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MATLAB Features and Reviews

MATLAB statistical analysis software helps enterprise users, individuals, and students to access and analyze data, deliver software-enabled systems, develop algorithms, and more.


MATLAB is a statistical analysis tool that goes beyond data analysis; it helps users with creating and deploying machine learning models. The software focuses on providing analytical solutions for a variety of industries such as aerospace, biotech, pharmaceutical, communications, energy, electronics, earth Science, and automation. This cloud-based and on-premise software offers individuals and organizations a platform for modeling, simulation, and programming.

Businesses of all sizes use this software to analyze, visualize, and model data and systems. MATLAB allows users to explore data, build machine learning models, design control systems, and perform predictive analytics. Plus, users can design, develop, and envisage convolutional neural networks.

This statistical analysis solution allows users to code, design, and verify embedded systems. Users can implement, model, and confirm ASIC, FPGA, and SoC development. MATLAB enables users to acquire, analyze, and process images and videos for the design and construction of systems and algorithms. Also, this software allows users to discover patterns, build predictive models, connect embedded devices to the internet, and acquire insight from their data with ease.

The robotics industry can use MATLAB to turn their ideas and concepts into self-reliant systems that work in the real world. The communications industry relies on this software to create, test, and verify wireless communication systems. The biological science industry uses this software to analyze, model, and simulate biological systems. Users can use MATLAB in the cloud and run products in public clouds like Azure and AWS. Besides, this software allows users to access data from multiple sources directly.

MATLAB enables users to share their programs using application deployment. Scientists and engineers can use this software to build and optimize mathematical models of complex systems. Plus, this software allows them to perform large-scale computations using clusters, clouds, grid, and GPUs.

Product Details

MATLAB statistical analysis software helps engineers to design, implement, and test control systems. Engineers use this software at all developmental stages such as plant modeling, algorithm design and tuning, automatic code generation, system verification, validation, deployment, and testing.  This software helps users to build accurate plant models and create complex multi-domain plant models with ease. Additionally, users can use MATLAB to assess key performance parameters like rising time, stability margins, and overshoot.

MATLAB statistical analysis software helps data scientists explore data, develop machine learning models, and perform predictive analysis. This software empowers users with data science tools used to access and analyze data, build machine learning and predictive models, and deploy models to enterprise IT systems. Users can access data stored in clouds, databases, flat files, or connect to live data feeds. This software enables users to visualize their data to understand trends and identify plot issues. Plus, both beginners and experts can use MATLAB with ease.

MATLAB statistical analysis software allows users to apply deep learning techniques to their work. Users can use this software to develop, analyze, and modify deep learning architecture. This software enables users to collaborate with team members and peers by using frameworks like MxNet, TensorFlow, and PyTorch. Users can use MATLAB to prepare and label datasets for images, audio, and text data. Besides, this analysis solution allows users to use deep learning models for domain-specific problems to save time.

MATLAB statistical analysis software enables users to deploy and integrate code with data sources securely, enterprise IT systems, and operational technologies. Users can run MATLAB applications, algorithms, and models on Windows, Linux, and macOS on the public cloud or on-premise. This software supports languages like Java, .NET, C/C++, and Python. MATLAB empowers users with functionalities that allow them to connect to a broad array of IT systems. Additionally, this software supports standard dashboard platforms like Power BI, Tableau, and TIBCO Spotfire.

MATLAB statistical analysis software empowers users with tools for image and video data processing and algorithm development. This software allows users to interact with their data and generate code automatically. Users can analyze and extract information from images and videos with ease. MATLAB ensures that users can perform 3D image processing, image segmentation, object detection, and point cloud processing. Besides, users can integrate directly with open source.

MATLAB statistical analysis software allows users to share their programs using application deployment. Users can share their work with colleagues, collaborators, decision-makers, and people who do not have access to the software. This software enables users to deploy their applications and components to different platforms. Users can integrate their programs as spreadsheets or package it as Microsoft Excel add-ins. Plus, users can choose from the multiple application deployment solutions available.

MATLAB statistical analysis software supports continuous integration. Users can improve their code and model quality, collaborate with their team members, and detect integration issues quickly. This software ensures that teams adopt and stick to active development practices all through the lifecycle. Additionally, Continuous Integration provides users with control over where and when their code runs and the products used.

MATLAB statistical analysis software integrates with multiple agile development tools like Jira, GitHub, Git, and Jenkins. This software supports multi-domain system simulations, which facilitates customer integrations and increases design speed. Users can seamlessly generate and share documentation, models, and simulations automatically for review and auditing. MATLAB allows users to use automatic code generation and incremental model elaboration to respond quickly to change in requirements. Besides, this software enables users to scale to a computer cluster and build a prototype with ease.

MATLAB statistical analysis software allows users to develop, prototype, and deploy IoT applications. Users can use cloud storage, databases, protocols, and built-in interfaces to access and prepare data. This solution enables users to design custom IoT algorithms and analytics. Plus, MATLAB supports structured and unstructured data from different sources.


MATLAB is a key statistical analysis platform for individuals and industries looking to access and prepare data, build simulations, develop algorithms, and deploy models. Different industries use this software to model, analyze, simulate, and automate their systems. The core strength of this statistical analysis software is its emphasis on flexibility.