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Power BI Features and Reviews

Power BI business intelligence software enables organizations from any industry to visualize data and get insights and results using up-to-the-minute analytics, built-in AI, Excel integration, and data correctors.


Power BI business intelligence software enables every member of an organization to make quick, informed decisions by using visual reports to connect, model, and explore their data. This software offers organizations a secure data visualization platform to meet their self-service and enterprise data analytics needs. Plus, users can access and connect to their data from anywhere.

Different types of organizations depend on Power BI to meet their compliance needs by creating and sharing interactive data visualization across various data centers globally. This low-cost business intelligence software goes beyond data visualization. The software provides users with data construction, data analysis, and interactive dashboards.

Critical components of this business analytics solution include interactive reports or data modeling, self-service functions and collaboration, centralized business intelligence, ability to embed interactive reports into applications, data visualizations, mobile analytics, and on-premise data access on mobile and web. Power BI can be combined with other solutions to create and automate business applications and workflow.

Power BI supports on-premise and cloud-based data sources like Azure SQL DB, Dynamics 365, Excel, SharePoint, and Salesforce. Non-data scientists can use Microsoft AI to prepare data, find insights, and build machine learning models using this software. Besides, the software can handle both structured and unstructured data.

Power BI features analytic capabilities, dashboards, and reports that industry leaders use for their customers in their applications. Technology services, retail goods, manufacturing and resources, health, government, education, and energy are a few of the industries that Power BI supports. Besides, any user can customize Power BI to meet their needs.

Product Details

Power BI business intelligence software helps organizations use Excel to gather, analyze, publish, and share data. This business intelligence software integrates with Excel so users can work seamlessly to connect reports, data models, and Excel queries to their dashboards. The combination of Excel and Power BI offers users new and fast ways to analyze data. Plus, they do not need to learn a new language or application.

Members do not need to be inside the organization to share insights. Meaning, they can share industry insights, collaborate, publish reports, and create dashboards inside and outside the organization.

Power BI business intelligence software self-service Power Query enables users to prep and model big data fast and with ease. Data modeling tools make data prepping and modeling easy. This Power BI's self-service data preparation functionality allows all types of users to collaborate and accelerate insight delivery smoothly. Besides, special skills are not needed to transform big data through this Power Query.

Users can find any data they need with prebuilt connectors for standard services like Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and SharePoint. Plus, reused data across different Power BI models drives accuracy.

Power BI business intelligence software AI-driven augmented analytics allows users to find patterns and perform predictive analysis automatically. This feature, developed in Azure, helps users understand their data and discover insights.

No code is required to use this feature. Hence, enabling all users to develop machine learning models from structured and unstructured data. The no-limits Azure data lake also simplifies the analysis and sharing of big data. Thus, it increases collaboration between different levels of workers in an industry.

Power BI business intelligence software open-custom visuals framework enables users to create their data visuals. Numerous data visuals are available for users to create interactive data reports. Themes, format, and layout tools are available for users who want to design their dashboards.

Users can share visual analytics of their reports seamlessly. Plus, users can create mobile-optimized reports for viewers on the go with this framework. Industries use Power BI business intelligence software to get access to real-time analytics.

Power BI business intelligence software mobile app enables access to up-to-date reports and analytics on the go. Users can access this mobile application on any Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Thus, allowing them to access data stored on-premises and in the cloud. This mobile application will enable users to stay on top of their reports on the go.

Company data is secure on the application management functions and mobile device. Users can visualize dashboards and reports on their mobile devices. They can collaborate and share live insights to their team while on the go. Besides, the push notification on iOS enables users to receive data alerts and data updates in real-time.

Power BI business intelligence software allows users to add analytics and interactive reporting to their applications. Industries can brand Power BI as their own by providing analytics and dashboards in their applications. Power BI business intelligence software allows users to have control of the features. Thus, reducing developer resources by automation of analytics deployment, management, and monitoring.

Custom-built and certified visuals are available for users to visualize their data. This feature allows users to embed completely interactive dashboards into their applications. Plus, they do not have to spend time or money building or managing the analytics themselves.

Power BI business intelligence software allows users to control the experience of their customers. Users decide how to deliver analytics to their customers. They can deploy the Q&A feature or build analysis dashboards at any time.

Power BI's embedded APIs simplifies analytics deployment in the application of users. Besides, organizations can restrict the access of members with low security.

Power BI business intelligence software offers users reporting flexibility. Power BI business intelligence software gives users the flexibility to move their reports to the cloud the next day. Customers of industries using this software have access to the SQL server reporting services. Plus, businesses can scale to thousands of users on this platform.

Power BI allows organizations to build their BI environment on-premise as part of a comprehensive cloud solution. Users can create, publish, and share their reportings using this solution.


Business executives and decision-makers rely on Power BI business intelligence software for data analysis, modeling, and reporting. This software leverages Excel, AI-powered analytics, data visualization, and standard data connections to get insights and results. The core strengths of this business intelligence solution are its emphasis on collaboration and efficiency.