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Kustomer Features and Reviews

Kustomer Help Desk Software is a customer service platform dedicated to resolving customer conversations quickly by delivering customer data to customer service agents.


Kustomer Help Desk Software users are individuals who understand the importance of customer service in their field. Users range from retail, eCommerce, startups and enterprise, wholesale, software and technology, financial, healthcare, and professional services, logistics and transportation services, and many more. 

Kustomer allows users to have continuous conversations across their channels, on a unified screen. These channels include chat, email, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and voice. Custom Objects let users customize the software to fit the unique way they work with their customers. This feature enables the user to respond to customers more efficiently. Kustomer Help Desk Software also provides users with various features and information to have more personalized and effective conversations during every customer interaction.

Kustomer help desk software supports self-service, email, chat, WhatsApp, SMS, voice provider integration, actionable integrations, standard and custom reporting, business process automation via Kustomer’s Workflow Engine, and many more.

Additionally, Kustomer help desk software comes with real-time dashboards, enhanced routing, live agent auditing, sandbox access, unlimited collaboration users, extended API rate limit, and SAML single sign-on. Kustomer does not offer a free trial or version.

Kustomer Help Desk Software supports several languages, including English, Greek, Afrikaans, Danish, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, and Estonian.Other supported languages are Hindi, Croatian, Persian, Finnish, Georgian, Korean, French, Armenian, Latvian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Hebrew, Hungarian, and more.

Product details

Kustomer Help Desk Software provides users with customer-centric interactions. The software helps users place all customer communications in a central location, allowing team members to easily access a customer's full correspondence history with a single search. At a glance, users can see a customer’s chat history, emails, and internal notes. Kustomer users can also easily assign tickets to other members or teams within the company and tag others in notes if they need help responding to a query.

Plus, Kustomer Help Desk Software provides a customizable, single-screen view of the entire customer journey, so users do not need to exit the platform. And the software’s object model enables users to interact with customers based on their custom-tailored data, such as segment customers, trigger actions, automate messages, and more.

Kustomer Help Desk Software offers tools and intelligence for users to engage in efficient customer conversations. Kustomer has omnichannel capabilities that provide multi-device support for its users. With this feature, events, activities, and interactions get displayed in a chronological timeline view for a specific customer. Some activities include appointments, conversations, orders, transactions, shipping, website visits, and many more.

These tools make it easy to improve first contact resolution when dealing with teams' preparation. Plus, Kustomer Help Desk Software’s queuing and routing engine, powered by Kustomer IQ, matches customers with customer service agents based on their needs and capacity, thus reducing wait times across all channels.

Kustomer Help Desk Software users can automate 40 percent of customer conversations without reducing quality. Kustomer IQ allows organizations to automate low-level, round-the-clock service without breaking the bank or hiring an army. The software’s chatbots enable end-to-end resolution across chat, messaging, and social applications by handling repetitive queries and providing customers get the updates they need without an agent’s involvement.

With an in-built natural language processing, the chatbots recognize the end user’s native language and automatically respond with ready-to-go translated replies. The AI-enabled deflection optimizes a customer’s self-serve ability so agents can focus on the most critical cases. Also, Kustomer IQ integrates with users’ Knowledge Base and other relevant systems to ensure customers find answers to specific questions when they reach out via email, form, or chat.

Kustomer Help Desk Software users can optimize workflow through service process automation. Kustomer's workflow engines and rules eliminate repetitive tasks and trigger actions, giving users the information and time to resolve difficult conversations quickly. Users can send automated messages, automatically close discussions that waste time, add tags to organize and append conversations, and many more.

Kustomer Help Desk Software also allows users to open and assign conversations to accelerate discussions based on customer actions and behaviors like submitting a Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) survey or making purchases.

Kustomer Help Desk Software provides customer service technology for users who work remotely. Kustomer is cloud-based CRM SaaS, which requires an internet browser and standard WiFi connection to access. With this, users who are multi-located, remote, onshore, or offshore, can work seamlessly without being in a physical office.

Users can keep the communication going by using the colleagues’ Collaborators to loop in cross-functional and remote teams. Users can also use features like Following, Notes, and @Mentions, enabling them to have internal communications for thorough, expedited service.

Kustomer Help Desk Software’s AI also allows integrations with productivity tools like Jira and Slack to ensure all team members stay informed and organized. The software can also build custom integrations with a user’s homegrown solutions via their rest API or webhooks.

Kustomer Help Desk Software users have better customer experiences by tapping into the power of AI. Kustomer IQ audits discussions, averts repetitive questions, eliminates time-consuming tasks, reduces distractions, and reduces the cost per contact. By tapping into Kustomer Help Desk Software’s AI power, users can direct conversations to specialized agents based on a customer’s need, process transactional interactions and auto-responses, instantly engage and prioritize dissatisfied customers, and establish empathetic connections to reduce frustrations.

The software’s AI powers are especially useful to high-growth organizations. They cannot manage the continuous inflow of customer needs and effectively scale without eliminating time-consuming and redundant work. However, with Kustomer Help Desk Software’s AI power, these companies can quicken customer experiences and free agents for more valuable engagement using machine learning to analyze and classify inbound conversations. 


Kustomer Help Desk Software aims to improve customer service by enabling users to deliver personalized, insightful, and consistent service by unifying customer data from multiple sources. Plus, Kustomer integrates with other customer service software to enhance functionality and improve customer support.