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Panoply Features and Reviews

Panoply Data Warehouse software delivers insights to users from automatically enriching, optimizing, and transforming complex data.


Panoply is a Smart Data Warehouse software that focuses on gaining actionable insights by automatically integrating, managing, and transforming data. This fully integrated data management platform, which combines AI-driven automation, automated data integrations, and cloud data warehouse infrastructure, enables users to connect to their data. Plus, users do not need any technical knowledge or coding skills to use Panoply.

Panoply Data Warehouse software uses an intuitive user interface to help users to connect to all their favorite tools. Users can connect to over 100 data sources like file systems, object stores, databases, and APIs. This software enables users to collect data from cloud apps such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Shopify. Besides, users can automatically transform NoSQL data from Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, and MongoDB into tables.

This software uses an ELT approach to streamline data collection and transformation. Users can replicate databases like Redshift, BigQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. Also, Panoply Data Warehouse software enables users to ingest and structure log files, including XLS, CSV, TSV, and JSON, into accessible tables.

Users can extend the functionality of Panoply using over 200 new data sources from ETL partners. This software automatically scales as the businesses grow, and it allows them to use table-level access control and role-based permissions to secure their data. Additionally, Panoply has the infrastructure of AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Panoply Data Warehouse software enables users to use standard SQL to analyze their data and connect to any tool using ODBC/DBC. This software gives users visibility into their data pipeline with complete control over detailed reporting and job schedules. Plus, Panoply's AI-backed automation eliminates the need for extra technical resources and infrastructure.

Engineers and IT professionals can keep their data secure and current by setting automatic, scheduled data backup, and ingestion. Users can optimize their storage based on usage, including removing concurrent tasks like vacuuming, automatically. Besides, this software offers users expert support from their data architects.

Product Details

Panoply Data Warehouse software uses the secure cloud infrastructure of Amazon cloud to store data across different AWS availability zones and cloud regions. Every process on this software runs its own safe, isolated container. Users have control over which security measures to implement to secure their applications, content, networks, platforms, and systems. Additionally, users can restrict access to particular views and tables for ranked security protocol.

Panoply Data Warehouse software offers users automation of the cloud data pipeline. Panoply's AI-backed solution uses natural language processing to automate the extraction, transfer, loading, integration, and transformation of data. This software ingests data from more than 100 data integrations like APIs, databases, Panoply's SDK, and file systems. Also, users can push data from future and current data sources into Redshift.

This software automates connections to data sources, and it connects to third-party SaaS APIs seamlessly. Users can connect to standard storage services with ease, and they can use Panoply's SDK to create their data source connection.

Panoply Data Warehouse software enables users to create data schema modeling with ease. Users can use this software to perform adaptive schema changes in real-time with their data. Panoply automatically discovers data types and generates a schema using the initial data structure.

This software automatically detects likely relationships, and it models relational schema based on that. Users can store data uploaded from API data sources for comparison and analysis from different periods. Plus, Panoply Data Warehouse software automatically generates aggregations and slowly changing tables.

Panoply Data Warehouse software helps users to automate the transformation of data. This software automatically executes simple changes like identifying structures and semi-structured data formats such as TSV, CSV, XML, and JSON log forms and flattening nested structures like objects and lists. Besides, users can transform structured data into different tables with multiple relationships.

This software automatically identifies standard data formats and parses them accordingly. Users can extract and discover compressed files, and they can flatten or place nested structures into subtables. Panoply Data Warehouse software automates the application of enhancement modules to data.

Panoply Data Warehouse software improves runtime based on usage via optimization series on the data structure and queries. This software uses continuous optimization for data remodeling. Panoply offers tools for users to automate the maintenance of their analytical infrastructure. Whenever the system discovers changes in query patterns, it automatically performs reindexing. Also, this software provides complete control and transparency on all processes, which enables users to apply changes when needed manually.

Panoply Data Warehouse software enables multiple cluster replication, which allows computing and storage compartmentalization. The available number of clusters scales with the workload intensity and the number of users supporting different parallel queries. This software enhances the join performance and data locality by automatically identifying columns used for joins, and redistributing the data across nodes.

Panoply Data Warehouse software helps users connect to different business intelligence tools. This software seamlessly connects to visualization tools like Tableau, Looker, and Chartio. Panoply offers users complete and incremental backups that they do not need to schedule. Plus, this data warehouse software runs periodic processes to optimize data storage based on the usage of users.

Panoply Data Warehouse software scales up and down automatically based on the volume of data. This software automates data scaling behind the scenes to ensure clusters are available for writing and reading. Data ingestion remains undisturbed regardless of the scaling. Besides, old groups are instantly swapped with new ones when the scaling is complete.

Panoply Data Warehouse software helps businesses automate data maintenance. This software automatically vacuums and compresses tables to enhance the performance of Redshift databases. Additionally, Panoply analyzes charts continuously to utilize queries and offer users current metadata.


Panoply Data Warehouse software helps businesses of different sizes, from various industries to automatically connect and analyze complex data. This software combines AI-backed automation, automated data integrations, and cloud data warehouse infrastructure to deliver insights seamlessly on data from multiple sources. Panoply offers companies an agile data warehouse that automatically scales as their businesses grow.