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OriginPro Features and Reviews

OriginPro statistical analysis software helps organizations and data scientists explore, analyze, export, and present data in a professional manner. 


OriginPro is a data analysis and graphing tool for data analysts, scientists, engineers, and companies. The software has been serving professionals, academic, commercial industries, government laboratories for more than 25 years. 

The software offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface for beginners. The tool empowers experts to perform advanced customization, analytics, and operations. 

OriginPro statistical analysis software automatically updates your graphs and analysis results based on changes in data or parameters. Without programming, users can create templates to automate repetitive tasks or perform batch operations. 

With this tool, data scientists can easily create and customize quality graphs. The software has over 100 graph types and supports point and click customization of elements. Users can add or remove panels, axes, and plots to suit their needs. 

Data engineers use OriginPro statistical analysis software to explore data. They can magnify a region of a graph, change or remove data points, or examine data points. 

With the data reader, data analysts can read the plot's coordinates, corresponding info, or row index. The screen reader lets users read coordinates of any position in the graph. Also, users can explore data in stacked graphs using vertical cursor gadgets. 

OriginPro statistical analysis software offers an extensive set of tools to help organizations and data analysts perform advanced and exploratory data analysis. Users can select data ranges using the region-of-interest (ROI) box, view results while resizing the ROI, and generate detailed analytical reports. 

The software offers tools for peak analysis, including peak finding and integration, fitting, and deconvolution. Also, the software supports curve and surface fitting, signal processing, and statistical analysis. Users can perform descriptive statistics, parametric and nonparametric tests, ANOVA, multivariate analysis, and more. 

OriginPro statistical analysis software supports integration with other applications, including Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, or LabVIEW. Data engineers can create custom routines within the software using R console, embedded Python, scripting, and C languages. 

Product Details

Businesses and data experts use OriginPro statistical analysis software to explore data. This tool lets users zoom into a graph region, or X/Y scale or sector of interest, modify or remove data points, mask data points from analysis, or hide data points from being displayed. Data analysts can read plot's coordinates using the data reader, read graph position coordinates using the screen reader, and explore data in stacked graphs using the vertical cursor gadget.

This software supports plot and data highlighting and conditional formatting for worksheets. With the browser graph templates, users can easily explore multi-channel and multi-column data. 

OriginPro statistical analysis software helps researchers and data analysts process, analyze data, and generate critical insights. With this tool, users can intuitively manipulate and process data after import. Data analysts use this tool to reorganize data by sorting data at worksheet or column level, stacking and unstacking columns, appending or splitting worksheets, etc.

OriginPro statistical analysis software supports data extraction and reduction. Researchers can use conditions to filter data, reduce or summarize data using pivot tables, and more.

This software provides a complete set of tools to help researchers perform exploratory and statistical analysis. Users can easily interact with graphical data, use Region of Interest (ROI) to select data ranges, view results while moving or resizing the ROI, generate detailed analytical reports, customize visual or report settings and save themes for future use. 

The Origin's Stats Advisor App helps researchers select and use relevant statistical tests and analytics tools. Data analysts can use descriptive statistics to analyze and summarize discrete and continuous data, as well as perform parametric and nonparametric tests. OriginPro statistical analysis software empowers data engineers to perform different Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) tests, multivariate analysis, Power and Sample Size Analysis, Survival Analysis, Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve. 

OriginPro statistical analysis software allows data scientists to perform advanced data analysis and mathematical calculations. With this tool, data engineers can perform advanced data analysis, including linear, nonlinear, and polynomial curve and surface fitting, signal processing, and peak analysis. The peak analysis includes baseline correction, peak finding and integration, peak deconvolution, and fitting. 

OriginPro statistical analysis software lets users perform mathematical calculations, including column and cell calculations, interpolation and extrapolation, differentiation, and integration. The tool supports calculations such as polygon area and surface area, and 2D volume integration. 

OriginPro statistical analysis software helps data analysts export and present data in an organized manner. With this software, researchers can easily create and customize graphs for publications and data presentation.

OriginPro statistical analysis software has more than 100 in-built graph types including Column and Bar charts, Bridge Plot, Line Plot, 2D Pie, and Doughnut chart, Scatter plot, Contour and Heat map, 3D Bar Plot, 3D Column Chart, Bland-Altman plot, Before-After plot, Image plot and more. The tool supports the customization of graph elements and allows users to add or remove axes, panels, and plots to suit their needs. 

This tool lets data analysts customize plot attributes, including transparency, symbols, shape and sizes, width and line style, column, and area patterns. Users can batch plot new graphs using an existing data structure, or plot graphs with cloneable templates. Also, data analysts can save customized graphs as graph themes or graph templates for future use.

OriginPro statistical analysis software enables data engineers to merge multiple graphs into a single graph, extract multiple graphs into independent graphs or extract plots from single into multiple layers. With this software, researchers can resize graphs, scale page elements to specific width suited for publishing in journals. Users can export layout pages or graphs to more than 15 file formats including PDF, EMF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EPS, TIFF, etc.,

Companies can specify graph export settings, including DPI, export width and height, export graphs based on user-defined area, and save settings. The software lets users copy and paste graphs into applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint or PowerPoint, paste graphs as an image, or Origin Graph (OLE).

Project managers use OriginPro statistical analysis software for project and data management.  With this tool, users can efficiently work with Origin project files (OPJ/OPJU), store data and metadata, graphs, notes, and results in a single document. Moreover, project teams can add comments to windows, sheets, and folders, including third-party file attachments such as Origin C code files and LabTalk Script.

OriginPro statistical analysis software empowers data managers to handle workbooks and worksheets. Users can process and analyze data, place graphs as embedded or floating objects, disable editing to protect data. This software lets users protect workbook, worksheets, and their Origin Project file with a password and more. 


OriginPro statistical analysis software helps data scientists explore, process, and analyze data. With this tool, managers can present data in a visual and organized form. Businesses use this software to uncover market trends, analyze competitive data, and generate business insights.