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Mode Features and Reviews

Mode data visualization software helps companies, data analysts, and product teams analyze, visualize, and share insightful data.


Mode data visualization software is an interactive data analysis and visualization tool for businesses, data analysts, engineers, and product teams. This tool has solutions designed to help sales, marketing, finance, operations, production, and data teams track and improve business performance.

Fifty-two percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on insightful data from this software to respond to change and make data-driven decisions that will drive organizational growth and profitability.

Mode data visualization software allows data engineers to connect, import, and analyze data seamlessly from a wide range of your database applications, including from GoogleBigQuery, Microsoft Azure SQL, Amazon Aurora, Hive, Oracle, MySQL and more.

This software helps analysts and teams to analyze data faster in an organized manner. Users can easily switch between interactive visualization builder, analytics, and programming tools, including SQL editor, Python, and R notebooks.

Innovation and product development teams use Mode data visualization software to gain intelligence and validate product ideas. It helps management to understand consumers’ interaction with their product and to identify opportunity areas for improvement.

Mode data visualization software gives sales and marketing teams an expanded view of their customer lifecycle. Users can leverage marketing and product data to identify and fix leakages in their sales funnel, optimize landing-page to boost performance, reduce churn, and increase sales conversions.

Financial managers use Mode data visualization software to create dashboards for vital financial information like annual revenue, and visualizations like charts and graphs to monitor trends and identify irregularities quickly. They can create customized reports, share analysis, and collaborate effectively with team members.

Mode data visualization tool allows companies to monitor their infrastructure in one location. Users can connect their entire tech stack to the software, as well as API and webhooks to automate workflows, and identify upstream issues to enhance performance.

Companies use Mode data visualization software to generate real-time insights and stay ahead of the competition.

Product Details

Mode data visualization software has a collaborative cloud SQL editor that helps businesses to analyze and present data quickly. This feature allows users to efficiently work and interact with objects in their connected database, find tables and columns using the schema browser.

Data analysts can access past versions of queries and results. While writing queries, they can use auto-complete functions to insert definitions, tables, and columns. This software allows data engineers to extend the functionalities of their SQL queries using the Liquid template language. They can add advanced logic like if/then statements, loops, and other high-level structures.

Mode data visualization software allows managers to visualize SQL data using the HTML, CSS, and JS editor as well as the chart builder. Also, it enables users to search, find reports, and share them via URL or email and slack integrations.

When data analysts establish logic, this software automatically updates and applies changes to all underlying reports and keeps the data evergreen so that management can make decisions based on current data.

Mode data visualization software allows businesses to gather business intelligence from advanced data analytics in an integrated environment. This tool automatically transmits queries from SQL to Python and R notebooks and allows users to explore, analyze, and iterate data in a few seconds.

Data analysts and engineers use Mode data visualization software to clean, map, and transform data into a more usable form without switching applications. By seamlessly accessing data in one place, finance and supply chain managers can analyze demand, evaluate the impact on revenue, and refine strategies to achieve profitability.

Mode data visualization software allows managers to communicate and share data insights with teams in a few minutes without touching any code or using any development environment.

Sales managers can create interactive and colorful dashboards powered by Python or R to visualize sales orders, channel mix, and monthly revenue. They can add the content of notebook output cells to their reports or share their entire notebook with team members.

This software has built-in documentation, tips, and keyboard shortcuts to help users get started quickly.

Mode data visualization software supports more than 60 Python libraries for statistics and exploratory analysis, machine learning, data visualization, Scraping, and natural processing language. It also supports over 60 R packages for data manipulation and wrangling, machine learning and statistics, and visualization.

Additionally, this software allows users to work with additional public libraries.

Mode data visualization software allows managers to create interactive dashboards and reports, visualize data, and generate actionable insights. Dashboards offer an expanded view of market trends and business performance and enable team members to keep their eyes on the business objectives.

This software allows data analysts and engineers to build engaging dashboards that will provoke vital questions, result in ad-hoc analysis, and drive collaboration across teams. With a single click, users can explore visual elements such as maps, charts, and graphs to create small, fullwidth, and expanded dashboard views. They can customize the dashboard, add colors, and styles to reflect their brand image.

Management teams use Mode data visualization software to visualize business performance data like revenues, units sold per region and per sales rep, active customers, monthly traffic, advertising ROI, and more.

Beyond dashboards, Mode data visualization software allows managers to build customizable and shareable reports using a simple drag and drop tool. It automatically updates reports to reflect changes in code.

Furthermore, users can send out reports based on a specific schedule, share data stories and reports via email, Slack, or URLs that do not expire until the reports are deleted.

Business teams use this tool to create real-time data reports that analyze specific business problems, answer critical questions, outline recommended actions, and predict the impact of the solution.

Mode data visualization software helps businesses to share interactive data with partners and customers. This feature allows companies to seamlessly customize, integrate, or embed analytics into their website or application so that customers can see essential data.

The white-label embed displays the full report content and visual elements, including charts, tables, and custom visualizations.

Data managers can use Mode charts, tweak Mode’s report elements to suit their needs, or create their data visualizations from scratch.

Mode data visualization software supports integration with multiple data sources and third-party applications. This feature allows users to connect, query, and analyze data seamlessly from various databases, including Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena, Hive, Impala, Google BigQuery, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, and MySQL, more.

Database administrators can connect, track, and analyze events using such as Amplitude, Heap, mParticle, Snowplow, and more. Furthermore, they can sync data from SaaS products into their data warehouse and deliver data using platforms such as Slack and WordPress plugin.


Mode data visualization software allows data analysts to run faster and advanced analytics using SQL, R, and Python in an integrated environment. It helps business teams to visualize data, monitor trends, and analyze business performance. Corporate executives and managers use Mode data visualization software to gather business intelligence that will drive better and more informed decisions.