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Paychex Features and Reviews

Paychex payroll software provides HR professionals and business owners with payroll and human capital management solutions.


Paychex payroll software delivers HR and payroll solutions to professionals from multiple industries like construction, retail, manufacturing, and food servicing. All types of businesses, regardless of their employee size, can comfortably use this software and build on it as their business grows. Over 600,000 businesses use Paychex to reduce manual errors and effectively manage daily administrative tasks. Specifically, this payroll software helps businesses to manage their taxes, employee benefits, finance, 401(k) retirement, HR, insurance, and payroll.

Human Resource professionals use this software to manage all the employees in their organization efficiently. Business owners can access this software from anywhere with a browser because the cloud contains all the information. This cloud-based solution simplifies the management of different tasks, which makes it easy for enterprises to scale their operations. Besides, Paychex helps businesses stay compliant at all times.

This software automates expense management, applicant onboarding, and employee performance tracking. Businesses can use Paychex to boost the productivity of their employees regardless of where they are working. This software seamlessly integrates with popular productivity, financial, and HR solutions and applications. Additionally, Both managers and employees can access their information on the go with the Paychex mobile app.

Business owners can get insights and analytics on their employees and their organization using their data. This software helps managers make reliable business decisions based on data. Employees can punch in and out seamlessly using their mobile device. Paychex provides articles, blue papers, webinars, and videos for HR professionals and business owners. Besides, this software offers self-service functionality for managers who want to do payroll themselves.

Product Details

Paychex payroll software provides organizations with hiring solutions to help them recruit the best candidates. Businesses can effectively track all their applicants in all stages of the recruitment lifecycle. Besides, this software allows managers to standardize job postings, interview scheduling, and hiring workflow processes.

This software performs background checks to uncover delicate information about prospective hires and ensure management makes a sure hire. Companies can manage the employee onboarding process to meet the needs of their businesses and that of their new hires. Paychex enables employees to complete their new hire checklist from anywhere using their mobile devices. Plus, this software ensures the organizations collect all information needed for employee onboarding.

Paychex payroll software helps HR professionals to manage employee training, retainment, retirement. This software provides retirement, insurance, payroll, and HR solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses. Organizations can partner with HR professionals from Paychex to offer proactive solutions and guide their business through recruitment and employee management. Additionally, business owners can use this cloud-based software to track hiring, turnover, labor costs, and demographics.

Paychex payroll software automates and streamlines payroll management for both small and large businesses. This software helps companies to calculate and file their local, state, and federal payroll taxes. Employees can access their personal information, fill tax forms, check time-off balances, and view payroll data directly on Paychex. Organizations can configure this software to meet their needs. Besides, users can import different files for a single company or multiple companies at the same time from a single location.

Paychex payroll software automates and tracks time and attendance processes for employees. Businesses can follow the work performance of their employees using workforce management and scheduling. Employees can record their work time, check schedules, transfer department, and approve time cards. Plus, this software helps businesses with managing time-off requests effectively.

Paychex payroll software integrates with different standard productivity, financial, and HR tools. Xero, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online, and BambooHR are some of the leading integrations. Users can effectively build connections, applications, and solutions using Paychex APIs and developer resources. This software ensures that the integration scales as organizations grow. 

Paychex payroll software helps businesses manage and administer employee benefits. This software allows companies to manage retirement, group health insurance, and section 125 plans employee benefits from any place and at any time. Administrators can use this payroll software to access and change employee benefits data at any time of the day. Besides, employees can access and make changes to their plan information.

Businesses can seamlessly collaborate with their financial advisors using this software. Paychex helps business managers communicate effectively with employees to enable them to stay on top of business at all times. This software allows organizations to manage their recordkeeping to reduce expenses and errors. Plus, managers can generate reports by every department in their organization to help them grow.

Paychex payroll software enables business owners to get insights and analytics on payroll, HR, and employee benefits to make data-backed business decisions. Accountants, bookkeepers, and financial advisors can use reports to advise business owners on the best steps to increase the growth and productivity of their business. These standard reports are time-tested, and business owners can customize them to fit the needs of their business.

This software provides interactive live reports to ensure that every member of the organization understands the insights in detail. Organizations can use Paychex's analytical tools to track their KPIs and uncover trends and issues associated with their businesses. Additionally, the dashboard gives both employees and managers a clear picture of everything happening in the organization.

Paychex payroll software allows users to develop custom reports from scratch. Business owners can stay on top of their business with the live releases, which give insights in real-time. Employees and managers can access and create reports using their desktop or mobile device. Plus, users can export these reports to third-party software in PDF, CSV, and XLS format.


Paychex payroll software focuses on providing HR, payroll, and other human capital management solutions to businesses from multiple industries. Business owners and managers can build on this software as their business scales or changes. Paychex outfits its users with solutions for time and attendance tracking, employee onboarding, benefits administration, and employee management. With the Paychex mobile application, employees and managers can access their information and track their performances on the go.