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Moz Pro Features and Reviews

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO suite that provides online businesses with the tools to improve their ranking, boost traffic, and analyze results.


Moz boasts to remove the complexity of SEO by helping website owners with processes like finding the right keywords to more complex activities like custom reporting.

The software is helpful in understanding site visitors by showing how they search for products or services. It tracks local and national searches to tells find out the questions they ask and the keywords they use in their searches. Plus, it’ll show the difficulty metrics, an accurate keyword volume, and a trackable keyword list that can be used and update when needed.

Moz Pro shows users the effect of their keyword choices on their ranking through a search visibility score. Plus, it shows how a competitor’s website is doing so you can take the right steps to improve on yours.

Moz Pro crawls a website for harmful issues and alerts the owner with suggestions on how to fix them. So, the website owner is the first to know of any issues on the site. It also audits users’ web content and gives them suggestions for improvements to ensure that they have a better chance at ranking for the target keywords. Moz Pro provides specific recommendations to help with on-page optimization.

The software helps to find new links and show ways to make the existing ones more effective. It provides important metrics like domain authority, page authority, and spam score to reflect the performance and authoritativeness of a web resource. A business owner can see where competitors get their links from and use that plan to get ahead of them.

Moz Pro’s drag and drop modules and annotations help customize and avail downloadable PDF reports. More so, it makes it easy to schedule recurring reports to clients.

Product details

Moz Pro streamlines workflow and improves the discovery and prioritization of keywords. Thus making a website rank with the right target keywords in less time. The software allows the creation, editing, and management of keyword lists. Users can easily categorize keywords for easy retrieval, then prioritize and compare the keywords or key phrases to match the web content.

Moz provides users with thousands of fresh keywords (not more than two weeks old) that competitors in the same niche rank for, so you can outrank them. Moz Pro boasts a 95 percent accuracy on predicting keyword performance with search volume estimates. It uses difficulty metrics and CTR to measure a website’s performance on SERPs and estimates competitive advantage.

Moz Pro allows website owners to track their ranking, as well as their competitors’. Apart from tracking keyword ranking, the software measures overall visibility on the SERPs. Since it tests the activity over a period of time, it’s easier to know what works and what doesn’t. In addition, Moz Pro tracks competitors’ journey on SERPs to show loopholes in their strategy and use it to your advantage. The software gives a comprehensive, high-quality snapshot of a website’s keyword ranking for a week, a month, or any specified range of time. It also shows customers’ behavior on mobile and desktop and how to optimize both. It tracks desktop ranking across search engines in over 200 countries. Then compares both desktop and mobile even to local levels.

Moz Pro helps in the health management of a website by identifying and fixing issues fast. These issues include missing title tags, broken redirects, and more. The software allows website owners to prioritize what to fix first for speed and efficiency. It crawls large sites in a short time and gives a breakdown of the issues it detects. It’ll help to discover opportunities, trends, and overall information on SEO performance.

Moz Pro optimizes web content and improves customer experience. As customers land on a  web page, the software makes it easy for them to understand what a page is about. Plus, it should be easy to navigate web pages and find information quickly. This behavior signals to search engines that that website is meeting visitors’ needs, thus improving the web site’s ranking and boosting traffic.

Moz Pro offers step-wise guidance on how to optimize a website. The software helps identify pages that have improvement opportunities and offer tailored recommendations. It’ll sort the pages of a website and show their page optimization scores, so website owners know how close they are to reaching their target keyword density. The process shows steps to follow for content optimization. Moz Pro generates a list of similar topics from top-ranking sites and prioritizes them based on relevance to your target keyword.

Moz Pro helps a website gain traction, engagement, and traffic by improving the quality of its link profile. The first thing the software does is run a diagnostics on a website to check its authority and ranking. It measures valuable pages, backlinks, anchor text, and linking domain. Moz Pro provides a better strategy for link building. It compares a website’s link profile to that of four top competitors and shows why they are doing better by analyzing their linking domain’s makeup. Then it the fluctuations of their metrics over a time frame. Moz Pro tracks the link building effort of any website. The software helps in tracking and analyzing  link building efforts

Moz Pro helps to build custom reports to improve collaboration among team members. It provides engaging visual aids that communicate reports to team members, clients, and managers. It makes it easy to interpret losses, wins, and opportunities.

Besides, you can schedule reports to go out based on the time frame that suits meet your business needs. The software allows the export of CSV or PDF files. It allows the use of drag and drops graphs and charts that can be annotated. Templates in the software help to reduce reporting time, and white labeling gives the business owner full control.                                                                               


Moz Pro informs a website owner of keywords or key phrases that people search for, as well as questions that these searchers ask on the search engines. It reduces the complexity of keyword research, hence reducing the time spent on building spreadsheets. The software helps users get reports on their website’s fluctuations in ranking, as well as the competitive landscape of keyword search results. It improves the quality of keyword tracking and ranking by identifying and fixing SEO and site indexing issues.