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pCloud Features and Reviews

pCloud digital asset management software enables businesses to access their digital content on any device and from anywhere


As a cloud storage platform, pCloud enables professionals, teams, and businesses to store and manage their files and folders in a web-based environment. Also, users can access these files and folders from multiple devices like mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. Even more, with pCloud, business professionals and teammates can collaborate on numerous projects and quickly locate specific files and folders related to the projects. The software also offers multiple file-sharing options, which allows users to share their files with authorized persons and colleagues, streamlining collaboration. At the same time, users can generate different versions of a file and retrieve, as well as track, the modifications made to the file's version.

pCloud helps business encrypt their files and folders and also allows them to apply personal passwords, protecting files against data security incidents and issues. The software also offers client-side encryption, which enables users to locally encrypt files on their computer and only upload encrypted data in the cloud. This way, user's files cannot be moved from their device without the encryption. More so, the software integrates with multiple third-party tools and services, content management platforms, and social media platforms. This allows users to generate cloud backups for sensitive files and content in those tools, systems, and platforms.

Additionally, users can install the software on their computers using the software's desktop application, which gives them access to a virtual drive and also expands their local storage space. Also, when users make modifications in pCloud, these changes reflect on their computers, and all their devices are synchronized, giving them access to the latest updates they made.

Product Details

pCloud digital asset management software enables users to access files on multiple devices. Users can handle files and folders in a web-based environment, whether for personal or business-related activities. Even more, they can access and manage these files and folders from all types of devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

pCloud digital asset management software allows users to retrieve files easily. The software comes with search capabilities that allow users to type the names of files that they want to access in a search field. Even more, users can filter their search results using file formats when they click on the appropriate icons, narrowing down their search to file types like images, audio, video, and document. Also, the software has a rewind feature that enables users to recover folders and files from previous dates that have been corrupted or deleted.

pCloud digital asset management software supports project collaboration. Professionals and teams can work and collaborate on project management tasks. Also, files and folders can be easily distributed to team members, enhancing and accelerating project collaborations and also helping teams accomplish projects faster.

pCloud digital asset management software offers users multiple file-sharing options. Users can give indirect and direct access to their files and folder. The software also allows users to generate links that route teammates and colleagues to folders and files stored in a publicly available storage area. Only files and folders that users want to grant teammates direct access to are stored in this storage area. At the same time, pCloud allows users to share files and folders with colleagues by generating invitation links. Even more, users can define how these files and folders should be accessed by those getting the invitations. Team members can be authorized to only view files and folders or to view and also modify them.

Users can also share files and folders with clients or external people outside of their organization. The software allows them to generate download links that can be used to download a file or folder to an external mobile device or computer. Even more, users can create upload links that allow external individuals to store or transmit files and folders to the software. Also, different types and sizes of files can be uploaded to the user's accounts.

Additionally, the software enables users to quickly receive files by sending file requests to teammates, clients, and so on, allowing them to organize their files in a central place. The receipts can upload these files without having to access the user's account.

pCloud digital asset management software allows users to modify file versions. The software enables users to create multiple file versions, as well as track these modifications and return to older versions. Even more, users have access to an extended file history add-on that gives them access to all previous versions of a file, as well as track the edits and changes made to the different versions. Even more, when users upload files, the software lets them access the latest versions on their mobile devices or computers. More so, the software offers multiple synchronization options that connect user's devices to their cloud drive.

pCloud digital asset management software offers businesses secure cloud storage. Users have access to numerous data encryption techniques for securing confidential, sensitive, and valuable files and folders in the cloud against security issues. Even more, the software provides client-side encryption, which allows users to apply encryption to files and folders before storing or transmitting to the cloud.

pCloud digital asset management software enables organizations to back up their files and data. Users can back up content and files discovered in numerous third-party tools, content management systems, and social media platforms for security and storage purposes. Businesses can streamline how they create backups of folders and files and secure them in a safe cloud space.


pCloud offers businesses and professionals cloud storage for securing digital content like documents, audio, videos, images, and so on, enabling them to secure sensitive information, files, and folders in a centralized hub. At the same time, the software allows users to access their files and folders from anywhere and on any device. These files can also be shared with clients, team members, and other authorized individuals, giving them controlled permissions and access to the user's digital library. Even more, the software provides users with an interface that showcases all their files are located.