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Lyftron Features and Reviews

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software offers BI experts and business owners improved big data and BI analytics.


Lyftron Modern Data Hub allows users to query multiple data sources using simulated Transact-SQL. They can gather real-time data from data source systems during data modeling and prototyping. The software also allows for smart data pre-aggregation. Organizations can make slow queries faster by using the advanced technology that Lyftron offers. Also, users can define pre-aggregates with filtering, groupings, and joints that are smaller than the initial data. Moreover, the software allows users to convert data warehouses to virtual OLAP cubes.

With Lyftron, data professionals can develop virtual data warehouses without having to set up target warehouses. The software allows them to begin with single node build-in Apache Sparks and make them data lakes once a cluster size has been measured.

Additionally, the software offers global data cataloging. This allows users to tag essential data sets and data sources in the catalog. With the software's self-service interface, they can identify the right data. The software also provides data security where users can make authentications with Kerberos from SQL. Users can also apply dynamic data masking and row-access security to data sources.

BI specialists can also track data sets that might be affected by modifications made to columns and tables. They can also identify source columns and tables used in data sets, even if they are based on more than one data set. Lyftron converts data into appropriate formats and allows users to query them using ANSI SQL. Hence, users do not have to write XML parsing, JSOM, rest services, and API jobs. The software treats data sources like SQL databases. It also transforms data sources by defining data views and set.

Product Details

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software allows data experts to build data hubs easily. Users have access to standard SQL Server and T-SQ: drivers, which can be used to query data from BI tools. This way, users don't need to build data pipelines manually. Additionally, the platform offers pre-built connectors, which data scientists can use in connecting to data sources. Users can send data to warehouses in ready-to-query and normalized schemas, thereby reducing reporting time.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software gives users real-time business intelligence. The software provides users access to instant logical data warehousing, self-service data preparation, and collaborative data modeling. The software gives users real-time access to specific legacy data warehouses and sources. Lyftron applies transformations to data and bulk-loads it to users' chosen databases. Also, the platform has a logical data warehouse layer that gives users parallel access to data sources and data warehouses in the same place.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software provides enterprise-wide data lineage and data catalog. Users can access data objects search that follows the principles of data set definition, alias, and tagging. The software also provides data analysts with a simple data lineage process, allowing easy collaboration. Plus, users have visibility of how data sets are being used on different stages, which enables them to maintain secure data warehouses.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software supports hybrid cloud migration and management. Data experts can develop hybrid cloud data warehouses that serve as a data bridge between data sources, on-premise data warehouses, and cloud platforms. Also, users can instantly access all their data from multiple regions in data hubs. They can move data to a new warehouse from legacy databases without having to build data pipelines manually. Even more, the platform automatically scripts data pipelines. Hence, users do not have to develop them manually in a visual designer.

The software also receives SQL queries and then translates and sends them to the Snowflake or legacy data warehouse. This allows the gradual migration of data warehouses.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software has a data pipeline that joins all data sources into compatible formats. The software loads data to users' preferred data warehouse that is utilized by business intelligence tools. Also, the platform provides a Normalized SQL pipeline during data transformation. Plus, Lyftron virtually treats every data source like a SQL database, and it transforms them by specifying virtual data views and sets.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software helps users run queries faster. When a cube is defined in the software, users can use it as a SQL proxy for translating SQL queries on-the-go. Furthermore, users can rewrite aggregated queries with joins and groups to pre-aggregated materialized views that come in smaller sizes. More so, the software manages these materialized views for recurring queries combinations of grouping and joins cases.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software allows users to move any scale of data from a source to multiple BI tools. The platform functions as an SQL proxy between cloud data warehouses and BI tools. More so, it is wire-compatible with Microsoft SQL Server and utilizes Transact-SQL dialect. Additionally, users do not have to install ODBC drivers when connecting directly to cloud warehouses from Microsoft Excel. Windows have Server drivers pre-installed in them.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software has an architecture that offers users column and row-level access security. This allows users to easily share data with having to write code with other teams. Also, enterprises can share data with customers, multiple departments, and consumers without writing FTP or API transfers. Users have access to secure and robust data sharing that helps them maintain and keep track of data hubs.

Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software gives users access to an agile and scaled data delivery framework. Data experts can use their preferred BI tools to access and sync real-time data. Users have complete control of data catalogs using universal data log tag-based searches. Even more, the software gives users access to better information governance using robust data lineage models. Also, these models come with high-quality governance and control mechanisms. Additionally, the software supports controlled data lakes that ensure efficient and effective data usage and function as anti-corruption layers.


Lyftron Modern Data Hub ETL tools software is a data delivery platform that provides BI experts and business owners with cloud data lakes and warehouses. Users can manage and build data workloads on a single platform. Even more, the software offers data professionals with data models surrounding multiple source APIs. This allows them to have access to all their data as well as query non-relational sources like XML, JSON, or API with ANSI SQL.