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Navicat Premium

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Navicat Premium Features and Reviews

Navicat Premium Database Management software is a cross-platform tool that offers users the power to quickly build, manage, and maintain databases with relative ease.


Navicat Premium Database Management software offers programmers and database administrators with simultaneous connections to MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQL Server, and more, from a single application. The platform works on MacOS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux platform through bundled Wine.

Navicat Premium Database Management software is compatible with multiple cloud databases like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Aurora, Redshift, Oracle cloud, and MongoDB Atlas. With a single click, users can import or export data to the table, create a query, and transfer data across different systems. The software’s fast and intuitive user interface enables users to maximize productivity in real-time, with access to its cloud service for secure collaboration. It also supports quick query building and the synchronization of connection settings.

The platform allows professionals to save time and resources by configuring and editing techs such as OurDelta, Drizzle, Percona, and several other implementations. Administrators can easily design database objects, remotely or locally manage multiple and stable secure connections via SSL and SSH tunneling.

Navicat Premium Database Management software offers an interactive community with a flexible environment for users to post experiences and ask questions. The software helps businesses to provide solutions through its rich array of forum discussions, blog articles, tutorial videos, and frequently asked questions.

Product Details

Navicat Premium Database Management software enables users to create incredible database models using reverse engineering. The beautiful and attractive graphical interface of the software allows professionals to develop database models from existing ones using Navicat’s Reverse Engineer. Enterprise database administrators can create brilliant graphic models, edit, and visualize the structure of their database and generate a compatible database for it. Navicat also comes with a Dark Mode feature to protect the user’s eyes from the harmful white light emitted from computers. The dark theme does not alter the software’s behavior or user interface in any way.

Navicat Premium Database Management software offers intuitive structure migration and data synchronization. The platform supports the seamless transfer of data across several Database Management Systems like Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. With its unique features, Navicat provides smooth visual identification and comparison between two databases in bidirectional or single directions. It displays side-by-side DDL comparison to enable users to locate all object disparity. Professionals can generate the required synchronization scripts to update the destination database, making it similar to their model. Navicat allows users to export data as SQL files with SQL encoding and formatting. This process reduces the workload on users by granting them total control over the final SQL script, character sets, comments, and more.

Navicat Premium Database Management software provides secure Backup/Restore of Databases. Users can routinely backup essential databases with the software. Using Navicat, administrators can back up/restore all records, tables, and views with relative ease. The process eliminates any fear of data corruption.

Navicat Premium Database Management software allows users to Import data into tables with its Import/Export Wizard. Administrators can import data into a table from various formats like CSV, TXT, XML, JSON, Access, and much more. Users can import data from OBDC following the establishment of a data source connection. Also, Navicat users can easily use the ‘Add Query’ button to specify or import queries after choosing the relevant tables.

Navicat Premium Database Management software provides ease of collaboration with Navicat cloud service. The platform gives users the power to sync their models, connection settings, virtual groups, and queries to the cloud for real-time access to them. Navicat supports data sharing between team members irrespective of time and location.

Navicat Premium Database Management software ensures advanced, reliable, and secure connections. The software offers its users access to establish secure SSH sessions through SSL and SSH tunneling, strong authentication, and secure encryption. Navicat Premium Database Management Softwareption between two hosts are assured. With the use of Navicat’s HTTP Tunneling, users can bypass restrictions placed by ISP on direct database server connections.

Navicat Premium Database Management software is furnished with a Visual SQL Editor/Builder. The platform allows users to create and edit queries with Visual SQL builder, eliminating the need to worry about the proper use of commands and syntaxes. Organizations can easily choose the operation they need to execute on the tables, and Navicat writes the SQL statements automatically. The SQL editor allows users to rapidly construct sentences with the inbuilt code completion feature in the SQL Editor. With a simple pick from the drop-down lists, users can select SQL keywords or properties of database objects.

Navicat Premium Database Management software allows users to create vivid reports with its user-friendly Report Builder. The tool enables businesses to generate various types of stories with its ergonomic GUI Report builder. Using Navicat’s report builder, database administrators can design reports for statistics, invoices, mailing labels, and more. Analysts can easily navigate through designs created in the report builder, with Navicat’s Report Viewer. The reports can be sent as text, HTML, Excel, PDF, Graphic, and more formats. The software also allows professionals to share releases with non-Navicat users who installed the Navicat Report Viewer in their computers.

Navicat Premium Database Management software uses PL/SQL Code Debugger. With Navicat’s Pl/SQL debugger, administrators can analyze and modify variable values, set breakpoints, and examine call stacks. Navicat Premium Database Management software provides users with access to debug PL/SQL codes like triggers, object methods, and functions. Professionals can also debug PL/PGSQL code functions directly from Navicat’s workspace.

Navicat Premium Database Management software allows users to create stunning database objects using its Object Designer. Using the platform’s in-built professional object designer, developers can create, design, and modify database objects. Navicat’s Object Designer tool applies to all database objects like Views, indexes, Tables, Triggers, Procedures/Functions, and Sequences. This tool gives database administrators clear insights into their tasks, crossing out the need to write intricate SQLs to create and edit objects.


Navicat Premium Database Management software provides seamless and extremely robust solutions to enterprises worldwide. Administrators can swiftly accomplish intricate tasks, utilizing Navicat’s vast array of tools in a streamlined working environment.