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Looker Features and Reviews

Looker data visualization software empowers organizations from any industry to breakdown data silos from any source into actionable insights.


Looker data visualization software enables every member of an organization to make informed decisions using reliable data. This software offers organizations a business intelligence platform to meet their enterprise data analytics needs. Additionally, users can transform extensive, complex data into digestible insights.

Looker is a data visualization solution that goes beyond data visualization. The software focuses on providing solutions for salespeople, marketers, account managers, data scientists, customer service teams, and business executives.

Users can access dynamic metrics and reports anywhere they are. This software allows companies to deploy solutions to improve data experience for their customers. Plus, analytic alerts help users be in the know at all times.

Looker features a dynamic dashboard that companies can use to measure and track their KPIs. With this dashboard, organizations can get a full picture of the trajectory of their business. This software allows users to analyze both surface and underlying data that drives their business.

This software gives users access to reliable, governed data enabling them to understand their business more. With the dynamic dashboard, departments in organizations can have multiple panels displaying their metrics. Besides, companies can still find these parameters from all departments on one dashboard.

AdTech, e-commerce, media, SaaS, healthcare, gaming, and fintech are a few of the industries that Looker supports. Users can use JavaScript to develop data visualizations as distinct as their business. Plus, the custom visualization directory allows users to personalize their experience.

Looker enables users to get a full view of their customers. Users can create action-oriented dashboards to communicate data to their audience effectively. Besides, this software features a closed-loop Slack integration for every member of the team.

Product Details

Looker data visualization software turns data into insights used to make sound business decisions. This software can transform extensive, complex data into visual insights. When users align their company around a set of KPIs, data visualizations show their business trajectory.

Users can keep their customers and teams in the loop with ease. This software allows users to enhance the adoption, infrastructure, and performance of their businesses. Besides, Looker offers users the analyze big data.

Looker data visualization software's dashboard allows users to dive into both surface and underlying data. Users can access this dynamic, live, and interactive dashboard that fosters collaboration. Plus, they can drill through different data visualizations to fully understand their business.

Different members of a team can customize the dashboard to suit their department. Maps, funnel, tables, timeline, donut multiples, treemap, and combined charts are a few of the visualizations available. Besides, companies can use this feature to help their customers analyze and interpret their data.

Looker data visualization software's Slack integration allows users to collaborate with data. This closed-loop Slack integration ensures that all members of the team are on the same page at all times. Plus, KPIs can be scheduled to Slack channels to keep every member aligned with the company goals.

Team members that need help with data problems can alert others with ease with this integration. Users can share data from different sources and new insights within this platform.

Looker data visualization software enables users to create custom experiences with the pre-built solutions available. This software offers users pre-built applications, data model templates, and visualization plug-ins to enhance user data experience. Looker provides components that allow users to develop data metrics and dashboards with ease. Besides, users can deploy these solutions in the software application.

Looker data visualization software features analytic alerts that keep users on the loop. Notifications enable users to react to both small and significant changes made on their data quickly. Users can set this automatic notification to stay ahead at all times.

Looker allows users to set data thresholds to alert them if any of their solutions have problems. Plus, this software notifies users wherever they are via email, text, or Slack.

Looker data visualization software empowers activity analytics for users to scale their businesses faster. This software enables users to identify their power users, monitor user activity, and propel data advocacy. Plus, users can deliver business value by easily connecting their customers to essential data and insights.

This software allows businesses to develop and adopt a good data culture. Users can identify top metrics, reports, and dashboards by analyzing the activities of their customers. Besides, this software allows users to combine cloud data with system activity to drive high ROI for their clients.

Looker data visualization software connects to over 40 data platforms that help users focus on data ROI. With the data connections driving a seamless experience, users can focus on developing data analytics. Plus, users do not need to spend time testing third-party analytics tools.

Users can combine data models and dashboards with these connections to get straight out-of-the-box data analysis. The data visualizations are flexible and can be customized to suit the user's business. Besides, users can create a complete analytics suite with ease.

Looker data visualization software allows users to explore raw data using visualizations in SQL runner. This software enables users to run and share data analyses without modeling the data. Plus, Looker ensures that users fully understand their raw data.

Looker data visualization software enforces enterprise-scale performance and security. Users can choose to host their data on private, public, or multiple-cloud strategies. Plus, the native system of this software allows users to process sensitive and regulated data.

Looker data visualization software allows users to develop new data products. Users can create an extensive data framework into any application's fabric. This software's API makes it easy for users to create data products. Besides, the development tools available simplifies the building experience for users.


Looker offers data sourcing, preparation, visualization, and reporting to users from different industries. It breaks down both small and siloed datasets by integrating data from various sources into a single view. This software provides users with dashboards, analytics, connections, and integrations. The core strength of this data visualization solution is its emphasis on growth and productivity.