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Oracle Enterprise Manager

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Features and Reviews

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides organizations, database engineers, and IT experts with the tools to control and manage Oracle databases, applications, hardware, software, and engineered systems both on-premise and in cloud environments.


Oracle Enterprise Manager database management software is a cloud-based database management tool that's used by enterprises. However, some mid-market and small business users also use the software. This software accelerates and enhances critical business systems in multiple industries, including automotive, communication, construction and engineering, consumer goods, healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, retail, and the public sector.

Oracle Enterprise Manager database management software allows database engineers and businesses to manage all their Oracle solutions and deployments in the cloud or data center. From a single console, companies can build, roll-out Database as a Service cloud as well as manage the entire lifecycle of the cloud. 

This database management tool lets database administrators handle configuration and change management. This software has full lifecycle capabilities, including performance management, database response time testing, provisioning, patching, database masking, subsetting, and automatic application tuning. 

With the database performance management feature, database administrators can seamlessly monitor and improve the performance of single and multiple databases. The database lifecycle management solution automates time-consuming tasks such as agile provisioning and cloning of Oracle databases, patching and upgrading database software, and cloud management. 

Business managers use this tool to align business and IT goals, track and manage the performance of software applications. The software provides analytics on application performance, valuable insight into the user experience, Java and database diagnostics, monitoring, and support for Oracle and non-Oracle platforms. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager database management allows organizations to manage and optimize Oracle Exadata Database Machine to deliver excellent performance, profitability, and availability. The tool provides a combined picture of hardware and software components and allows users to view software placement, resource utilization, and more. 

This software provides analytics and full visibility into on-premise and cloud-based Oracle systems and technologies. With intelligent analytics, organizations can troubleshoot issues, and proactively optimize performance and availability. Also, companies can quickly launch new application code by automating critical tasks such as provisioning testing. This software helps database security experts to reduce cyber-threats through automated patching, compliance monitoring, and secure configuration enforcement. 

Product Details 

Oracle Enterprise Manager has a cloud management solution that helps enterprise users to develop, deploy, and manage Database as a Service cloud. With the Oracle Database cloud management tool, database engineers can track and identify pooled resources, set up role-based access, define service catalogs, and associate chargeback plans. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager features a self-service portal where users can request and access different types of database services, and perform operations including start and stop, patch, backup, and health monitoring. This tool supports rich service catalogs and self-service provisioning capabilities, which simplify a wide range of database configurations, including disaster recovery and high availability. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager offers unique architectural solutions and infrastructure for database consolidation. Database administrators can access multiple Database as a service consolidation and service models. 

They can consolidate using server virtualization technologies such as hosting virtual machines on shared servers. Also, managers can use implement using dedicated databases on shared servers, dedicated schemas (schema-as-a-service), and pluggable databases (pluggable-as-a-service). 

Oracle Enterprise Manager offers complete and automated database cloning, including full cloning and Snap Clone. Cloning services support functional and performance testing. They allow database managers to mask data, change configurations, and software versions. This software helps organizations to manage their entire cloud lifecycle using a single console, effectively utilize resources, and forecast future resource needs. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager allows database engineers to monitor and optimize the performance of multiple database environments. The database performance management feature enables database administrators to track and manage the performance of various databases. With this complete solution, users can perform automatic and real-time performance diagnostics and analysis, identify bottlenecks, resolve complex issues, and optimize the performance of database environments.  

This software has an in-built and automatic workload repository that contains operations statistics, active session history from multiple databases. Managers can transfer performance data from the automation workload repository into a central performance warehouse for enterprise-wide reporting and performance analysis. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager allows database administrators to manage large sets of databases seamlessly. It has a notification feature, and an extensive event monitoring system that helps companies to detect and respond to IT issues across their application stack, reduce downtime and management costs, and improve service quality. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager helps organizations and database security experts to minimize cyber-threats through automated patching, compliance management, and secure configuration enforcement. 

This tool provides managers with a comprehensive view of their data center and eliminates the need for users to search and track databases manually. Users can automatically discover assets and track databases. Database administrators can generate reports about multiple inventory information, including cost center, lifecycle status, products, and versions. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager supports the lifecycle management of Oracle Multitenant Databases and Oracle Database 19c. More so, the software has a unique deployment procedure and allows database administrators to quickly provision and clone databases. Users can create clones using a wide array of software and hardware solutions. 

With the fleet maintenance feature, administrators can automatically patch and upgrade all supported database software resulting in minimal downtime. The subscription-based model enables large-scale updates across database estates, and automatically reduces the time needed for maintenance activities.

Oracle Enterprise Manager offers configuration, drift detection, topology, search, and compliance management. This feature allows database administrators to enforce standardization, monitor drift, real-time compliance, and auditing in relation to internal and industry benchmarks, and best practices.

Enterprise Manager allows database managers to track and manage on-premise and Oracle Cloud deployments from a single management console. 

Oracle Enterprise Manager helps organizations to drive productivity, deliver excellent performance, and achieve profitability. This software provides a unified view of software and hardware components of the Exadata Database Machine. Database experts can see hardware components, including Exadata cells, compute nodes, and switches. More so, users can view the placements of the software that are running on them and their resource utilization.

This software provides extensive monitoring and notifications and allows administrators to detect and handle potential issues within Oracle Exadata, whether it is a software or hardware problem. Oracle Enterprise Manager enables database engineers to manage and optimize Oracle Exadata Database Machine to boost performance, minimize downtime, drive profitability, and availability.


Oracle Enterprise Manager helps organizations, database managers, and experts to manage and optimize the performance of their hybrid database fleets. With this tool, database engineers can automate routine database management tasks, secure enterprise data, drive innovation, and improve business performance.