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NinjaRMM Features and Reviews

NinjaRMM network monitoring software offers IT professionals and managed service providers with a remote management and monitoring platform for more effective and faster IT management.


NinjaRMM network monitoring software is a remote management and monitoring tool that offers IT professionals and managed service providers with robust, time-saving functionalities and an easy-to-use UI. Also, the tool allows organizations to improve business efficiency by providing IT, backup, antivirus, patching, alerting, and monitoring automation. All of these can be accessed in a single pane of glass.

NinjaRMM comes with a range of features for controlling, operating, delivering, planning, and designing IT services. Users can perform patching, automate scripts across multiple devices, integrate and run antivirus scans, and so on.

Additionally, the software gives users tools and endpoints to help improve their delivery. Even more, the tool allows organizations to automate their day-to-day activities while they focus on strategic growth, end-user relationship, and value-added service.

With NinjaRMM, users can also keep track of their servers, virtual machines, network devices, laptops, and workstations. This way, they can identify issues and provide much-needed attention.

NinjaRMM also allows users to strengthen endpoints using configuration management. The tool offers reduced vulnerabilities and provides basic security through automated patch management and integrated antivirus.

The software provides remediation and IT automation tools like scripting, file explorer, remote access, and remote command lines. Users spend less time on recurring remediations while getting better results. Even more, the tool allows IT professionals and MSPs to quickly identify and remediate issues before the end-user reports it. They can create custom alerts that notify them when an endpoint acts unexpectedly.

Product Details

NinjaRMM network monitoring software allows users to monitor their IT infrastructure from anywhere. This is done from a single pane of glass. Plus, users can monitor cloud infrastructure, Windows servers, Mac and Windows laptops and workstations, and network devices.

The tool also allows organizations to monitor and get in-depth critical insights about a host of information like device serial number, Windows product key, event logs, user logs, processors, and so on. More so, users can also monitor multiple aspects of their internet-facing infrastructure. This works for application websites and servers with features like email monitoring of received and sent emails, port compliance on inbound ports, ping latency, DNS resolution with response times, and HTTP POST and GET requests for external system and website monitoring.

Additionally, NinjaRMM has a network management agent that users can deploy to monitor switches, routers, firewalls, and printers. Even more, the software leverages configuration and Traps backup, Syslog, NetFlow, and SNMP, allowing users to monitor multiple network devices remotely.

NinjaRMM network monitoring software supports endpoint alerting and monitoring capabilities. Users can set alerts over several endpoint conditions, and customize their priority and severity. Even more, this feature gives users access to low footprint agents, Windows services, performance thresholds, and templates for exchange, SQL servers. The software also gives users access to integrations of Splashtop and Teamviewer for easy remote access and monitoring.

NinjaRMM network monitoring software supports automated patching for Windows and over 100 software tools. The tool provides automated patching for software packages like Microsoft Office, Java, Chrome, Flash, and Adobe Acrobat.

With this feature, users do not need additional infrastructure. Plus, they have access to functionalities like customizing and updating schedules, automating security updates, and patch compliance reporting.

NinjaRMM network monitoring software supports asset management. Users can easily identify devices with an overdue OS and need an upgrade. Plus, they have access to an asset summary report detailing Mac and Windows devices, including uptime, install date, OS version, model, and vendor.

Organizations can also access details of their network management software devices in each location by vendor and type. The tool gives users information on the status, type, model, and make of networking devices at their customer's facilities or offices. Even more, users can oversee the status and inventory of processors, hard drives, and video cards, giving them insight into their health.

NinjaRMM network monitoring software allows users to run scripts without endpoint permission issues. Using Credential Exchange, NinjaRMM enables users to run scripts on Mac or Windows with any custom credentials. This gives them flexibility and control when they run scripts on the endpoint.

This feature also allows users to install 3rd party as well as Windows patches their device using administrative credentials. Users have access to domain credentials, which help avoid permission or failed patches problems, improving their patch management processes. Even more, users can automatically connect to Windows machines with pre-injected credentials in remote desktop protocols.

NinjaRMM network monitoring software allows users to configure and deploy antivirus across endpoints. The tool gives users granular control when automatically installing antivirus across endpoints. Users can control which groups, organizations, and devices get protected.

Also, users can configure how and when antiviruses run scans on each device. They can customize scan exclusions, schedules, and options.

Even more, users can view antivirus scan threats, solution deployments, and summaries for each organization or device. They can also access presentation-ready reports on security compliance as well as AV reporting on deployments, definition status, antivirus solution deployed, and device protection status.

NinjaRMM network monitoring software has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Users are notified of critical issues from their mobile devices. Also, they can set alert triggers based on severity to get only critical notifications.

With the NinjaRMM mobile app, users can have a glance at endpoint issues as well as active tasks, node approvals, pending reboots, server status, detected threats, active alerts, and 3rd party and OS patch status. More so, users can quickly address and diagnose client issues from their devices. They can search for full details on individual devices, groups, and organizations.


NinjaRMM network monitoring software helps internal IT teams and managed service providers to manage their IT service delivery better. It is a unified endpoint management platform that provides users with real-time insights into the performance of virtual machines, network devices, servers, laptops, and workstations. Plus, the software provides tools like automation, scripting, patching, and remote control for organizations to improve their IT management. More so, the software helps IT professionals reduce IT complexities by offering remote management and monitoring tools needed for endpoint management, lowering costs and increasing efficiency.