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Nifty Gateway Features and Reviews

Nifty Gateway connects art creators and collectors to trade NFTs (non-fungible tokens) without the hassle of high gas fees and failed transactions.


Nifty Gateway is a premier marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. Based on the Ethereum ERC-721 tokenization standard, the platform uses the blockchain’s smart contract capability to transfer provable ownership of NFTs between creators and collectors. Nifty Gateway also allows buyers to resell their collections on the secondary market for lifetime royalties.

The marketplace’s goal is to help one billion people to collect NFTs. Consequently, it enables fiat accessibility, making it easy for people to collect digital artwork seamlessly with debit or credit cards. It also has a built-in price alert feature that helps users keep an eye on price changes and notifies them when a collectible trades at their preset price. Additionally, the platforms’ to-be-launched wallet-to-wallet feature will let Nifty Gateway members purchase NFTs via their Ethereum wallets at 75% lower gas fees.

Nifty Gateway's lack of a decentralized governance structure places decision-making in a single authority. But as a centralized marketplace for curated selection, the platform holds unique and limited-edition collectibles, making them scarce and valuable. Additionally, Nifty Gateway onboards verified artists, enabling only exceptional creators to mint and issue NFTs, available as verified or curated drops to the public. 

The Nifty Gateway team handpicked the collectibles for curated drops and dropped them on the platform. Art lovers can buy the drops on the marketplace or from other users on the secondary market. But in the case of verified drops, the team only verifies the owners and ensures the NFTs meet the stipulated legal and smart contract standards before they drop.

Nifty Gateway also provides complete collector services and support to ensure users get quick and round-the-clock assistance. 

Product details

Nifty Gateway lets users buy and sell NFTs directly from their Ethereum wallets. The wallet-to-wallet feature launching early 2022 enables users to save 75% on gas fees compared to other marketplaces. In addition, its website features an online gas-saving calculator that shows visitors how much gas fee the platform saves them. According to Nifty Gateway, “paying for gas is a huge burden to not only new people joining in the space but for veterans of the space as a whole.” So, the new feature will eliminate the friction, enabling users to transact seamlessly on the marketplace while keeping costs low.

Nifty Gateway uses Gemini crypto-security technology to safeguard users’ NFTs. The SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant crypto exchange expanded into non-fungible tokens with the Nifty Gateway acquisition. The licensed New York trust company leverages its industry-leading crypto security to secure platform members’ assets. Furthermore, the company undergoes regular bank exams and New York Department of Financial Services’ cybersecurity audits, reaffirming its long-standing commitment to user security. Additionally, Nifty Gateway uses Gemini’s custody technology to store users’ NFTs in a secured wallet, making the marketplace a custodial platform. Its two-factor authentication feature also provides users with an additional security layer.

Nifty Gateway curates only limited edition and unique digital arts. It collaborates with artists and brands to create exclusive digital art collections, including music. The premier NFTs marketplace requires creators to scale through its robust application process and interviews to mint and issue NFTs. As a result, the platform holds only high-quality and premium artworks from talented artists. For example, Beeple, known officially as Micheal Joseph Winkelmann, an American artist whose digital collage of 500o images sold over $69 million, is one of the popular creators on the platform. Beeple’s collage artwork is the most expensive NFTs as of June 2021. Also, his Human One and Crossroads art pieces sit in the second and third positions, respectively. Other known names on the platform include Trevor Jones, Greg Mike, and others.

Nifty Gateway offers art lovers multiple ways to buy NFTs in the marketplace. This feature enables collectors to acquire NFTs seamlessly through their preferred drop channels. For example, they could get the collectibles through online silent auctions, global offers, open editions, or drawings. In the first option, collectors place blind bids and get information after the auction. The global offers option lets buyers make a direct offer for an NFT. But the owner will only sell if the proposed price meets the objective.

Furthermore, unlike some marketplaces that curate only single-edition NFTs, Nifty Gateway allows multiple art lovers to hold the same NFTs. For instance, its open edition feature lets creators offer infinite NFTs for a limited period, such as five to 15 minutes. Conversely, the drawing option lets users enter a lottery for the right to buy NFTs at a predetermined price.

Nifty Gateway’s centralized market and governance structure place decision-making on a single authority. Unlike most blockchain platforms that decentralize governance to give platform members an equal voice, Nifty Gateway concentrates power on its management team. Consequently, the team completely controls NFT minting and issuance. In addition, the centralized governance enables the marketplace to curate only high-quality art as only verified digital artists can list NFTs on the platform, minimizing the chances of buying fake art pieces. 

Nifty Gateway allows art collectors to buy NFTs with fiat, meaning they must have crypto wallets to use the platform. As a result, members can purchase NFTs with regular debit and credit cards. Nifty Gateway has a fully-featured wallet that only requires users to sign up for an account and add their credit cards to use the platform without acquiring cryptocurrency. The smart contract wallet attached to each account at sign-up enhances NFTs accessibility and makes the marketplace easy to use. Nifty Gateway currently has no crypto payment option, though it intends to enable the feature in the future. The platform also supports members with US bank accounts to withdraw funds into them directly. This payment method comes with a weekly withdrawal limit, but alternatively, users can withdraw any amount to a Gemini account. 

Nifty Gateway features a price graph that shows collectors an asset’s historical price performance. It provides them a glance at the top trading NFTs on the secondary market and their momentum (how much their resale prices increase over time). The platform also lets users set price alerts to stay on top of NFTs' price changes. It notifies them anytime creators list NFTs at or below the specified prices. They can also set alerts to get notified when an NFT trades on the platform or someone bids on it. Additionally, Nifty Gateway’s statistical page shows users the top 100 drops, allowing them to see how all the launched NFTs stacked up against each other.


Nifty Gateway is a curated NFTs marketplace that lets users trade digital art collectible with fiat. The centralized platform allows unique and limited-edition artworks from handpicked artists. Additionally, the Gemini-owned NFTs marketplace uses industry-grade security to safeguard members’ assets. It is also launching a wallet-to-wallet feature that will allow users to save 75% on gas fees.