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MailChimp Features and Reviews

MailChimp email marketing software helps businesses manage their marketing campaigns by offering tools for sending and managing marketing emails to target customers and leads.


The software's all-in-one marketing platform allows small businesses to promote and sell their products using email marketing tools. MailChimp features an easy-to-use email builder that helps both first-time users and regulars alike to succeed

Both small businesses and Fortune 100 companies use MailChimp to send targeted messages to their clients and leads. The platform offers tools to create targeted ad campaigns, send automated emails, letters, postcards, build landing pages, and enable easy reporting and analytics. Users can send email blasts or targeted messages. The software also lets users automate routine or repeat tasks.

Some of the strongest functionalities of MailChimp are that users can set email messages to go out by time zones, set SMS events to send messages by SMS if a particular action or set of actions are taken by visitors, and users can segment their email lists. 

MailChimp lets startups and small businesses grow their customer base with affordable pricing plans, including a free plan. The platform's low-cost plans are ideal for startups. Users have complete control over their subscriber-base, they can manage subscriptions, view click-through rates, spot trends in their email sent, and ensure their campaigns are fully transparent.

The tool serves as the backbone for customer relationship management and allows users to manage all their customer-facing and internal activities from one platform. MailChimp offers a wide array of pre-designed templates and customizations. More so, users can extend the functionalities of MailChimp using integrations.

Product Details

MailChimp email marketing software automates users’ routine tasks. Users can eliminate the need for manual tasks with MailChimp. The software uses predesigned marketing automation to help users learn more about their audience to build their brands. Once the email automation is set up, MailChimp keeps the conversation flowing even when users are offline or busy with other things.

The software allows users to focus on their marketing strategies while engaging and following the people that matter the most to their businesses.

MailChimp email marketing software allows users to monitor every trend and track their performances as they go. The platform provides real-time stats that help users quickly identify areas in their businesses that need fixing. They get to make smart decisions about their marketing budget based on MailChimp's insights. Users' marketing data are kept in one place and is accessible from their MailChimp account.

Businesses learn more about their audiences based on the engagement, growth, and revenue reports the software provides. They get to see the number of people that interacted with their marketing, clicked, or bought anything from their websites. The feedback allows them to make more content that resonates with their audience. The user can view each report on their mobile devices and easily export them to partners or other team members.

MailChimp email marketing software integrates with other apps and web services. Users can connect with their customers through other stores or platforms like Shopify, Canva, Slack, WooCommerce, WordPress, Lightspeed, and several others. MailChimp tracks the user's audience on these sites and uses the insight to tailor a marketing campaign that suits their needs. The tool sends customers' emails and product recommendations on items they have bought or liked before.

MailChimp email marketing software's mobile app allows the user to draft and send messages from anywhere. Users with the mobile app can compose and edit emails, or monitor their campaign's performance wherever they are in the world. MailChimp's templates are designed to work on both desktops and mobile devices.

The software's dashboard provides them with detailed metrics to help them monitor engagement rates. This feature allows users to stay on top of their campaigns, never missing out on any opportunity to connect with their audience. It also eliminates the need to run to a desktop to create messages whenever inspiration strikes.

MailChimp email marketing software ensures that emails are delivered to the right parties. The platform features an advanced delivery infrastructure that makes sure messages are sent to the customers' inboxes instead of spam. Users have expressed their lack of worry about their emails getting message opens and clicks while using MailChimp.

The software filters spam out from legitimate emails by making them look authentic and trustworthy. This feature allows their users' emails to get to the inbox of their target audiences.

MailChimp email marketing software helps its users to give their customers what they want. With personalization tools, users can create and send content that interests their prospective customers. Each marketing strategy is unique to every customer. Users can segment their target audience based on their shopping preferences and browsing habits.

MailChimp predicts the demographics of the audience while the user crafts personalized messages that resonate with their values and practices. The merge tags allow users to create a one-on-one relationship with their customers.

MailChimp email marketing software helps users launch effective campaigns within short periods. The tool offers predesigned templates for building emails and landing pages in less than an hour. MailChimp features over 100 models that fit any message type the user wishes to send. And every one of them makes the business owner sound like a professional.

Users attest to MailChimp’s intuitive design layouts and that it makes the job of drafting personalized emails fast and easy. There's even a template for different occasions. It could be used to drive the download of apps, promote a sale, welcome new subscribers, or to create anticipation for a new product.

MailChimp email marketing software allows businesses to grow their list with customized signup forms. Users can create forms that suit the needs of their brand and share them from anywhere. MailChimp tracks the growth list and shows users how their forms help increase their customer base. They can also find out which one of their signup forms are the most effective in motivating audiences to patronize their business. Pop-up forms on the websites help enterprises get repeat customers.


MailChimp email marketing software offers businesses the tools they need to get in touch with clients and prospective customers. The software helps them market their products with accuracy and ease – eventually leading to more sales and the growth of the company.