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Litmus Features and Reviews

Litmus email marketing software helps businesses to analyze, test, and create email campaigns.


Litmus enables businesses to sort, organize, and manage email campaigns while maintaining brand consistency and control. The software also gives marketers access to user permissions for controlling access to campaigns by the appropriate team members. Even more, with Litmus' builder feature, users can access reusable code snippets, go through code in grid view, and see email previews. Plus, Litmus enables users to include email analytics tracking codes for collecting campaign insights like the number of engagements and subscriber geolocations. At the same time, the software offers ESP syncing with tools like Marketo, IBM Watson Campaign Automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, and more.

Additionally, Litmus allows marketing and web experts to cross-browser test websites as well as test email newsletters across multiple spam filters and email clients. Even more, with Litmus' spam testing, marketers can access resources and insights for identifying and resolving deliverability issues before sending mails. Plus, the software allows users to collect feedback and improve collaboration using Litmus' proof feature. More so, Litmus has a Chrome extension that gives users access to Email Previews and Checklists.

With Litmus, users can preview their emails in numerous email clients. The software shows users screenshots of email newsletters to have an idea of how it would look in major email clients. Also, users can preview emails on multiple mobile devices as well as scroll their emails on these devices.

Product Details

Litmus email marketing software offers an Html builder. Users can easily import HTML from other builders by integrating with Google Drive or copying and pasting directly.

Litmus email marketing software enables users to build reusable code snippets. This allows them to quickly store frequently used lines of codes. More so, users can easily pull up these lines of codes while building an email. At the same time, Litmus comes with a CSS autofill feature, which enables users to perform in-line styling and coding.

Litmus email marketing software provides users with a grid view of emails. Users have access to an element-by-element breakdown of individual emails. Even more, this feature allows designers to switch from HTML elements in the preview pane to identify specific lines of code for those particular elements.

Litmus email marketing software supports ESP integration. The software integrates with ESPs like CampaignMonitor, Salesforce, MailChimp, and so on. This helps designers pull code directly from Litmus to their preferred ESP. Even more, when users make updates on Litmus, they automatically update on the ESP as well.

Litmus email marketing software supports Trello integration. Users can streamline workflows by attaching emails to Trello cards. Also, these Trello cards can be used to create emails, and updates made to the emails in Litmus automatically reflected on the Trello card. Even more, this feature enables users to stay up-to-date on the status of emails and their due dates from within Trello.

Litmus email marketing software enables users to perform proofing: Marketers can easily review and edit their emails before sending them. Even more, the software allows them to edit iterations, requests, and track comments on individual emails. Also, designers get a holistic view of email iteration processes, as well as a rundown of suggestions and comments on each email. At the same time, users can tag comments to specific points in an email they reference, helping them minimize confusion.

This feature also enables designers to upload their email designs for reviews and approvals, which improves collaboration and reduces review time.

Litmus email marketing software supports team collaboration: Users can assign each of their team members to individual accounts and campaigns, allowing them to stay updated on each project. More so, team members can communicate using comments and also get final approvals before sending emails.

Litmus email marketing software offers users email client preview: Litmus provides real-time previews of emails across multiple email clients as users build them. This allows users to spot and resolve errors before starting an email campaign easily.

Litmus email marketing software enables marketers to perform spam testing: The software tests emails against numerous blacklists and spam filters to ensure that they are industry standards complaint. Even more, Litmus enables users to align their email infrastructure, assuring that their emails are authenticated using SPF and DKIM. Plus, this feature helps users ensure that they have properly set up their DMARC records.

Litmus email marketing software offers users checklists. Users can build checklists to ensure that specific activities are done in the process of building email campaigns. These checklists can include email client previews, spam filters, checking subject lines, catching broken links, ensuring that each link is being tracked, previewing what emails look like without images, and so on. More so, Litmus offers users email client recommendations that provide insights on the devices and clients that subscribers are using. At the same time, the software notifies users whenever a subscriber uses a new device or client.

Litmus email marketing software supports engagement tracking: Litmus enables marketers to track metrics such as read time, open rates, emails that were printed, and emails that were forwarded. The software also helps users track unquantifiable metrics to give a holistic view of what subscribers do with their emails.

Litmus email marketing software supports Location tracking: Marketers can identify the number of people opening their emails, what they do once they open the emails, and also where they are opening the mails from. This enables users to build geo-specific lists depending on previous engagements. Plus, marketers can identify locations where their email campaigns are getting the most engagements, allowing them to improve on their campaign strategies.

Litmus email marketing software offers users campaign analytics. The software provides users with snapshots of the performance of campaigns immediately they start and in the long term. Users can identify which campaigns are performing well in the long run and what strategies are working.

Litmus email marketing software offers users a chrome extension: This feature lets users troubleshoot, test, and preview emails along with a standalone code editor or an ESP's builder. Even more, users can test dynamic content in Oracle Responsys, Adobe Marketo, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


With Litmus, users can send test emails or upload HTML email designs. The software produces screenshots for users to preview their emails and see how different email clients and mobile devices would render them. More so, Litmus integrates with multiple email providers as well as ERPs. At the same time, users can collaborate with teams and clients and also track the progress of their campaigns using the software's analytics capabilities.