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NBA Top Shot

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NBA Top Shot Features and Reviews

NBA Top Shot is the go-to marketplace for basketball fans looking to buy digital versions of sports collectibles such as trading cards, video moments, and more as NFT.


For years fans have collected and traded sports cards and other sports memorabilia. Now, thanks to blockchain technology, these sports collectibles can be digitized and turned into NFTs.

NBA Top Shot has successfully created an environment where fans of NFTs, collectibles, and, most importantly, basketball can come together and become excited about owning a piece of sports history. NBA Top Shot is open to everyone, including sports fans, digital collectors, NFT enthusiasts, and more.

The platform is also working on additional ways for consumers to interact with their digital collections, which might help the initiative succeed even more. The global trading card industry is now worth $5-6 billion each year. NBA Top Shot is positioned to inspire other businesses searching for new ways to engage their followers. At the same time, it develops new methods to modernize this legacy industry and combine the platform with burgeoning sectors such as fantasy sports and mobile gaming.

The NBA Top Shot is a joint venture between the NBA, the NBA players association, and Dapper Labs. Together they created a revolutionary blockchain-based platform that changes the way fans interact with their favorite sports moments. Fans can trade, buy, or sell numbered versions of officially-licensed, unforgettable video highlights.

Product Detail

NBA Top Shot pairs real-life experiences with NFTs. One of the beauties of NFTs is that they come in various forms, and NBA top shot is no different. It includes digital replicas of some of the most celebrated games in NBA history and video highlights of some of the NBA's greatest players. But that's not all, combining physical experiences with NFTs is on the rise. For example, the Golden State Warriors recently announced its plan to add live experiences to some of the items on their first collection. The experiences will include a presentation of a championship ring at a future game.

NBA Top Shot promotes community and positive engagement. One of the features of this platform is a high-spirited Discord-based digital environment. Although the use of Discord was not in the original plan,  it has become a common feature of the community. Some of the moderators that highlight the project’s community-driven nature were early members of the discord community who have transitioned.

NBA Top Shot occasionally issues challenges, giving users the chance to get their hands on more collectibles. The platform "Challenges" allows users to gain new ‘moments’ in a limited period. When the timer runs out, every user with the complete moments set will receive a bonus moment. Most of the moments won from challenges are usually unavailable elsewhere. Thanks to that, Challenges motivate users to trade amongst themselves, adding to the excitement and dynamics of the market.

NBA Top Shot is the next level in sports collectibles. The platform claims to offer "next level NBA memorabilia." Simply put, it provides an experience that feels similar to collecting trading cards but in a digital format. It is what drew many people to the process in the first place, including Alex Xu, a member of the founding team of 0x.org. The non-profit organization helps developers to create decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

NBA Top Shot uses blockchain technology to deliver a new and exciting sporting experience to its fans. It uses decentralized blockchain technology to help users track down and verify the identity and scarcity of their collectibles. However,. The NBA still decides what highlights to turn into moments and collaborates with Dapper Labs to determine how many of each highlight should be produced.

NBA Top Shot uses the flow blockchain to create efficient and developer-friendly digital ledgers. This blockchain stands out from others. It has a multi-role architecture that allows the network to scale and serve billions of users without compromizing decentralized nature. Its uses a safer and easier programing language for apps and crypto-assets. The platform uses built-in logging support and upgradable smart contracts. It also catalyzes a low-friction and safe path from crypto to fiat.

NBA Top Shot creates moments that have traceable history. Everything from minting price to who owns a particular moment, and even time of sales, will be permanently stored on the blockchain from that point on. In addition to each moment's unique serial number, this history aids in ensuring that each digital collection is verifiably unique and non-fungible. As a result, collectors and industry observers can quickly determine which moments the community values the most or see when a specific moment makes a significant price jump. They can then make their trading decisions using this publicly available information.

NBA Top Shot supports Peer-to-Peer trading. Users can trade or resell moments they acquired by purchasing a pack or through a Challenge, just like a physical trading card. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and everyone can see it. So, the market is trustworthy and transparent since users can verify the scarcity and validity of each moment.

While moments can only be sold and traded on Top Shot's official platform, after the initial sale, the user community determines the fair value of each moment. In the first quarter of 2021, P2P moments exchanges accounted for more than 95 percent of all sales value on Top Shot's platform, demonstrating the aftermarket's passion for Top Shot and the importance of its community-driven aspects.

NBA Top Shot gives fans the chance to show off their favorite highlights from the NBA. Athletes show off their trophies and medal, and now with Top Shot, fans can show off performances from some of the best NBA players too. They can put together a collection of some of the most outstanding dunks to tease their Fantasy League.


NFTs have been causing a wave in the art industry for a while now, but NBA Top Shot stands out. Although buying an NBA Top Shot moment does not grant you the exclusive right to intellectual property, fans are still excited to show off their wins. With the ability of sports fans to show support, NBA Top Shot's resounding commercial success is a testament to this enduring phenomenon.