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Leadsquared Features and Reviews

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software is a comprehensive customer acquisition platform that integrates Marketing Automation and Sales Execution CRM features for businesses to track their marketing campaigns.


Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software caters to diverse users and clientele from different backgrounds like; e-commerce, marketing, education, consumer brands, finance, retail, healthcare, hospitality, travel.  It provides tools for lead capturing and nurturing, marketing analytics, sales and management, and more.

The software offers ready-made templates for sales and marketing teams. Various enterprises and SMEs utilize these templates to seamlessly automate their marketing process without building new workflows or sequences from scratch. With numerous customers globally, Leadsquared marketing automation software is built to handle thousands of users and capture effortlessly and nurture millions of leads. This feature makes it the go-to sales and marketing tool choice for most businesses.

Automated workflows, sales tracking, automatic lead capture, social profile integration, easy distribution, custom reports, email, and webinar marketing are core attributes that quickly set Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software apart from the rest. It also lets users automate processes, develop landing pages, generate marketing emails, capture, evaluate, and update lead interaction data. Users can also track and rank lead tasks in order to classify and prioritize the most effective leads.

Product details

LeadSquared Marketing Automation Software enables users to adapt and handle their workflows no matter the complexity. Automation and CRM are the core functionalities of Leadsquared. Users can develop interconnected workflows that sync automatically with complex business processes. Sales and marketing users can set multiple nurturing paths to capture leads through a sales funnel. It also enables users to automate and update sequences and workflows during different stages of lead activity.

LeadSquared Automation Marketing Software connects seamlessly with various systems. It synchronizes with many sales and marketing channels such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GoToWebinar, Salesforce, Instapage, Unbounce, and several others. This allows users to automatically collect leads, update data from various marketing applications or sources, and sync the data with their CRM systems.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software offers users a platform to personalize their marketing. With Leadsquared, every facet of email marketing campaigns can be customized to get higher open-and-click rates and responses. By using the drag-drop builder and several ready to use templates, users are able to create responsive landing pages and interactive emails. Users may also use a variety of elements like content and buttons, images, and use the graphic binder to create vibrant personalized designs. Little to no technical skills are needed to make these emails and simple landing pages.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software comes with powerful native integrations that sync with other business tools to ensure a seamless experience. The platform has a built-in developer integration where users can design and write custom codes for their businesses. These integrations help reduce lead leakage from third-party websites and web chats connected to the software.

Leadership Automation Marketing Software can be used without prior knowledge of hardcore coding skills. Marketing and sales teams can set up the software easily without the need for extensive training. The user interface is simple and easy on the eyes, so users can navigate faster through the platform without switching between tabs or learning multiple lines of codes. Users can also tweak the software settings easily, according to their needs and requirements, when scaling the business. This core attribute saves marketing and sales teams time to enable them to focus on other duties.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software comes with a robust and powerful analytics feature. This helps users keep track of what is going on in their business and track their revenue flow. On the marketing front, users can automate client onboarding, nurture, engage, re-engage, and run a follow-up based on lead behavior. While on the sales execution front, teams can rest assured that Leadsquared will automate their lead distribution process and simplify their sales cycle.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software offers advanced list segmentation. This feature enables users to manage their leads better by assigning them based on round-robin, geography, and availability. For bigger businesses or teams, leads can be distributed to different groups or zones, with each of them getting the same amount of leads. This feature is especially helpful to sales teams working in other groups. The segmentation feature also ensures users see leads that fill up a landing page or have completed monthly payment.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software provides quality lead and engagement scoring. Users can tell how a lead engages with their businesses, and ensure they prioritize these leads first. Sales and marketing teams can tell when a particular lead is junk or spammy, helping them further prioritize.  

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software gives accurate reports. It helps users analyze their customer acquisition performance. With 117 readily-available reports, the software ensures teams can get marketing metrics and sales analytics that tell when a lead is or isn’t contacted, open-and-click rates, campaign engagement, or the stage of lead management.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software has advanced and effective mobile CRM. Routine field tasks are made fast, easy, and convenient. The Leadsquared mobile app has unique features that help with field duties like setting up tasks, reminders, alerts, planning a meeting, and even updating leads. With the mobile app, sales users can view and capture leads nearby.

Leadsquared Marketing Automation Software features a self-service portal. This feature enables users to develop paperless application forms and increase application numbers from all their sources. The Leadsquared self-service portal has a chatbot + payment integration and allows applicants to see their application progress, with the option of downloading it as PDF. The portal also ensures that users (partners, prospects, and customers) can access these forms on mobile.


Leadsquared is a marketing software company that helps small to medium-sized businesses across industries increase their sales by tracking or aligning their marketing and sales campaigns. Some core features include List and Lead Management, Marketing Automation, API and Connectors, Task and Reminders, Sales, and Revenue Analytics. Currently, with over 1000 users globally, Leadsquared is the go-to marketing automation tool for customer acquisition, lead generation, and management for sales and marketing teams.