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Marketo Features and Reviews

Marketo marketing automation software automates and measures marketing engagements, tasks, and overall workflow for marketing professionals and executives.


Marketo's software helps users automate the process of engaging with both existing customers and business leads through digital channels. It targets qualified leads, produces potential revenue opportunities, and executes personalized marketing campaigns across different channels. Users get to do just about any marketing activity with the software and achieve their desired results.

Marketo offers real-time personalization that allows its users to create personalized experiences for its users, hence customizing each buyer’s journey to their specific needs. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface doesn't require users to possess advanced skills before creating professional email templates. Individuals can send emails based on actions, timing, or other predefined steps.

The emails sent through Marketo are designed to trigger social engagement. Marketo also supports email testing so that users can optimize for the most valuable messages. Hence, users get to try out multiple contents or tailor them to fit specific triggers. Marketo provides integrations with CRM platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. They help in syncing both sales and marketing teams of organizations for better awareness and collaboration.

Due to its highly efficient marketing automation, Marketo attracts marketing professionals and executives who need to create campaigns and effective strategies for their businesses. Sales reps also rely on Marketo for insights into all the digital behaviors of their leads. They use the software for the contextual understanding of their user engagement. The software can be applied in three different areas – social promotion, social sharing, and social engagement.

With Marketo social promotions, users can run promotions like flash deals, sweepstakes, and contests to reach their target audiences and also gain customer referrals. Social sharing encourages the audiences of Marketo users to use social channels to win leads for these users.  Whereas, Marketo social engagement syncs all brand interaction data into Marketo for users to see. Users can track their brand comments, likes, links, shares, and other social factors and use the patterns they discover for their business decisions.

Marketo offers users the capability of gathering strong leads based on preset parameters and criteria such as product scores, demographics, prospect behavior, among others.

Product Details

Marketo marketing automation software helps its users log every digital interaction with their clients. The app measures the interactions to help businesses improve how they reach their audiences and engage them to achieve success. The platform manages the digital channels like email and social media.

The software also features an automation engine that allows marketers to arrange campaigns. The analytics engine produces vital insights on their users' marketing strategy's impact, while the artificial intelligence engine personalizes executions.

Marketo marketing automation software supports mobile tools. These features help digital marketers stay on top of new trends. The app provides mobile access to performance updates on crucial email campaigns. Users have stated how essential it was for them to accommodate last-minute requests and to maintain a bird's eye view of every event.

The Gimbal platform affords Marketo users the means of gaining location-based data to help them make decisions based on customer behavior. The wireless beacons make it easy to track how many people attended a specific event. There's also an option of interacting with representatives through opt-in messages.

Marketo marketing automation software uses its lead nurturing and engagement functions to learn contacts' behaviors. Marketo gathers data of a user’s audience’s behaviors and engagement metrics across marketing channels. They can adjust the engagement frequency to increase participation if the outcomes are low. The Marketo is capable of managing thousands of leads flowing through nurture programs.

Marketo marketing automation software uses lead nurturing to develop relationships with the user's buyer. It handles every stage of the sales funnel from marketing and communication to listening to the needs of prospects. Consequently, buyers get all up-to-the-minute information and have their questions answered.

Marketo's lead scoring feature offers users the opportunity of determining the different points for specific online attributes. They get to see where their prospects are within a buying model.

Marketo marketing automation software performs A/B testing on different parts of outbound emails. In the module section, users can test multiple subject lines, the address, and the time or date when the message would be sent out to their contacts. Various versions of the mail can also be tested to see what works best for them. Users have stated how using this feature helps them in increasing their conversions and discovering the email variants that would drive the most results.

Marketo marketing automation software allows organizations to personalize their webpages based on user experience. Marketers and site developers can customize their sites based on location or special promotions, or based on each contact’s expectations and desired experience. This feature supports micro-targeting, which helps users reduce inefficiency. It also allows them to reach their target audience with a focused message.

The software uses footer codes and headers to create cookies that track each user's actions online and gather useful data on their audience. Marketo users can build active customer profiles. Users can create personalized user experiences for their audiences at every stage of their marketing funnel.

Marketo marketing automation software supports a vibrant marketing community that users rely upon for help. Users get to pitch ideas, dive into product documents, and create discussions that help everyone with their businesses. They also acquire a better understanding of how certain products work. Some users testify to how useful they find the articles posted on the community and how much time it saves them when starting.

Marketo marketing automation software uses Smart Lists to find people using filters. This feature makes it easy for users to build programs based on their contact's persona or other attributes. It makes it easier for them to manage complex campaigns easily. Marketers can also export smart lists and email them to stakeholders or partners who aren't using the Marketo software. Most users have expressed the benefit of this feature since it allows them to identify trends and make necessary adjustments to their email communications.

Marketo marketing automation software integrates behavior data with sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, among others. This feature allows users to target people on those social media platforms that might be receptive to specific ads. Individuals use it to leverage what they already know about their customers so that they can send targeted ads to them. 

Meanwhile, Marketo’s Ad Bridge feature uses contacts’ IP address, purchase history, and industry, among other things, to customize the ads sent to them. Instead of users marketing to the whole world, they get to show their products or services to the people who are most likely to convert to buyers.


Marketo’s marketing automation software helps organizations automate and measure their engagement, workflows, and tasks. Most users consider the platform a popular option because it simplifies several marketing-related tasks to improve efficiencies and garner more revenue for them.