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Nimble Features and Reviews

Nimble CRM software helps organizations and sales teams organize contacts, build and nurture customer relationships, discover sales opportunities, and achieve business goals.


Nimble CRM software empowers salespeople, customer service teams, and marketing teams to manage leads and close sales. With this software, companies can organize tasks, sales pipeline, appointments, and social signals using an intuitive dashboard. 

The software lets users build, manage, and unify data. Users can automatically merge contacts, emails, communication, social media connections, and calendar appointments with their CRM tools and other third-party apps. 

Nimble CRM software allows managers to track every stage of their sales funnel with a visual representation of their pipelines. Sales leaders can automatically tie their team members, tasks, events, and conversations to each deal to ensure efficiency. 

Nimble CRM software helps organizations to create actionable and accessible contact records. Users can get a 360-degree view of customers and leads, view contact information, and lead interaction history. The tool lets users create deals, update deals status, add notes to record, and access social handles.

With this software, salespeople can stay organized by segmenting their contacts into lists and taking actions like sending bulk emails to a contact group and more. Sales leaders can manage their team’s to-do’s, monitor team’s calls, tasks, events, and more using a unified activity tracking dashboard. Managers can use create team calendars to get a full view of upcoming meetings and events and follow up by setting a weekly, monthly, or quarterly Stay in Touch reminders. 

Business leaders use Nimble CRM software to drive lead engagement at scale. Users can send personalized and targeted group emails from their email with tracking, reporting, and analytics. Salespeople can send trackable, and templated emails to monitor opens and clicks, start conversations at the right time, identify follow-up opportunities, view notifications, and analytics.

Product Details 

Nimble CRM software helps managers and companies to organize their sales pipeline, appointments, and tasks using an intuitive dashboard. With this software, users can control their sales process and take smarter actions.

 The software allows users to monitor deals directly from their dashboard, access prospect engagement history, and current insights on the team members involved. Users can easily create new deals and add notes, track and update deal status, and assign tasks. 

With Nimble CRM software, managers can visualize sales funnels, track the number of prospects in each stage, gauge whether there are enough deals in the pipeline to meet sales targets and goals, and zoom into deals to take critical steps.

The software allows managers to quickly follow-up on tasks by creating and following through on their to-do list, cultivating the right deals and connections at scale. Users can quickly scan through their appointments to prepare for meetings and learn more about the prospect they are meeting. The software enables managers to discover social insights about their prospects, including their social media accounts, interest, conversation history, notes, and more.

With Nimble CRM software, managers can scan business signals and uncover engagement opportunities with leads and customers, including birthdays, and twitter conversations, etc. The tool allows users to access detailed information about people in their network easily, learn who they are, and reach them. The software recommends people to contacts based on preferences like areas of interest, job title, or company and allows users to network with the right connections. 

Nimble CRM software helps managers gather business intelligence and sell smarter. This software helps deliver sales intelligence to businesses and allows them to target the right people and companies.  

 The tool offers smart email tracking and allows users to track email opens and clicks, identify when prospects or contacts interact with their campaigns, and readily identify top prospects. Users can view desktop notifications and access detailed analytics on the number of times a contact has opened or clicked on their message without leaving their Gmail inbox.

Nimble CRM software empowers sales teams with a smart, clean deal pipeline. The tool automatically ties teams’ communications, tasks, and events to each deal to ensure team members are on the same page with opportunities and progress. 

Managers use this software to forecast deals and analyze sales pipelines, view historical or projected revenue, and gain valuable insights into processes that need urgent attention. With the group email messaging and marketing feature, users can send personalized group emails with tracking, reporting, and analytics from their personal or business email identity, and not a generic email source. The tool helps achieve better email clicks and opens and drive more effective one-to-one conversations. 

Nimble CRM software allows sales leaders and businesses to manage contacts, unify data, and drive productive conversations. With this software, users can automatically combine contacts, inboxes, communication and calendar appointments, and social media connections and integrations into one unified relationship manager.

The software supports seamless integration with Office 365 and Google Apps and helps managers unify their emails, calendar, and conversations into a smart CRM that drives collaboration across the company.

Nimble CRM software enables salespeople to import contacts from multiple sources, including vCard, CSV, email and social accounts, and third-party integrations, organize their database, and build stronger relationships with their customers. 

Users can connect to over 100 integration partners to extend their CRM capabilities, enjoy email marketing support, lead capture and analytics, and more. Nimble’s add-ons business offers more ways to help companies to close the sales and marketing loop.

Nimble CRM software allows managers to segment and target customers effectively. The software helps organizations automate critical activities such as matching social profiles for leads, and contacts and companies, and then automatically enriches the contacts withs social and business details. Nimble CRM software offers instant insights on leads, contacts, and companies by automatically building Live Profiles. Nimble provides contact profiles with essential information like who the leads are, where they are from, where they work, social profiles, contact info, industry, number of employees in their organizations, year founded, revenue, CEO details, and more. 

After providing people and companies with actionable insights, the software allows users to segment their contacts into lists and categories to find the hottest prospects and take actions such as sending bulk emails, updating records, and more.


Nimble CRM software allows managers and salespeople to build smart sales pipelines and manage leads effectively. The software provides sales intelligence to help businesses target the right people and companies and drive meaningful conversations. With this software, managers can identify viable prospects, communicate, and connect, and drive business growth.