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MicroStrategy Features and Reviews

MicroStrategy's big data analytics platform provides businesses with business intelligence, cloud-based solutions, and mobile software to develop and deploy analytics applications.


MicroStrategy helps businesses become intelligent enterprises by empowering them with analytics. Businesses can use this big data analytics solution to deliver instant and personalized performance reports to thousands of users. MicroStrategy’s big data analytics provides technology for its users to offer self-service analytics. The platform boasts of helping users raise their analytics adoption across their enterprise to 100 percent.

Users can benefit from this tool’s analytics engine, multiple data connectors, and open architecture that can scale as users grow. MicroStrategy helps businesses extend analytics into all their teams and business functions.

MicroStrategy targets data workers and executives like data analysts, data scientists, and developers. However, this platform also accommodates users across careers like customer support, sales, IT, finance, human resources, and more. It’s also used across all industries, including retail, communications, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals, energy, government, and more. MicroStrategy partners with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud to help businesses turn their siloed data into meaningful analytics that can use. 

MicroStrategy’s big data analytics tool helps business teams draw data from platforms they trust like Qlik, Power BI, and Tableau. They would blend the information and data derived from these sources to make business decisions.

Likewise, data scientists can use this platform with known statistical libraries like Matlab and SPSS to build complex statistical models for their enterprises. More so, data scientists can use the open-source R and Python packages from MicroStrategy to build machine learning algorithms that empower application developers and data analysts to develop advanced intelligence software solutions quickly. 

Users can deploy MicroStrategy on-premise or in the cloud, and they can also use a hybrid solution that works both on-premise and in the cloud. Moreover, users can choose how they want to deploy MicroStrategy, whether by using MicroStrategy’s cloud platform or using their self-hosted solutions.

Product details

MicroStrategy’s big data analytics offers a holistic digital transformation platform. This platform covers all aspects of the digital transformation process. It supports data discovery operations, detailed reporting and analytics, machine learning, and all aspects of the digital transformation process.

Digital transformation does not always mean doing away with legacy technologies or processes; it could be making these disparate technologies work better. MicroStrategy understands this need for legacy technology to work with new and advanced tools.

Hence, the platform supports businesses to operationalize their data silos. Operationalized data lakes interact and help put enterprise analytics to work for businesses. Using its open architecture, MicroStrategy helps businesses benefit from their current big data investments. MicroStrategy collaborates with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services to provide transformational big data analytics.

MicroStrategy’s big data analytics uses zero-click technology to deliver analytics to apps that its users already use and know. The platform uses zero-click technology to help users infuse analytics capabilities into the tools and apps that their teams already use. Bringing analytics into the apps that users already run offers customized and useful business intelligence to everyone in an organization. So they can get useful insights that are relevant to them always, without giving up their familiar apps. This tool also works on all devices and across all apps.

MicroStrategy’s big data analytics offers data visualization capabilities that work with custom and third-party apps. This tool makes analytics more interactive, simple, social, and easy to use by providing dossiers and dashboards to users. MicroStrategy makes it possible for developers and data scientists to hand their users the tools they need to experiment with, visualize, and analyze data to discover new insights on their own.

From their discoveries, business users can build dossier and dashboards and offer them to be used in governed enterprise environments. Users can leverage the data reporting capabilities of this software to deploy enterprise reporting solutions like scorecards, branded statements, invoices, operational reports, and more.

Moreover, this big data analytics platform lets users build dynamic, vector-based maps to help users offer interactive user experiences on mobile apps and the web.

MicroStrategy big data analytics platform supercharges Excel for users who rely on spreadsheets. This big data analytics tool makes it possible for users to stream data from multiple trusted channels while still working with Excel. The logic here is that static data on worksheets do not give businesses the complete picture they need to make high-level decisions. Hence, users can feed data to their Excel spreadsheets from more than 150 data sources.

This platform uses gateways and native drivers to connect to any enterprise resource. MicroStrategy connects with mobile device management systems, cloud apps, databases, physical access control systems, enterprise directories, and self-service tools like Qlik, Tableau, and Power BI.

MicroStrategy’s big data analytics provides multiple Hadoop capabilities for different types of big data needs. MicroStrategy provides connectors for users seeking to use SQL on Hadoop to run queries on data stored in HDFS. So businesses can use MicroStrategy to directly connect to Hadoop distributors like Cloudera, Pivotal, IBM BigInsights, and more, hence enabling them to leverage any previous big data investments they have.

MicroStrategy’s big data analytics platform works with all distributed file systems like GoogleFS, HDFS, Amazon S3, and more. The system can handle data from all types of databases, including those from batched SQL, No SQL, Search like Splunk and Apache Solr, and interactive SQL. Users can utilize all SQL on Hadoop technologies to run interactive queries; technologies like Pivotal HAWQ, MapR Drill, Facebook Presto, Cloudera Impala, and Apache Spark.

MicroStrategy big data analytics lets you share your insights easily. Users can easily deliver their data analytics to all their devices and everyone who needs them. Data can be delivered to devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, wearable devices, smartphones, virtual assistants like Google Home, and Alexa. Apps, reports, and workflows can be shared with all users to empower them with answers when they need them.

The platform lets users protect sensitive projects with governed collaboration where users can be assigned roles and access levels to documents, apps, and workflows. Team leaders can customize the data that other people see when they access a dossier or dataset. Users can also schedule the delivery of reports, documents, and notifications to team members who need them so that they never miss an insight.


MicroStrategy helps businesses optimize and simplify their big data analytics needs. The platform brings analytics to all the applications and tools that users are familiar with, hence driving 100 percent analytics adoption for organizations. MicroStrategy targets enterprise users who work as big data developers, data analysis, and data scientists.