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Mintable Features and Reviews

Mintable allows users to create, sell, share, buy, and exchange digital items using non-fungible tokens on Ethereum.


Mintable is a Singapore-based, Mark Cuban-backed non-fungible token platform that is striving to the largest NFT marketplace. It catalogs all the NFTs that have been minted on Ethereum as part of a major platform upgrade. It is a platform where users can mint, buy and sell NFTs. 

Compared to cryptocurrencies, NFTs come with unique markers that distinguish them from each other. They are a type of cryptographic token that has their value pegged to real-world objects like art, music, videos, and in-game items. 

To buy an NFT on the mintable platform, a user needs to create an account on their website, connect their wallet and fund the wallet. The platform profits by taking a percentage of  NFT sales. Mintable possesses easy-to-use minting features. In addition to this, it provides an online marketplace for creators to sell their newly minted NFTs instantly. To sell on mintable, users need to have a store to display their items. Users without a store can make use of the store provided by Mintable.

Mintable pioneered gasless minting, credit card purchases, and batch minting of NFTs. Gasless minting removes the friction of needing to pay for an NFT and relaxes the entry barrier, just like lazy minting.  Batch minting allows users to mint multiple tokens in a single transaction, and save on gas fees.

Mintable is a unique focused marketplace. The platform also includes mintology, an NFT solutions provider for enterprise, and mintable Go; an investment fund dedicated to driving innovation in the NFT ecosystem.

Product Details

Mintable allows users to create and list NFTs easily. The platform’s intuitive interface allows users to create and list NFTs without needing help or hand-holding from anyone.

Mintable has sales analytics that uses blockchain data. The analytical tool displays details of any item on the marketplace. It provides access to the info and history of NFT. It equally leverages information from the market to sell users items. It determines what NFTs are performing and which aren't.

Mintable provides 50 free listings in the first go. Users are able to list their NFTs 50 times at the initial stage. 

Mintable is a free and easy-to-use platform. The new features make it easy for existing and new subscribers to access and use the platform at no cost. It enables users to browse through information without having to go through rigorous research. Users are now able to see an NFT transaction history and seller reviews.

Mintable uses Metamask, Trust Wallet, and Rainbow as its eWallet. Metamask is one of the crypto wallet options and can be installed quickly as a Chrome or Firefox extension. The same goes for Trust wallet and Rainbow. These wallets 

Mintable provides transaction history information. The platform uses information from the blockchain to show the entire transaction history of an NFT. Users can check out prices of NFTs in the market, and identify potential buyers.

Mintable has a social timeline for communication. Users are able to interact, message each other directly and view each other's timeline with this feature. It aids connection with other creators and potential buyers on the platform. It's a quick and immediate way to keep fans up to date as it equally builds a community through engagement. It helps users with information on new creations and sales, for them to stay up to date

Mintable has low store charges for buyers and sellers. The platform, in contrast with Raible, has low store charges for collectibles both for the buyers and sellers.

Mintable is built on the Ethereum network. So, users can trade digital items for cryptocurrencies on NFT marketplaces.

Mintable lists more than 6000 domains that users can buy. This includes highly notable domains that can be purchased on the platform for as high as $2 million. While some can go as low as $50.

Mintable provides users access to their organized inventory of NFTs. Users are provided access to their large and organized inventory of NFTs that are ERC-721 tokens in the metaverse. This means Both NFTs created in the past on Ethereum, and the newest ones would be accessible to users once they are minted on-chain. What was once a scattered pile of 10 million NFTs is now organized into 400 subcategories.

Mintable assesses NFTs for their uniqueness with a form of rarity meter. A proprietary algorithm that assesses NFTs for their rarity powers this meter. NFTs are rated common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, insanely rare, and the holy grail, based on their uniqueness and attributes. This allows traders and collectors to determine the value of an NFT before they buy.

Mintable simplifies the process to create and sell NFTs. The platform removes “gas fees” charged by blockchain participants to link the tokens to their network. These fees fluctuate most times, so instead of the fees, the site invites users to ‘turn any creation into an item on the blockchain’ with no upfront charges for the seller. This makes the process easier for non-crypto fans with no technical skills.

Mintable provides Live updates of NFTs sold on on the platform. This is a pop-up feature on the marketplace that informs users when an NFT is sold out. It highlights basic information also, like the price it was sold, who it was sold to, and who sold it. 

Mintable provides a royalties percentage tool so that when creators set up a new store, they can set the royalties percentage for each sale. A creator can earn passive income for every resale.


Mintable provides a platform where buyers and sellers can create (mint), buy, and sell NFTs. The platform is free and easy to use and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Easy social communication is available to users for interaction and connectivity. Users are equally provided information regarding the market when to buy and sell items, what NFTs are performing, and which are not. Mintable provides free listings at the initial stage. It simplifies the process of creating and selling NFTs.