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Pimcore Features and Reviews

Pimcore data mapping software helps enterprise users to seamlessly consolidate, manage, and integrate a wide variety of digital data in a single platform.


With Pimcore data mapping software, large and medium companies can harmonize and centralize their sales, marketing, and product information more efficiently. The overall flexibility and intuitive user interface of the platform enable organizations to simultaneously manage digital assets, eCommerce, and web content in a single configuration. Pimcore also helps professionals to build highly efficient systems that ensure superior product experience to their clientele.

Administrators only require basic technical skills while using Pimcore due to its functionality ease that provides a comfortable experience to users. Pimcore data mapping software is an API-driven, open-source platform with a highly interactive digital interface. It allows businesses to boost their product content, improve the quality of their data, and reduce the time required to market products.

The software also enables customers to cut across data silos while enjoying a unified view of their assets using the multi-cart system feature. Pimcore data mapping software allows companies to improve the quality and speed of their decisions while also solving their digital transformation challenges.

Industry experts use Pimcore because it combines advanced content management functionalities like CMS, PIM/MDM DAM, and e-commerce all in one suite. Pimcore incorporates a global partner network and consulting team that assists professionals to help them develop strategic frameworks that address complicated business loopholes. Organizations can integrate and harmonize their sales, marketing, and technical product information automatically.

Product Details 

Pimcore data mapping software offers an easy and intuitive digital experience for professionals to consolidate their digital information effectively. The distinct feature of the platform enables enterprises to tackle their digital transformation challenges efficiently. With the power of an embedded knowledge manager, professionals can seamlessly combine experience with data management, all in one digital platform. The platform offers compatible solutions for enterprises like Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Digital Commerce Platform (eCommerce), and Web Content Management. The software empowers users with its quality, open-source licensing model, and accelerated time-to-market.

Pimcore data mapping software offers advanced integration and optimization of different enterprise data. The tool helps professionals to acquire, share, and handle various types and volumes of data while eliminating potential data migration errors. The software saves time for organizations as its service-oriented architecture provides smooth integration with other systems. It offers a search tool, a multi-cart system, and a system-finder function that allows customers to narrow down their search quickly. Businesses can also connect with third-party systems such as BI, ERP, and CRM, using Pimcore Data Mapping Software.

Pimcore data mapping software allows organizations to manage, incorporate, and centralize all their business data. The platform enables administrators to automatically integrate their organization's digital assets into marketing workflows and different technologies. Users can utilize web content management and digital commerce features with the application in a single and consolidated setup. Pimcore enables professionals to plan business processes and reduce error rates by using a centralized data maintenance system. It ensures data consistency while attaining a single, trusted view of essential business information. Companies can leverage the intuitive power of the platform to guarantee excellent product delivery to customers across multiple touchpoints.

Pimcore data mapping software provides flexible solutions that cater to industries' product information management needs. The open architecture-based network helps professionals harness the power of over a hundred global solution partners to analyze and identify optimal tech solutions for their businesses. Using an API-driven approach, eCommerce companies can efficiently and automatically manage their products. Pimcore also offers developers a high level of flexibility for easy adaptation, extension, and deployment of custom requirements, as its source code is accessible.

Pimcore data mapping software offers easy catalog-management tools to business users. While using the software, eCommerce companies can create and map multiple stores with their products, since Pimcore depicts them as objects. Professionals can define attributes according to the requirements, and then map the stores with the products. The platform's dynamism makes it possible for organizations to assign products to different inventories with mutable prices in a multiple store scenario.

Pimcore data mapping software helps businesses to maintain and improve the quality of their data. Using the tool's Workflow Management Module, developers can define logics to boost their organization's workflow. The integrated PHP framework, Symfony, enables organizations to resolve any technical issue that occurs. It also helps professionals ensure that their codes stay up-to-date and fully compliant with industry standards. Pimcore data mapping software allows companies to spot revenue opportunities and increase productivity through data management processes.

Pimcore data mapping software provides individual adaptation to users across multiple platforms. The tool simplifies digital data management for industries by displaying appropriate user-based actions, saving customer data, and monitoring website visitors.  With the help of Pimcore's Customer Data Management, enterprises can cater directly to the individual needs of their clients. Pimcore data mapping software also adapts to the behavior of web users and makes recommendations for them, based on their perceived interests and preferences.

Pimcore data mapping software enables professionals to define data properties and integrate meta-information fluidly. Pimcore's powerful image processing system allows business managers to upload high-resolution pictures to the Asset Management dashboard. The software then refines and adjusts the images for optimal display and swift loading time on the website automatically. With Pimcore data mapping software, designers can share data across multiple platforms to various team members for effective collaboration. The tool helps users to centralize all their media assets and contents.

Pimcore data mapping software enables businesses to save time and resources on data scaling and integration. The platform allows developers to fast-track the development of web and mobile applications. Users can also access Pimcore's features directly on any operating system, including macOS, Windows, or Linux. Editors and programmers can utilize browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Pimcore data mapping software allows various organizations to combine product and digital assets to accomplish business goals across multiple platforms. With the software, professionals can meet up with their customer demands and adapt to evolving industry standards.