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PandaDoc Features and Reviews

PandaDoc electronic signature software allows organizations to streamline contract management and oversee overall sale processes, from execution to subsequent renewals.


PandaDoc electronic signature software provides an all-in-one document automation that manages workflow, insights, and speed. Professionals use the application to create, approve, and electronically sign contracts, proposals, and forms. The software allows users to increase their efficiency across organizations while integrating existing CRM, file storage apps, and payment into a single workflow.

Marketing and sales teams can improve business deals, insights, and speed while delivering a remarkable buying experience to their various customers at the same time. PandaDoc electronic signature software offers web-based management solutions that allow professionals to create and share legally binding signed documents online. The platform supports quicker paperless transactions and processes in various document formats, including Docs, PDFs, and other preexisting digital forms.

PandaDoc electronic signature software works for multiple businesses or organizations that utilize document building and sharing in their daily operations. It provides users with eco-friendly solutions while allowing them to save costs associated with the physical delivery of documents. The collaboration feature helps team members in various locations to work together on a project conveniently by logging in and commenting on proposals.

Industries such as marketing, sales, finance, legal departments, and more utilize the software’s services to streamline their business operations and increase productivity levels. It’s also vital for HR executives who wish to control their employees’ access to specific documents and create forms for new hires from a central dashboard.

Product Details

PandaDoc electronic signature software allows businesses to create and deliver proposals that close every time. The platform provides users with over 450 templates to assist them with developing professional and error-free documents. The business proposal template helps users to efficiently onboard new clients while the social media marketing model allows them to customize individual experiences and personalities. PandaDoc also supports real-time notifications that enable team members to get notified when changes are made to their documents.

PandaDoc electronic signature software provides organizations with eSignatures that help them reach customers in remote areas. It allows companies to avoid losing time and money involved in tracking down users in distant locations to get their signatures. The software’s technology enables businesses to streamline the process and eliminate the hassle of using multiple tools to forward, review, and sign documents. Professionals can quickly seal deals anywhere in the world with secure and legally binding eSignatures. PandaDoc also delivers analytics that helps users to eliminate the guesswork from their documents by informing them when a prospect opens or signs the form.

PandaDoc electronic signature software supports different document forms, allowing businesses to speed up creation and delivery. The platform enables users to build business plans, proposals, contracts, quotes, and more. With PandaDoc electronic signature software, companies can save time and resources when drafting documents for clients. Users can also add corporate logos and colors to their PandaDoc to customize their brand and make it stand out from others. The software saves every single data and file in a secured cloud location that acts as the user’s central repository.

PandaDoc electronic signature software enables team members to collaborate effectively on group projects across the globe. Professionals can utilize the platform’s activity logging and comment features to negotiate terms of agreement and deals with customers. It allows each member to provide valuable insight into different processes in real-time, efficiently reducing the close time from weeks/months to hours or minutes. PandaDoc electronic signature software offers templates and content libraries that supercharge marketing, sales, and business operations. With the platform’s collaborative feature, users can complete tasks and workflows in no time.

PandaDoc electronic signature software allows professionals to merge crucial data into their documents from third-party integrations. The platform provides companies with an all-in-one management system that integrates with several applications such as cloud storage, sales, marketing, payment gateways, and other business solutions. The software’s comprehensive toolset offers professionals more extended functionalities that help them to track their best sales documents. With PandaDoc electronic signature software, organizations can extend their return on investment of HubSpot CRM by adding multiple capabilities with the integration.

PandaDoc electronic signature software provides high-level analytics by showing users what happens to their documents after it gets sent. Companies can track their proposals right from when they send it to when the recipient receives the email. The platform offers real-time analytics each time a customer opens a document, fills, and signs it. Professionals can also view how long a recipient spends on each page or section of the file. This particular feature allows users to understand how their clients react to a specific form or proposal sent. It also helps them to make adjustments to the contents to make it more appealing or agreeable when necessary. With PandaDoc, sales teams can react quickly and correctly to their customers’ behaviors, closing more sales in the process.

PandaDoc electronic signature software helps professionals to increase their efficiency and productivity levels significantly. The platform supports features that allow users to improve collaboration, payment processing, and faster sales processes. It also provides web-based solutions that enable businesses to create, send, and sign documents online from different internet-connected devices. With PandaDoc, organizations can securely manage operations and store data in the cloud for easy retrieval.  Organizations using the software have reported an average increase in accuracy, close rates, value-per-deal, and less time spent on creating documents from scratch.

PandaDoc electronic signature software allows companies to keep their customers in one place with the embedded eSignatures. Professionals can limit their use of external applications since the platform handles most of their tasks and business operations. PandaDoc tracks and monitors all relevant documents behind the scenes. Users can also embed forms and signature fields on an application or their websites.  The software collects eSignatures through a secure web interface, keeps an audit trail, generate certificates, and stores copies of signed PDFs.


PandaDoc electronic signature software allows businesses to use the text editor to create contracts and proposals in half the average time. The platform helps users sign vital documents electronically, avoiding the use of old-fashioned methods.