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Patriot Features and Reviews

Patriot Payroll software is an integrative HR accounting platform that offers small and medium-sized businesses an easy, accurate, and secure online payroll processing system for their employees.


Patriot Payroll software enables tax and payroll processing all on one platform. Its core functions include data entry and HR tasks for small businesses of one to 100 people in the USA. The software has two subscription plans – Basic and Full-service plans, offering a free employee portal, free payroll setup, and free direct deposit to workers.

The Basic plan costs $10 per month, and $4 extra for every registered employee, per month. This version assists employers with tax calculation only, in addition to the free employee portal, payroll processing setup with unlimited payrolls and flexible payment schedules, direct deposits to workers, and printable W-2s.

The Full-service plan costs $30 per month, with an additional $4 per registered employee per month. This plan lets employers run their payroll but assists them with tax calculations, filings, and payments. It also calculates deductions and contributions, payroll flexibility, and has an improved user experience. Time and Attendance software and HR software are two optional add-ons that make it an upgraded system. They each cost $6 per month, and $2 extra per registered employee, a month.

Data entry is limited to a few clicks. Users can add tax details and configure advanced tax settings, without extensive knowledge of data entry. Once the payroll process is approved, employers can pay workers with a few clicks.

Product details

Patriot Payroll software helps business owners with accurate payroll and tax accounting, calculation, filings, and automatic payment for Local, State, and Federal taxes. It offers business owners a secure and automated platform to manage their payroll and tax payments, saving time in the process. Patriot Payroll software also allows employees to pay independent contractors when necessary.

The Basic service subscription assists users with tax calculations only. Whereas, the Full-service subscription helps with accounting, filings, and payment of taxes. Users can set up their tax information and settings during the onboarding process, enabling Patriot Software to automatically handle all aspects of payroll, data entry, and tax filings, leaving no chance for human error.

Patriot Payroll software allows for easy and seamless customization of integrative HR add-ons and accounting features. Some of these features include vacation/expense tracking, creation of money codes for reimbursements, and an optional time and attendance software. Employers can streamline and tailor the software’s functionality according to their business type and preferred payment methods.

Patriot Payroll software guarantees free direct deposit for business owners to pay employees without hassle. Employees’ work hours are calculated instantly, and payments are made through direct deposits or by printable paychecks at no additional cost. The system automatically calculates the work hours, using the Time and Attendance add-on, or manually, when employees update their hours worked on the platform.

Patriot Payroll software has a simple user interface. Because of this feature, mobile and web accessibility are available to less tech-savvy users, without the need for an app. This interface saves time and ensures a straightforward, interactive user experience with the software. In addition to saving time, the option of direct deposits saves businesses money too. Users choose the best subscription plan for their businesses and can scale quickly when the need arises.

Patriot Payroll software helps businesses pay their workers’ compensation insurance in small amounts, based on each payroll. Once the system is set up, it uses the payroll information to calculate premium amounts accurately, make necessary payments to employees’ insurance carrier, and submit all essential paperwork.

Patriot Payroll software features include; revenue and expenses tracking, vacation tracking, annual tax reports, and various core HR functions, integrated into the platform for additional costs. The vacation tracking feature lets users keep track of hours spent off work, allowing them to set rules for time accruals for a specific number of hours.

Patriot Payroll software offers add-ons with excellent value for a little amount of money. Although optional, these add-ons transform the software from a payroll solution to a core HR suite. Users can save time by doing simple functions on the upgraded system, like entering their work hours manually and printing their tax forms from the free portal available on setup.

Patriot Payroll software helps business owners with accounting and filing of W-2 forms to enable them to print or post electronic copies of W-2 documents for the IRS annually.

Patriot Payroll software comes with the option of a-1099-software for independent contractors and submits 1096-MISC tax forms to the IRS, at the end of the tax year, at no additional cost. The system saves users time because there are numerous tax documents. These documents are found at the IRS website or tax preparation companies. A user may find it hard to know the type of tax document and when to file them.

Patriot Payroll software provides a free employee portal. This feature is accessible to users upon registration and setup. It gives employees the advantage of making changes to their information when necessary. Because of this handy feature, employees can edit personal work information, view their pay stubs, download W-2 forms, and even change federal tax withholdings.

Patriot Payroll software gives detailed payroll and tax reports gotten from its calculations of Tax collections, Tax deposits, Payroll Liabilities report, Payroll details, and Payroll register so that businesses can keep a record of their revenue and expenses. Add-ons like the HR reports and Time and Attendance module give employers access to additional information like employees’ Birthdays, Time summary, New Hires report, and Employee census.

Patriot Payroll support is free and exceptional from the start. The company guides users with no business accounting knowledge to set up their business’ payroll and accounting software with precision and timeliness.


Small and Medium-size business owners rely on Patriot Payroll to provide valuable assistance with core compensation and HR tasks. The software calculates and processes earnings and taxes automatically, making it an easy-to-use accounting tool for employers.