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LiveAgent Features and Reviews

LiveAgent help desk software is a multi-channel help desk solution that helps users bring personalization to their customer interactions.


LiveAgent is targeted at individuals, start-ups, small and midsize businesses, and enterprises. The software prioritizes issue tracking, monitoring, service desk, ticketing, and call and video management.

It also offers customer support that includes phone and email support, a FAQ page, user forums, video tutorials, integration guides, a changelog, a knowledge base, and a performance status page. LiveAgent integrates live chat and email ticketing so users can stay ahead of customer support no matter how they connect.

LiveAgent offers various pricing options like an all-inclusive plan, ticket plan, ticket + chat plan, and a forever free account with some limitations. The forever free version gives users a seven-day ticket history, one email address, one live chat service button for their website, one support phone number, contact forms, ticket merging, and more.

With the Ticket (no call center or live chat) plan, users get unlimited ticket history and email addresses, canned answers, business hours, customer forums, knowledgebase, multi-brand support, internal tickets, spam filters, and much more.

With the Ticket+Chat (no call center) plan, users custom domain parking, video calls, social media integration, custom mail templates, ticket mass actions, satisfaction surveys, multi-brand support, and others. An All-Inclusive account gives users a call center, video calls, call routing or transfers, unlimited call storage, gamification, social media integration, time tracking, and an audit log.

LiveAgent has iOS and Android mobile apps in addition to its web app. These enable users to respond to messages just as they would via a desktop or PC. Plus, the software supports 45 languages, including English, Arabic, Catalan, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Malay, Greek, Turkish, and more.

Product Details

LiveAgent Help Desk Software offers a ticketing system that allows users to respond to customer inquiries from one interface seamlessly. Tickets make it easier for users to respond to customer’s inquiries from one interface. Once a user receives a query from any channel, it gets transformed into a ticket stored in a universal inbox.

Users can set up auto-routing for tickets so that no customer support requests are missed. They can also limit the number of tickets, chats, and phone calls that team members can receive at any time. Plus, tickets can be assigned to individuals at the agent or department level and transferred between multiple owners, too. 

LiveAgent users get reminders about any customer tickets that come. The To solve button allows users to open customer inquiries from anywhere in the help desk software. Users can copy and paste images, export tickets, merge tickets, use GIFs, and many more.

LiveAgent Help Desk Software provides 15 live chat features that can improve a user’s customer service efforts. Since live chat is browser-based, it does not require users or their customers to download any software to start chatting. This feature provides real-time assistance, requires no action from customers, and can give users a competitive edge. 

To that end, LiveAgent provides users with 15 chat features like chat button gallery, chat button animations, chat invitation gallery, chat window docking, chats overview, real-time typing-view, chat distribution, and many more.

LiveAgent Help Desk Software integrates well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Viber to improve a user’s productivity. These integrations save users’ time by placing all customer interactions into a single inbox. With Facebook integration, users can monitor multiple Facebook pages through their LiveAgent dashboard. Once connected, comments on users’ business pages get automatically converted into tickets and added to their LiveAgent dashboard. From there, users can promptly reply to the comments, give them likes, and even attach GIFs and photos.

A Facebook Messenger integration brings users’ direct messages from their Facebook business page to their LiveAgent dashboard. This allows them to reply to DMs, send attachments, photos, and GIFs. 

LiveAgent software offers a Twitter integration that allows users to connect multiple Twitter accounts and monitor brand mentions in real-time. For instance, whenever LiveAgent gets mentioned in a tweet, the tweet gets automatically converted into a ticket and added to a user’s LiveAgent dashboard. Users can respond to the tweet by making their own tweets or re-tweeting.

An Instagram integration pushes all comments on a user’s posts and all mentions of their page into their LiveAgent dashboard. Each Instagram comment or tag is stored in the form of a ticket, giving users a preview of what the original post looks like so they do not have to exit the LiveAgent application.

LiveAgent’s Viber integration allows users to receive and respond to Viber messages. Users can also broadcast messages to a maximum of 300 recipients.

LiveAgent Help Desk Software offers users customer service reporting features. An analytics overview gives users a summary of their customer service efforts and lets them see usage statistics and customer satisfaction ratings. And performance reports provide users with a good idea of how their customer care agents are spending their time. The reports also include agent ratings that users can use to compare agents’ knowledgeability, helpfulness, and speed. 

Other reporting features include tag reports, service-level agreement compliance reports, department reports, channel reports, and time reports.

LiveAgent Help Desk Software offers users help desk gamification such as levels, badges, benchmarks, and leaderboards. With gamification in customer service, users can promote healthy competition amongst employees, increase agent engagement and productivity, and promote team collaboration.

To achieve that, LiveAgent’s gamification offers default badges based on evaluating each employee’s performance in the last seven days. The help desk software also has benchmarks and leaderboards that showcase employees’ achievements within their LiveAgent dashboard. 

LiveAgent Help Desk Software protects its users by providing security features like HTTPS encryption and 2-step verification. The customer service software allows users to handle all their customer inquires from a Universal inbox safely. LiveAgent provides HTTPS Encryption to ensure continued security, protecting any communication or data transferred between a user’s browser and the platform.

Users can also opt for the two-step verification process, which requires a Google-generated code before log-in. Alternatively, users can ban specific IP (Internet protocol) addresses from accessing the help desk software. 


LiveAgent help desk software is an interactive platform for users that want to combine email, phone, and live chat customer support. While the free plan might be enough for small businesses, the paid plans offer more at reasonable prices. Succinctly put, LiveAgent helps users remain focused when they are dealing with numerous customer requests.