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Peepeth Features and Reviews

Peepeth is a decentralized microblogging social media platform similar to Twitter that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. 


Peepeth is a social media network that encourages thoughtful content while discouraging reactive and hateful posts. As a platform, it is accountable to users and not advertisers. Peepeth was built to address the issue of data privacy and censorship issues that come with centralized social platforms. Those platforms give away your. 

Peepeth uses the InterPlanetary File Storage and Ethereum blockchain for its content storage. The platform cannot censor its content or make it available through third-party clients.

Product Details 

Peepeth is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain and users require a small amount of Ether (ETH) to participate. In exchange for this payment, the user’s identity and personal freedom are no longer tangential considerations. It adopts the “Free people” or “Free services” motto. 

Peepeth operates as a front-end platform for Peepeth smart contract and makes it possible for blockchain-based services to explore other possibilities. It adds more functionalities to what you can get on the blockchain such as email notifications and Twitter cross-posting. Peeps can be posted to Twitter after authentication and this can be applied to every peep a user makes. The Peepeth.com platform is centralized and can be censored or taken down. In the event of the platform being taken down, anybody can create another front-end and restore the backend’s incorruptible data. 

Peepeth shares its back-end infrastructure which enhances interaction. With the data on the platform, anyone anywhere can interact with the same data and can potentially build websites that can interact with the same data. Since the blockchain protocol is open, anyone can start their independent front-end interface that reads and writes Peepeth data. This has led to greater innovation where users are experimenting with new ways to engage and interact with their friends online. The motivation behind this feature is the potential good for humanity. A major priority is to buy a mosquito badge for the user’s digital identity on the platform. The fund is donated to the “Against Malaria Foundation.” 

Peepeth allows pseudo names for its users. Users control their usernames on Peepeth. They can control their identities and credentials via an easy-to-use wallet. Users can control how much private data they link to the online identity created and the platform doesn’t mandate users to use real names.  

Peepeth protects its user’s data. With its use of the InterPlanetary File System and the Ethereum blockchain, users are confident that their data is protected even when the platform goes offline. The platform doesn’t own the database where users’ data are stored. Users can also take their data (pictures, posts, and interactions) with them if they choose to leave the platform.

Peepeth is censorship and spam resistant. Twitter is known for filtering and censoring data in a way that is questionable and has aroused censorship. The information doesn’t flow freely and users who have expressed concerns have mysteriously disappeared from the platform. To this, Peepeth was built to encourage meaningful engagement and positive contribution. It promotes mindful, responsible, and self-aware speech. Given that it costs money to write to the blockchain, Peepeth is spam-resistant. Though the platform covers the bill, spammers lose their free peeping privilege. 

Peepeth operates a one-per-day Ensō. To encourage the creation of dignified, beautiful, and timeless content, Peepeth offers the Ensō instead of the Like button on Facebook. It is rare, and that makes it more special to receive. A maximum of Ensō can be offered per day and once given, it can’t be recalled. 

Peepeth offers “Free Peeping” to its users. This is an alternative to the model of users sending their actions to the blockchain at a fee. Users that have peeped mindful engagements at least 50 times, and are in good standing after 7 days are eligible to take most actions (post peeps, follow other users, and offer Ensō for free). Users have to sign a string of characters which is the location of the user’s data on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to confirm the origination of those actions. The free peeping feature is offered to Peepers in good standing on the Peepeth.com front end. These actions appear instantly on the front-end platform but are saved on the blockchain at intervals (every hour). This doesn’t impede a user from creating another batch of actions   

Peepeth allows users to post peeps (like tweets) in bulk. This also applies to when users follow, like, or subscribe. Users must pay transaction fees for every action which is expensive and slow. Bulk posting works by saving a centralized record of your activity on the front-end platform. After which the user can save all of the data to the blockchain in a single transaction. At present, users can save up to 15 actions off-chain at a time before having to commit them to the blockchain.   This also allows users to save all peeps to the blockchain in a single, cheap transaction to subsidize the transaction fee for every activity that might have cost users more.   

Peepeth encourages social media verification so that users can verify and prove their real-world identity through blockchain. User identification is easily achieved by an Oracle contract that is linked to social media accounts. To verify their social media account, users will post a certain message containing their Ethereum address to a given social media account. The platform asks the user to send the link to the social media post to the smart contract to verify that the post contains a special message. After verification, the smart contract marks the social media account as linked to the user’s Ethereum address and this is visible to other users. A fee is charged for verification. 

Peepeth fosters a sense of community among its users. Users pin their peeps or posts to their profiles which only acknowledges a user’s good work. However, Peepeth allows its users to pin other users’ peeps to their accounts to recognize other people’s good works as it plays a vital role in appreciating and encouraging harmonious engagements. 

Peepeth contributes to the Ethereum protocol. The fees paid by users for interacting on the platform are used to secure the Ethereum network open infrastructure. 


​​Peepeth is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can control how much of their personal data they share. The platform encourages positive contribution and meaningful engagement. Plus, users can save money by acquiring free peeps and bulk posting.