIs can be measured and tracked with ease using individual metrics and visualizations supported by this software. Startups, not for profits, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, e-commerce, airlines, and hotels, are a few of the industries that Klipfolio supports.

With over 100 pre-built data connectors, users can connect to multiple data sources at the same time. Besides, Klipfolio enables users to access data in spreadsheets, on-premise, in the cloud, or anywhere else.

Product Details

Klipfolio data visualization software enables the automation of data exportation and reporting. Dashboards and analytics can be exported with ease using this software's report engine. Users can easily share data in real-time with members of their team, fostering transparency and cooperation.

Users can share data visualizations and dashboards as images or PDFs across multiple messaging and social media platforms. Websites or applications of users can have data visualizations embedded in it. Plus, this software enables users to make their dashboard public.

Klipfolio data visualization software's reporting tool helps users track and manage KPIs. This software provides users with flexible and enterprise reporting tools to build custom reports. Plus, users can track and manage measures necessary to their businesses with ease.

With email reporting, users can share their dashboard reports to clients and team members via email. Scheduling options are also available for users who want to set frequency, day, and time to share dashboards.

Klipfolio data visualization software's dashboarding tool automates data tracking, consolidation, and visualization. Users can connect to every data source in their marketing tech stack. Plus, this feature simplifies data importation and modification.

Technical skills are not necessary for users to import and visualize data on this software. Users can explore historical trends in their data and compare periods with ease. Besides, this dashboarding tool tracks the data history of users and automatically syncs all their data.

Users can transform their metrics to ensure they are tracking their data correctly. Also, they can combine parameters from multiple data sources.

Klipfolio data visualization software has over 100 pre-built connectors used to connect data. Users can connect to different data sources at once. Plus, users can access data on-premise servers, spreadsheets, and cloud.

Klipfolio's pre-built dashboards enable users to get a proof-of-concept dashboard quickly. These interactive pre-built dashboards like Google Analytics, Adwords Keyword, SEO Competitor Dashboard, and others all have specific functions that they play.

Klipfolio data visualization software allows users to track their key performance measures with individual metrics solutions. These metric solutions integrated into the software help users know how every aspect of their business is doing.

Users can build their custom KPIs from any data source of their choice. Also, users can connect all their favorite apps to the software to enable effective data sourcing.

Klipfolio data visualization software allows users to spot business data trends. Visual data discovery enables users to interact directly with data and figure out the performance of their businesses. Using filters, segments, and trend lines make it easier for users to perform data comparisons.

Custom data visualization tools like scatter plots, graphs, and charts help users assemble their personalized dashboards. Injecting custom HTML into their dashboard is another way users can be creative with it. Besides, users can make use of context menus to apply reporting actions like aggregating, sorting, filtering, and grouping.

Klipfolio data visualization software enables users to share their dashboards through different channels. Users can share their report analytics or dashboards using channels like Slack, setup manual, or snapshot email. Live analytical insights links can be shared to ensure every member of the team stays aware at all times.

The TV dashboard display allows industry leaders to show off their dashboards all through the office to nurture data transparency. This software can handle both large and complex datasets. Mobile monitoring is available for users that want to access their dashboards on the go. Plus, users can give their clients access to live data tracking to foster effective client management.

Klipfolio data visualization software provides different dashboards for users. The business dashboards are used by users to track KPIs and other data points relevant to their business or department. Besides, this solution can be customized to suit the role of the user.

Klipfolio data visualization software integrates all data sets and sources in one place for data exploration. This software offers an at-a-glance view of how the users' businesses are performing. Plus, the performance of every team is available for all to see.


Different industries and departments use Klipfolio for data analysis, visualization, reporting, and business intelligence. This software integrates with multiple web applications to enable effective data sourcing and metric tracking. The core strengths of this data visualization software are its emphasis on customization, data sourcing, and data distribution.