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Kronos Workforce Central

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Kronos Workforce Central Features and Reviews

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software offers a central record system that automates, optimizes, and simplifies employees' payroll management.


Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software helps companies manage their workforce's payroll by controlling costs and compliance risks while improving efficiency with end-to-end payroll solutions. The payroll solution targets various industries, including state and local government, financial services, health care, education, distribution, retail, and manufacturing.

With Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software, users can achieve consistency and accuracy, thus minimizing risk across all systems. Users can stop paying service bureau fees while enjoying accurate and timely payroll.

Workforce Central Payroll software integrates with Kronos Workforce Timekeeper and Kronos Workforce HR to give users a fully automated payroll solution — from collecting employees' time data and applying pay policies to calculating payroll and printing checks. 

The platform offers users flexibility over any last-minute changes. Plus, users get detailed reporting so they can analyze and make better business decisions. Its configurable integrated components mean seamless implementations, fewer errors, and an easy-to-maintain solution. The platform also offers applications that provide its users with personalized employee data from any device— Android, iOS, Windows mobile, and web browsers.

The app allows for direct communication between employees, managers, and other teams. The pricing for each Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software user depends on their unique needs as it employs a quote-based pricing model. 

The platform supports English (UK and US), French (France and Canada), Dutch, and Spanish languages.

Product Details

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software allows users to access up-to-date payroll data from the entire organization. This data is provided in easy-to-read reports which users can view in dashboards. With this, users can make decisions based on facts and figures.

This feature also brings much-needed consistency to managers who run multiple organizations, as data from all levels are easily accessible in one place.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software users can file their payroll taxes without hassle. Users can implement quarterly updates from thousands of federal, state, and local codes when managing their compliance across multiple tax types and jurisdictions. 

Clients can even dodge calculation and filing errors as Kronos Workforce Central Payroll factors in the necessities for multi-state taxing and reciprocity, tax assessment wage aggregation, and withholding.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software increases employees' efficiency and improves workforce productivity. Users can carry out complex payroll processes with Workforce Central Payroll software's calculations for wages and bonuses, and other workplace compensation. Users can also manage withholding allocations, taxes, deductions, and track revenues earned or expenses incurred without difficulty. 

Users can guarantee payroll accuracy with boundless previews and show employees and controllers that each policy is getting implemented. Employee self-service capacities further encourage profitability and effectiveness.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software gives users control over every step of their payroll process for more efficient results. Users can process payrolls independently without waiting for a service bureau to peruse and approve it. The software allows users to complete unique check runs on bonuses or commissions without paying any extra charges. 

Workforce Central Payroll provides users the flexibility to complete as many payrolls run as they require. Users can achieve this with gross to net calculations, real-time payroll processing, direct deposits, payroll prep checklist and quick links, and a garnishment deduction wizard.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software users can remotely access the information they need whenever they need it. With its easy-to-configure standard and ad-hoc reporting, employees' payroll data is always available.

Workforce Central Payroll software's built-in tools give users a straightforward path to modify standard reports and to sort, group, filter, or customize report content for a stipulated time frame.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software users can manage payroll complexity and make changes quickly. Users can manage and make changes to direct deposits, tax jurisdictions, deduction and earning codes, and other payroll elements. This attribute ensures that payments remain updated and reflect the latest information at all times.

Users can view and edit employee payroll information individually or as a group with Workforce Central Payroll software's mass edit feature. Users can modify rates at any time during the organization's pay period and process employee salary garnishments with superior efficiency and timeliness.

Plus, users can adjust history reporting, Excel native reports, data visualization, integrated report writer, dashboarding capabilities, and many more.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software facilitates compliance through the easy creation of standard annual reporting forms. Users can create traditional yearly reporting forms, such as Forms 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1096, 940, 945, and many more. With the platform's quarterly legislative updates, a user can complete the entire payroll process within a short time.

Workforce Central Payroll software's reporting features give users an accurate picture of their payroll — a handy tool in the event of a lawsuit or an audit. Plus, the software accurately assigns employee taxes and deductions and employer contributions and liabilities for an appropriate general ledger costing.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software helps users streamline payroll processes with simple tools and user-friendly enhancements. These tools provide users with mobile and tablet access to employees' contact information, pay history, benefits, direct deposit information, and many more.

With its self-service improvement feature, users have supported personalization, increased notifications, and expanded access to information to data. They also have the advantage of setting up benefit groups and have new ways of configuring between benefit plans.

Also, users can experience an upgraded user interface for finance improvements and increase better understanding and investigation into HR reporting.

Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software's flexibility feature, users can meet their workflow needs. The platform uses a rules-based approach to help its users meet these targets, including position, performance, compensation management, benefits administration, and more. This feature also allows users to integrate with third-party apps seamlessly.


Kronos Workforce Central Payroll software provides tools that accurately track and automate users' payroll processes while minimizing payroll processing time with configurable checklists. The platform offers immediate access to reports and data and helps users view payroll statements and manage payment preferences.