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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

NameOracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Features and Reviews

Oracle Autonomous warehouse software empowers organizations, data administrators, and engineers to load and analyze data, extract data insights, and make data-driven decisions in real-time. 


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse software is a cloud-based data warehouse tool for small, medium, and large businesses. 

The software has uses cases in various industries, including healthcare, technology, software development, e-commerce, media and entertainment, financial services, automobiles, food services, education, data analytics, and more.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse software provides a scalable and autonomous database, delivers high-speed query performance, and automates critical management and database administration process. With this tool, companies and data analysts can quickly adjust to changing data and analytical workload requirements. Also, users can save money and pay based on actual resource utilization. 

Oracle Autonomous Database Warehouse software offers a complete solution for analytics. With a single platform, organizations can ask vital questions and get answers by analyzing and mining customer and sales data. 

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has a managed cloud service that makes it easy for data managers to provision data warehouses, quickly load data in the cloud from Amazon S3, Oracle Object Store, or on-premise data sources. More so, users can query data using advanced cloud-based tools such as notebooks. 

Businesses use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to analyze data, generate reports, extract data insights, and make critical business decisions in real-time. Data engineers can easily migrate their data marts and data warehouse from other database providers to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse tool. Their migration workbench system supports migration from major database providers, including SQL Server, Amazon AWS Redshift, and more. 

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse software helps organizations drive productivity. With this software, organizations do not need to realign their applications or rework codes after migration. The software's on-premises data management workloads are compatible with Oracle Cloud and allow customers to leverage existing skills and investments. 

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse software offers enterprise-grade security. The tool automatically upgrades security patches, and cloud data is encrypted by default, whether they are at rest or in transit. 

Product Details

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse software makes it easy for data analysts to manage data and analytical workloads. This software allows users to connect to shared or dedicated Exadata infrastructure and work with data. Data scientists can create tables or copy tables from on-premises databases. 

This tool allows data analysts to load data from local files using the SQL Loader, or SQL Developer Web. Also, users can load data from files in the cloud, and import data into the data warehouse using Oracle Data Pump.

Data engineers can use the Oracle GoldenGate marketplace or Oracle GoldenGate on-premises to replicate data to Autonomous Data Warehouse. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse allows data managers to query and validate external data.

Users can query hybrid partitioned data or external partitioned data, or external data with Avro and Parquet source files. Also, this tool allows users to validate external data, external partitioned, and hybrid partitioned data. 

Oracle Data Pump provides high-speed metadata and bulk data and movement between Autonomous Database and other Oracle databases. With this tool, data managers can quickly move data from Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to other Oracle databases.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse software enables data scientists and developers to build world-class applications. With this feature, users can develop secure and scalable enterprise applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX) on Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. 

This software offers a secure, preconfigured, and fully-managed environment to help developers build and deploy applications. Also, the solution supports multiple developers or users without limits. Oracle Autonomous Database Warehouse can quickly optimize and scale online compute and storage as required and based on the user's workload. 

Managers can easily deploy applications that are developed on-premise to Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database, and vice-versa. Oracle fully manages critical processes, including configuration, monitoring, patching, and upgrading of all Oracle components, thus allowing companies to focus on building solutions that will drive growth and solve business problems. 

With Oracle Application Express on Autonomous Data Warehouse, companies can achieve greater consistency, become agile, and build solutions faster. This solution allows users to adapt to changing development requirements quickly. Also, managers can drive collaboration across development teams. 

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse software delivers optimized and faster query performance.  This software has a scalable and fully autonomous database that provides a smooth and quicker query performance. 

Oracle Autonomous database eliminates human error that may arise due to manual processing. The tool automatically tunes, patches, and upgrades the database infrastructure while the system is running. Also, the software is preconfigured and optimized to help data analysts create data warehouse cloud services quickly.

Users can create an Autonomous Data Warehouse database and deploy it to one of two kinds of Exadata infrastructure. With the Shared Exadata infrastructure, Oracle automatically operates and controls every aspect of the database, including updates, backup, database provisioning, placement, and more. Also, companies can deploy their warehouse to dedicated infrastructure, compute, network, storage, and database service. 

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse protects user's data and supports full end-to-end encryption.  This software automatically runs updates and the latest version of security patches. The tool also offers enterprise-grade security, and data is encrypted in the cloud, whether they are at rest or in transit.

Database clients use SSL/TLS encryptions and mutually authenticated connections (two-way authentication). More so, this software uses Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to encrypt data at rest by default. 

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse allows companies to analyze data and gain data-driven insights. This software enables users to explore, analyze, extract, and share insights using Oracle Analytics Desktop and Oracle Analytics Cloud. 

With this tool, data analysts can profile, cleanse, and prepare data using advanced algorithms. Also, this software allows users to transform and aggregate data, and run machine-learning and AI models at scale. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse lets managers and data teams visualize any data in the cloud, on-premise, and on any device. 

Data teams use this tool to collaborate effectively with other business users, analyze data at scale, and run advanced statistical models. Organizations can share data securely with other internal and external teams without managing or consolidating multiple spreadsheet versions. 


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helps businesses, data analysts manage and get more value from their data. With this software, data developers can develop and deploy scalable and market-driven applications. Companies use this software to mine data, extract valuable insights, and unlock new business opportunities.