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Paylocity Features and Reviews

Paylocity payroll software helps businesses with benefits, payroll, talent, and workforce management solutions.


Paylocity payroll software streamlines and simplifies HR and payroll challenges and processes of different businesses. Small, medium, and large-sized companies from multiple industries use this web-based software to manage their talent, workforce, employee benefits, and data insights. This software helps in maintaining accurate employee time and attendance data, reducing administrative work, and eradicating errors.

Enterprises can effectively manage and track the benefits, compensations, deductions, retirement plans, time-off requests, and engagement of their employees. This software offers a customizable mobile-friendly application that allows users to perform several HR and payroll functionalities on the go. Besides, the Paylocity payroll software scales with businesses as their needs become unique.

CEOs, business owners, HR professionals, department managers, IT professionals, Financial leaders, brokers, consultants, and advisors are a few of the professionals that rely on this software. Companies can tailor Paylocity to fit the needs of their business seamlessly. Plus, this software streamlines the recruiting process from job posting to confirmed hires.

Managers and employees can effectively communicate and share notes using Paylocity. This software ensures that managers make sound business decisions based on insights and analytics gotten from their data. Additionally, this software integrates seamlessly with popular systems and applications.

Businesses of all sizes, regardless of their employee count, can use this software to build their employee and brand culture. Paylocity allows users to automate the flow of data to and from different systems and platforms. This software offers over 300 business systems and API documentation for users to connect, standardize, and simplify integrations. Besides, managers can automate common employee event occurrences to stay in the loop at all times.

Product Details

Paylocity payroll software helps executives and managers to streamline payroll processes while staying tax compliant. Users can automate the payroll processes and run custom reports to get the data that they need. This software allows employees to have access to a portion of their wages when they need it. Plus, Paylocity enables users to automate expense management to save time and eliminate manual tasks.

This software, which is a Registered Reporting Agent with the IRS in all the states in the US, helps users perform correct tax filings on time. Paylocity has a team of experts that can help with wage garnishments to avoid errors. Companies can configure custom general ledgers, complex reports, and accruals with calculations for quick decision making. Besides, this software allows users to transfer retirement plans, benefit files, and 401(k) automatically to their preferred vendor.

Paylocity payroll software helps to maximize workforce productivity effectively. This software offers Workforce Management tools that help users to get time and attendance data insights, which help them to run their businesses efficiently. Paylocity automates time and attendance tracking, which reduces compliance risk. Additionally, companies can manage an audit trail to identify the employees that are absent or tardy.

This software automates schedule tracking and allows managers to build and adjust schedules when needed without errors. Companies can access all their employee data easily using custom reporting tools. Besides, the live dashboard allows managers to track their employee performance in real-time.

Paylocity payroll software provides users with tools that help to streamline HR processes. Companies can automate tasks like OSHA, safety tracking, leave tracking, and reporting using this software. Managers can track headcount, collect employee documents, and see data to drive sound business decisions. Plus, employees can access personal and company information in real-time anytime, anywhere.

This software ensures that companies have access to industry news, work authorizations, EEO and FLSA compliance data, and certifications. Businesses can use Paylocity to stay ahead on all compliance issues. Additionally, companies can monitor their KPIs and identify trends using reports and analytics available.

Paylocity payroll software helps companies to hire top talents. This software helps in managing the onboarding process, employee development, and employee performance. Companies can reach out to their target audience, perform checks, and communicate with candidates using this software. Besides, users can automate the onboarding processes to consolidate data entry.

Companies can carry out performance management and streamline review processes by automatically tracking employee performance and progress all year round. This software ensures that managers accurately reward their employees using compensation data. Plus, businesses can quickly launch development training and track the progress of their employees.

Paylocity payroll software helps companies with planning and administering competitive benefits packages for employees. Employees can access all the information on their benefits on the go. Also, managers can connect employee benefits with Payroll and HR for cost and risk minimization.

Businesses can offer third-party benefit services like HSAs, FSAs, COBRA, and TMAs. This software allows managers to give employees the power to run reports on benefits and manage their elections. Additionally, companies can customize the benefit tool to fit their brand and manage benefits offering for different employee departments effectively.

Paylocity payroll software offers tools to users to help them create opportunities for open communication with their employees. This software provides a single platform for employees to collaborate, communicate, and engage with each other. Managers can get data from all levels of their company to drive positive change and improve their company culture.

Companies can allow employees to congratulate their coworkers regardless of where they are. This software enables businesses to build personalized and engaging workplace to drive employee experiences.

Paylocity payroll software allows employers to uncover employee trends and issues to make informed decisions. This software enables users to view data, monitor KPIs, analyze trends, and take strategic action in real-time. These analytics show employees who are at risk and those who are doing well. Plus, companies can use the insights and analytics gotten from their data to make better hiring and budgeting decisions.


Paylocity payroll software is a payroll and HR solution that businesses from different industries use to streamline their labor management processes. This software provides users with several reporting, engagement, analytics, and onboarding tools. Paylocity offers a mobile app which both managers and employees can use to stay active at all times.