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Pipedrive Features and Reviews

Pipedrive CRM software helps sales managers and companies manage customer communication, prioritize deals, monitor performance, and drive sales. 


Pipedrive CRM software is a cloud-based customer relationship management software used by more than 90,000 businesses. The tool has an extensive set of features to help small and large enterprises manage and optimize sales processes. 

With this software, salespeople can build visual sales pipelines to manage leads and deals. Managers can use built-in web forms and custom chatbots to drive hot leads into their sales pipelines. Sales teams use labels and filters to identify deal states and prioritize communication or follow-up activities.

Pipedrive CRM software allows managers to build and grow their prospect and customer database, view timelines of contact activity, and history. Users can import their contacts from other CRM software, spreadsheets, Google, or Microsoft contacts. With this software, salespeople can schedule emails, calls, and meetings with deals, contacts, and organizations, track users or teams KPIs to replicate winning patterns. 

Pipedrive CRM software lets users automate critical administrative tasks and drive productivity by creating triggers that deliver desired outcomes. The tool's AI-powered sales assistant offers personalized tips and automation recommendations to help organizations increase sales effectiveness and achieve results.

 Users can generate reports and dig deep dive into metrics to measure business performance against set goals. The software provides customizable reports such as deal reports, revenue forecasts, recurring revenue reports, and more. 

With the Pipedrive's mobile app for Android and iOS, sales managers can track activities on the move. The tool supports integration with apps such as Pipechimp, Plecto, Klenty, and more. 

Product Details 

Pipedrive CRM software helps businesses acquire and manage leads and deals, turn conversations into customers, and drive revenue. With this software, users can create visual, unlimited, and customizable pipelines to start winning deals. Users can add deals and deal value, expected close date, win probability, and then track the deals through various pipeline stages. 

The software allows salespeople to use rotten deal cues to track deals that are growing cold, restrategize, and close more sales. Users can organize deals in pipelines, and customize the pipeline stages to suit their business structure and sales cycle. With unlimited custom fields, managers can collect and organize any types of sales data they need.

The tool allows sales teams to pool their leads in one place, keep their pipeline clear and focused on deals. Team members can follow up and qualify new leads from a central location, add leads manually, or import them in bulk from spreadsheets, or other sources. 

Managers use the software to labels and filters to identify deal states. They can use the default labels (warm, hot, or cold), or create multiple custom labels. Also, users can sort, filter, and bulk edit their leads to identify top-priority leads. 

The tool display leads in order of activity due dates. From the Leads Inbox, managers can schedule calls, emails, and other custom activities with leads. 

Managers use Pipedrive CRM software to track customer communications, gain full visibility, and control their schedule.  With this software, users can quickly build and grow a database of contacts and organizations, view timelines of contact activity, and history.

The software helps users organize their contacts and stores them as "organizations" and "people." When contacts are added, the software automatically links them to deals. Users can import their contacts from other CRM software, spreadsheets, Google, or Microsoft contacts. 

Pipedrive CRM software allows salespeople to manage conversations from their preferred emails. The tool automatically links emails to deals and contacts, and users can receive live notifications when prospects open or click links sent from Pipedrive. With live notifications, marketers can hold the right conversations and pitch at the right time. 

The tool lets marketers personalize and send bulk emails. Users can select from pre-built templates, or create theirs, and use merge fields to populate data automatically. Also, users can make outbound sales calls directly from the tool, track, and record calls, and gather insights in one place. Salespeople can automatically log calls as activities completed under deals, and track when prospects were contacted.

Pipedrive CRM software lets sales managers set up meetings and share their availability. Invitees can also propose and book a time that works for them. 

The software allows salespeople to schedule emails, calls, and meetings with deals, contacts, and organizations, track users, or team KPIs to replicate winning patterns over time. Users can get activity reminders in their mobile app, Pipedrive web app, or email.

Pipedrive CRM software allows managers and salespeople to automate repetitive administrative tasks and use AI to boost performance. With the software's AI-powered sales assistant, users can get personalized tips to increase sales effectiveness and achieve results. The sales assistant also offers automation recommendations, including features and app integrations, so that users will not have to spend time on manual tasks. 

Users can get notifications when there are critical changes to account settings. The software uses compact graphs to draw the user's attention to sound and weak performance trends. Managers can see what's working well or identify what they need to change. 

Users can automate repetitive tasks to streamline sales processes by setting triggers, desired actions, and outcomes. Companies can automate personalized emails to go out when salespeople create deals or move deals along pipeline stages. The software helps marketers quickly find valuable data on contacts that can help close deals faster. 

With one click, businesses can pre-qualify leads by allowing Pipedrive to retrieve comprehensive customer contact information using email addresses and public data. The software helps marketers pull prospects data from Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and more into their CRM. 

Pipedrive CRM software helps companies create beautiful dashboards, generate powerful reports, and uncover actionable insights. This software allows users to create multiple reports. Deal reports show the number of opportunities that salespeople have won or lost and why. Users can gain valuable insights on win rates and sales cycle duration to streamline their sales process and increase efficiency.

Revenue forecast reports help users estimate turnover and growth as well as identify problems before they arise. With recurring revenue reports, users can view customer payments that come in installments, and accurately project revenue. 

Pipedrive CRM software allows businesses to create custom CRM fields for reports to suit their business needs. Users can filter, group results, uncover winning patterns, and remove bottlenecks that may slow down sales conversions. 

Managers can build beautiful and interactive dashboards to track KPIs and reports and monitor team progress at a glance. Users can drag, drop, and resize sales data into interactive charts and graphs to fuel smarter business decisions. With a few clicks, managers can share live dashboard links with team members and other stakeholders to keep them informed. 


Pipedrive CRM software helps marketers and salespeople to acquire sales and manage sales pipelines. With this software, managers can generate insights to make critical decisions and improve sales processes. Managers use this software to drive sales conversations, increase revenue, and engineer business growth.