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Oracle EBS Financials

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Oracle EBS Financials Features and Reviews

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software enables businesses to streamline and automate their financial business processes.


Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software helps users to track business transaction data using a unified information architecture. This helps them make informed business decisions using relevant information.

With this software, organizations can analyze and capture their financial data on a global basis. At the same time, the software enables users to manage targets and report to both colleagues and investors. More so, this finance software allows businesses to meet key obligations in areas like risk management, cost containment, regulatory reporting, financial control, and compliance.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software also gives users a global view of their financial data, partners, suppliers, and customers. This helps businesses make informed decisions based on a comprehensive view across multiple divisions and systems. The software also facilitates the reporting and analysis of the profitability of businesses across individual clients, segments, channels, and products.

This software also enables users to provide better global support across regions, divisions, companies, and applications. Plus, with a single global access, businesses can perform financial activities efficiently. Even more, Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software provides users with multiple organizations access control, allowing them to report and process data across different operations.

Businesses also have access to ledgers and ledger sets for delivering global corporate views and local compliances that meet their governance requirements. Plus, the software provides them with tools like a tax engine that facilitates central operations while complying with local regulations.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software also enables businesses to scale, manage, scale, and implement global finance applications. More so, users can easily represent their business and adapt to their environment.

Product Details

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software provides businesses with automated financial processing. Users can capitalize on global opportunities by quickly importing and posting million of journal lines. Also, the software offers businesses a fast general ledger and tools for real-time visibility of financial information and better management control. This helps users improve their bottom lines and meet financial compliance.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software enables users to improve expense and travel management controls. Businesses can streamline and automate expense report management and approval. Plus, they can quickly pay, process, approve, and submit expense reports, saving them time and effort.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software supports Accounts Receivable Deductions Settlement for comprehensive deduction management.  Users have access to settlement, analysis, administration, and research functionalities for pre-empting and resolving deductions. The software also provides a centralized repository for tracking operational or promotional claims. Hence, groups within a business can easily collaborate and communicate with clients. Even more, this feature allows customers to control their deductions, improving business' financial rewards and customer relationships.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software enables companies to optimize treasury operations. Businesses can streamline and integrate their financial processes and manage global treasury operations with better control, profitability, and efficiency.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software provides users with a centralized solution set. This centralized architecture helps businesses standardize transactional taxes, intercompany processing, and accounting across their operations. The software provides a global tax solution, intercompany solution, and global accounting solution, giving users a unified information architecture.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software provides users with a property manager. Real estate companies can automate and streamline space management and lease administration, allowing them to manage their real estate portfolio better. Even more, the software enables users to identify revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and minimize financial and contractual risks. At the same time, users have access to data transparency that improves the value of their portfolio.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software allows users to perform credit management. This provides businesses with information for evaluating and monitoring client's creditworthiness, helping them informed credit decisions. The software also provides users with internal and external data for balancing their business' growth with financial stability. Plus, users can tailor their credit policies to market conditions and business requirements.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software provides businesses with cash management. Companies can control cash and manage liquidity. Even more, users have direct access to pending cash flows in their operational systems. Plus, they can ensure the optimal use of cash resources and liquidity by analyzing their company's currency exposures and cash requirements.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software provides users with finance and lease management. This feature enables businesses to discover revenue from new markets and products and also have better control of increasing margins while managing risks. Even more, the software provides users with an architecture that enables them to share information with colleagues and teammates for smarter decision making. Plus, users can also build better relationships with manufacturers, investors, vendors, and clients.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software offers users centralized payments for better agility and visibility. Businesses make payments and process receipts for better financial transactions. More so, the software provides a central payment engine that integrates with other financial institutions and major processors. This improves the user's financial control and reduces costs.

The software also provides end-to-end electronic payment processing for securing transmission, formatting, aggregating, and validating payments to multiple payment systems and financial institutions.

Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software provides users with Oracle iReceivables for streamlining self-service account management. This helps users to improve customer service while reducing the cost of collections and billing. At the same time, businesses can provide their clients with self-service capabilities for managing their accounts, disputing invoices, making payments, and printing receipts online.

Also, businesses can allow clients to monitor and initiate transactions as they please. The software provides users with controls and tools for customizing search capabilities and data presentations coupled with payment processing and dispute management.  The Oracle iReceivables also works with other Oracle EBS products, providing users with optimized business processes, regulatory compliance, and sustainable financial discipline.


Oracle EBS Financials Accounting software offers businesses a finance solution with multiple management systems. Even more, the software helps users streamline and automate their business tasks and processes. Plus, it helps them maintain their financial workflows in an organized and structured way. The software also integrates with other applications in the Oracle EBS and provides users with accounting and reporting systems for achieving their business goals.