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Netpeak Spider Features and Reviews

Netpeak Spider SEO software provides businesses with an SEO crawler for website parsing, system analysis, quick issues search, and SEO auditing.


Netpeak Spider crawls users' websites to detect SEO issues that affect their website's visibility. The software can be used as a search engine robot that searches through a user's website attributes and pages to ensure that the website's performance online is not affected by any SEO problems.

Website developers and owners can use Netpeak Spider to perform technical audits of their websites smoothly. Users can ensure that their target audiences quickly access their websites at all times. Even more, the software helps webmasters and SEO experts easily perform daily tasks and improve their website's ranking on search engines.

The software also highlights issues affecting users' website visibility while crawling for SEO issues, helping webmasters improve their SEO ranking. Developers can work on these issues and find a resolution to ensure that their intended audience can easily access their website. More so, website owners can use Netpeak Spider to check website content like headers, meta descriptions, titles, and pages for duplicates. Users can decide to modify these duplicates for other purposes or delete them as a whole, which resolves some of their SEO issues.

Webmasters can also modify crawling rules to focus on specific categories and sections instead of crawling through the whole site. This way, they can focus on other urgent areas and save time. At the same time, users can configure the software to save results in CSV form after crawling their website, including headers, redirects, and reference links. Teams can easily collaborate on resolving these SEO issues.

Netpeak Spider also has an administrative dashboard where managers can produce customizable PDF site audit reports using contact details and logos. More so, businesses can create sitemaps using XML validator, TXT, and HTML and identify page sources.

Product Details

Netpeak Spider SEO software helps SEO experts to spot website optimization issues. Using the SEO crawler, users can check for duplicate H1s, meta description and title tags, website content, texts, and pages, as well as identify broken images and links. Users can also spot other SEO issues easily.

Netpeak Spider SEO software enables users to check key on-page SEO parameters. The software helps users check relevant tags, indexing and crawling instructions, robots.txt, and redirects. Even more, the software's website crawler can be used to check bulk status codes for website pages. At the same time, users can import data from Yandex.Metrica, Search Console, and Google Analytics.

Netpeak Spider SEO software supports website data extraction and site scraping. With Netpeak Spider's in-built site scraper, webmasters can extract data from their website using numerous types of search and conditions like CSS, XPath, Regexp, and contains. Users can also scrape phone numbers, emails, hreflangs, markups, and so on.

Netpeak Spider SEO software supports data segmentation. Users can customize the software to focus on specific data segments to generate relevant insights. The software enables SEO experts to crawl huge websites and analyze their data segment by segment.

Netpeak Spider SEO software offers SEO professionals SEO audits using white labeling. The software enables users to generate site audit reports in PDF formats containing relevant SEO on-page analysis data using graphics and diagrams. Businesses can also customize these reports with recommendations for teams and clients, contacts, and logos.

Netpeak Spider SEO software supports internal PageRank calculation. With the software's built-in PageRank calculator, users can identify issues with internal linking and also see the distribution of link weight across their website. Users can also discover pages that don't get incoming link equity and those that burn them.

Netpeak Spider SEO software offers users an XML Sitemap validator and generator. Users can create both image and regular sitemaps using a built-in XML, TXT, and HTML sitemap generator. When these sitemaps are generator, users can check for potential issues using the software's sitemap validator.

Netpeak Spider SEO software enables users to perform HTTP headers and source code analysis. The software allows users to check page sources quickly without opening it in a browser. More so, users can generate data on GET parameters in URL, redirects, and HTTP request and response headers.

Netpeak Spider SEO software offers users a dashboard with diagrams and information on the crawling process. The software has a dashboard tab with a summary of the crawling process and settings. More so, users have access to diagrams with insights on default filters, SEO, site structure, and so on. Similarly, during the crawling process, users can get an overview of relevant settings as well as the scanning process. Even more, users can download screenshots of the dashboard using the software's export option.

Additionally, when the crawling is paused or completed, the settings are removed from the dashboard, and diagrams with relevant information on the crawled pages are displayed. The software gives users to interactive diagrams where they can click on values or charts to view results. More so, users can download these panels.

Netpeak Spider SEO software enables webmasters to determine compliant URLs. Users can identify HTML files that are not disallowed in indexation instructions like Meta Robots, Canonical, robots.txt, and so on. These are important pages on users' websites that can help generate organic traffic. At the same time, users can discover HMTL files with non-2xx status codes that don't generate traffic from search engines. Plus, they can also identify other documents that are non-HTML and have lower chances of getting higher rankings in SERP. Even more, users can ensure this compliance across analytics within Netpeak Spider and discover issues for only compliant URLs.


Netpeak Spider helps web developers, marketing teams, and SEO analysts perform SEO audits and export the results from their websites. Professionals can use the software to search for duplicates and identify broken links across meta descriptions, tags, texts, titles, and web pages. Also, sales teams can import data from Yandex.Metrica, Search Console, and Google Analytics and use the software's built-in website scraper to extract information like phone numbers, emails, hreflang tags, and markups from their website. At the same time, users can download this information with the software's export feature.