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Lusha Features and Reviews

Lusha lead generation software enables HR managers, recruiters, and marketing experts to build better connections with their candidates, leads, and contacts.


Lusha provides organizations with a contact management solution that allows them to easily retrieve phone numbers, emails, and other contact details. Also, sales and marketing experts can use the software to improve marketing campaigns, improve revenue, and drive business growth. More so, Lusha can be used to find the right people to hire for specific positions within an organization. Plus, the software helps businesses streamline the process of contacting potential candidates for a position.

The software also gives users access to tools for verifying and enriching business profiles. Even more, users can discover and authenticate B2B contact details on social networks like Salesforce and LinkedIn. The software's chrome extension scans a profile page and gives users the most recent information while following necessary data regulations.

Lusha lead generation software allows users to save and update contact details directly to their CRM. Users can easily sync their existing tech-stack with recently gathered data, allowing them to work more efficiently. Also, the software offers data-riched forms that organizations can use to convert leads to sales.

Sales professionals can also use Lusha to fill in missing data and authenticate business profiles of potential leads. More so, users can verify email addresses, giving them insights into the deliverability and quality of contacts. Plus, the software helps businesses to discover and mitigate potential consumer fraud by delivering a detailed view of fraud risks and also generating proprietary data from multiple sources.

Product Details

Lusha lead generation software assists users in gathering accurate contact information. Users can compile contact details with a single click, which gets rids of the need to collect and verify emails and phone numbers manually. Plus, marketing and sales professionals can easily find contacts using Lusha's accurate searches.

Lusha lead generation software helps sales professionals improve marketing campaigns. The software allows users to implement and build effective, targeted, and personalized marketing campaigns to produce better conversion rates. With improved marketing campaigns, businesses can convert more leads to sales, consequently generating better revenue.

Lusha lead generation software helps HR managers and recruiters streamline the process of contacting applicants. The software can be used to get in touch with applicants for critical positions in an organization, helping users improve their headhunting capability. Lusha curates working and accurate contact details, which allows recruiters to contact prospective candidates quickly. More so, HR managers can save time by discovering appropriate candidates on social media and connecting with them personally. Users also have access to correct and recent phone numbers and emails of applicants.

Lusha lead generation software allows users to auto-update their salesforce leads. The software uses the SalesForce AppExchange to integrate with users' Salesforce accounts. Also, users can specify the criteria for updating records and set the updates to be done automatically, saving hours of manual work.

With Lusha's Salesforce data integrity, users have access to accurate account and contact information, which allows them to conduct valuable and timely conversations. Even more, users can qualify and identify inbound leads from within Salesforce, which gives them access to complete contact information like company names, phone numbers, emails, and so on.

Lusha also helps users leverage their contact data by identifying appropriate prospects for their businesses. Even more, the software allows users to implement lead scoring strategies for routing leads. This ensures that sales reps can easily connect with appropriate leads.

Lusha lead generation software offers users data-enriches forms to help fast-track leads to sales. Users have access to shortened and enriched lead capture forms for their prospects. Even more, the forms are auto-filled with basic qualification questions like company position and size, which helps users shorten sales cycles.

The forms also integrate with users' Hubspot CRMs, helping users curate information from these forms. Even more, the forms are compatible with multiple marketing tech-stacks and web builders.

Lusha lead generation software allows users to authenticate and enrich business profiles using a Contact API. The software gathers missing data for completing users' business profiles. More so, users can convert domain names to complete business profiles. Plus, the software gives users up-to-date business data for enriching their prospects lists.

With Lusha's contact API, users have access to social media insights and up-to-date phone numbers and emails. Even more, the API gives users access to complete company profiles like traffic ranking, social media profiles, number of employees, company overview, and logo.

Lusha lead generation software helps users authenticate and verify signups. Users can filter fake signups from actual users, which helps them prevent bots and malicious users from creating fake accounts. Even more, Lusha allows users to ensure that end-users own email addresses by flagging fake and undeliverable email addresses. Users can decide to request more information to block the email addresses completely.

Lusha lead generation software helps businesses detect fraud. Businesses can verify and authenticate consumers' identities using Lusha's risk solution. This streamlines enrollment processes, improves customer experience, and reduces risk.

The software automatically compares the information supplied by consumers with a risk repository and reinforces consumers' identities using verification scores. More so, users have access to real-time marketing-leading identity data, which helps them correct and identify data irregularities. Plus, the software pre-populates identity data components when consumers signup and also corrects and verifies missing or inconsistent data.

Lusha lead generation software supports integration with multiple CRMs. This allows users to update information on their CRMs automatically. Even more, users can export data to Google sheets and automatically update the contact details on their CRM. The software also improves business' sales processes by easily updating company and contact information into their database.


Lusha lead generation software provides recruiting, marketing, and sales experts with additional profile data for job applicants and leads. Also, users can access this data through the software's Zapier integration, via an API, or as a Salesforce or browsers plugin. The software helps users establish faster connections with candidates, prospects, and leads. Even more, Lusha offers users tools for enriching business profiles on Salesforce, Gmail, and social networks and also gives users easy access to contact details.