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LiveChat Features and Reviews

LiveChat Help Desk Software is a customer service platform integrated into users’ websites to provide uninterrupted support to customers.


LiveChat help desk software targets startups, small and midsize businesses, and enterprise users with customer service duties. This software’s most prominent feature is its chat tool, which permits both sales and service teams to answer customers’ queries in real-time. Put merely, LiveChat can be integrated on a business’ website and used directly on Facebook Messenger. 

LiveChat users can spot visitors on their websites and engage them by proactively starting a chat with them. LiveChat supports customization, traffic and activity monitoring, reports and analytics, chat archives, multiple languages, social media integration, and more.

Eight out of ten times, LiveChat users will not need to follow-up with customers if their cases got resolved during a chat. An extra perk is that users get graded at the end of each conversation, which helps them know which areas to work on.

Plus, LiveChat has mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, thus allowing users to provide customer support and answers on the go. For its subscription, the help desk software offers various options, including a Team plan, a Starter plan, a Business plan, and an Enterprise plan. All four plans come with web, mobile, desktop apps, ticket management, and daily summaries.

However, intending users can try LiveChat for free, for 14 days, to see how the software platform works on a day-to-day basis. 

Product Details

LiveChat help desk software provides users with the chat tools they need to improve customer support. These chat tools enable users to interact with customers via text messages within their website. LiveChat converts a user’s live chat conversations into tickets and stored inside a universal inbox. 

With this, users can respond to customer’s queries faster, save and reuse responses to FAQs, keep track of each conversation, and add tags to chats for context. Users can also send files and images by dragging and dropping them in the chat box. Customer support teams can know how they performed during the chat through LiveChat’s chat rating, post-chat survey, and customer satisfaction report.

LiveChat help desk software encourages users to be more involved with their clients through the customer engagement option. Users can utilize interactive greetings when conversing with customers and subsequently improve their customer engagement. To this end, users can share announcements, introduce new products, set up greetings to sell, schedule meetings, and help customers around their website.

Users can also interact with specific website visitors based on their profile and behavior, including sending them personalized greetings that contain essential product information. Even when users log off, the LiveChat widget on their website gets replaced with a ticket form that allows them to reply to a visitor’s query whenever they have the time.

As for users’ customers, they can continue a chat where they stopped or even reread a conversation anytime they need. Plus, both parties can save the discussion for future reference by requesting an email transcript of the conversation.

LiveChat help desk software’s reports & analytics option provides users with an overview and in-depth data regarding their chat and agent activities. This report enables users to see the number of chats handled by a team daily, ensure that no messages are left unattended to, notice which greetings resonated most with customers, and track customer satisfaction.

Users can also see where their conversations come from, collect information about customers, and know the duration of a team’s weekly availability. Plus, LiveChat users can turn on benchmark data in Reports to compare their customer service numbers to the industry average. Users can alternatively export these reports as a CSV file or schedule a customer service data report to their emails — daily, weekly, or monthly.

LiveChat help desk software allows users to make changes to their chat widget to match their website’s look and feel. Users can achieve this by choosing colors, themes, and positions of the chat widget. The chat widget also comes with specific mobile and desktop settings that meet customer’s needs regardless of the device they use.

Users can interact with customers, whether domestic and international, in their native language as the chat widget and greetings have translations in over 45 languages. Users can do even more by using chat boosters that enable customers to finish actions that do not involve talking to a team.

LiveChat help desk software ensures that all data stored on the application is safe through secure HTTPS encryption, Google sign-on, and two-step verification. If users do not want to process payment information through LiveChat, they can prevent credit card numbers from showing up in the application. To that end, LiveChat notes when a customer enters their credit card number and hides it. Only the last few digits are visible for identification purposes.

If users notice suspicious behavior on their website, users can deal with them by banning them from starting a website chat. Another security measure LiveChat provides is that users need to enter both their credentials and an additional code sent by Google when logging in.

The help desk software also follows the European Union’s data protection laws and observes the Privacy Shield’s best security practices.

LiveChat help desk software allows users to have all their communication in one place through its ticketing sources. If a customer has a problem that cannot be resolved via chat, a user can create a ticket while talking to the customer. With this, users ensure that no questions are left unanswered, and no problems are left unsolved. 

When users are offline, customers can leave them messages in the chat widget, leaving them saved as tickets so they can reply when they get back online.

LiveChat help desk software users can see who is surfing their sites and even choose which approach would convert a visitor to a customer. To achieve this, users get provided with a real-time list of their website visitors, allowing them to note potential customers. Users can alternatively filter data to detect valuable visitors and proactively start a conversion with them.

LiveChat also has a sales tracker that enables users to calculate the Return on Investment of their chat. Whenever a discussion leads to a sale, the sales tracker adds the order value and order ID information to the chat history. This data is available in LiveChat’s Archives and the tracked sales report.

Users can track how many chats end a customer taking the desired action. In other words, users can see the number of conversations that resulted in a purchase, a click, or a subscription.


LiveChat help desk software helps users provide excellent customer service experience because there is a personal connection between them and their clients. This software ensures that all conversations are kept discreet and informal, and allows users to close more deals.