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PipelineDeals Features and Reviews

PipelineDeals CRM software help businesses of all sizes empower their sales teams and accelerate their sales pipeline.


PipelineDeals CRM software focuses on helping sales teams to automate repetitive productivity tasks and build relationships with customers. Organizations of all sizes in multiple industries use this software to gain visibility into their customer engagements. This software is a combination of CRM and Sales engagement solutions, and it helps companies develop scalable processes to boost sales productivity, increase profitability, and grow revenue. Plus, the PipelineDeals CRM software seamlessly integrates with platforms like QuickBooks, Google Sheets, and MailChimp.

Businesses can use this software to upsell, cross-sell, and renew their leads and customer relationships with a single source of truth. PipelineDeals CRM software offers sales teams deal and sales management tools to accelerate their sales cycle. With this software's dashboard, users can get a 360-degree view of the status of their sales performance, and they can use it to track targets. Besides, the PipelineDeals CRM software allows remote sales teams to work seamlessly with its collaborative pipeline solutions.

PipelineDeals CRM software integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Office 365 to offer users calendar and contact syncing to their account. Sales teams can use this software's mobile app from anywhere, at any time, and it provides a business card scanner for users to add new contacts with ease. This software allows businesses to extend their capability and customize it to fit their needs. Additionally, sales representatives can use the PipelineDeals CRM software to gain in-depth visibility into their sales pipeline.

Companies can use this software to manage team members, monitor marketing campaigns, delegate tasks, and gather accurate data. PipelineDeals CRM software allows users to access it from laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Users can use this software to develop custom reports based on the information that they require—business across different industries like construction, distribution, transportation, and contractors to manage their sales processes. Additionally, PipelineDeals CRM software enables users to send trackable emails seamlessly.

Product Details

PipelineDeals CRM software allows sales representatives to engage leads across different channels, and add efficient workflows to increase sales. This software offers users activity reminders that enable them to focus on other valuable tasks. Sales leads can use this software to share progress reports across teams as their sales leads go through the pipeline, and they can add new jobs automatically when their deals adance through their sales pipeline. Plus, businesses can use the PipelineDeals CRM software for direct email acceleration in their CRM.

PipelineDeals CRM software enables organizations to use data-driven reports to measure the health of their business actively. Users can use comparison charts to find out which leads or team members bring in the most revenue and track the success of business deals over the sale lifecycle. Businesses can follow custom data points, types of contracts, and team performance. PipelineDeals CRM software integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Google for Work. Besides, companies can manage their contacts using this software to keep it updated wherever they search.

PipelineDeals CRM software offers users an email sync that allows them to streamline workflow and manage user emails in the pipeline. Users can use this software to view a complete history of their sales communication. This software allows users to connect with standard apps using its integration marketplace, and build custom integrations using its API.

Some of the integrations the PipelineDeals CRM software offers include MailChimp, Outlook, Google for Work, Help Scout, QuickBooks, ActiveDemand, Excel, Zapier, and Google Sheets. Users can use the Android and iOS PipelineDeals CRM software apps to manage their sales pipeline on the go. Also, this mobile app offers users calendars, real-time notifications, talk-to-text records, and nearby geolocation functionality.

PipelineDeals CRM software enables businesses to manage their deals and leads with ease. Users can use this software to organize the collective knowledge of their teams for a collaborative sales framework.

This software allows organizations to manage their leads efficiently, proactively nurture their contacts, and qualify leads rapidly. With email notifications and activity tracking, users can get a complete picture of all their sales activities. PipelineDeals CRM software enables users to use the dashboard to include events to deals and collaborate in real-time. Additionally, users can share deals and grant access to outside partners.

PipelineDeals CRM software enables users to develop and monitor their sales goals. Businesses can use this software to create custom dashboards and update in real-time, and they can export data with ease. With this software's integration with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, users can update and develop on-demand dashboards from the cloud. PipelineDeals CRM software enables users to launch their email campaigns effectively and accelerate their sales cycle. Plus, sales managers can use this software to track the activities of their sales teams in real-time, and they can use the dashboard to prioritize their tasks.

PipelineDeals CRM software allows users to customize their functionalities to fit their business needs. Businesses can customize field names, assign permissions to sales reps, use templates, change the theme and color, and select the data to see first. This software offers users flexible contact management to streamline lead nurturing, and it allows them to place all their business relationships in one place. Besides, organizations can use this software to assign points to the best reps, avoid duplicates, and customize the schema of the lead status.

PipelineDeals CRM software enables businesses to set sales milestones to motivate their teams. They can set team goals based on new leads, revenues, closed deals, forwarded points, and completed tasks. This software allows users to customize the dashboards to show the different goals in real-time. PipelineDeals CRM software offers users pipeline activities delivered to their inbox daily. Also, this software provides users with 3D visualizations in the dashboards to help them monitor metrics.


PipelineDeals CRM software helps sales teams in businesses of all sizes to automate redundant sales tasks and establish relationships with their customers. Organizations use this software to develop scalable processes to increase profitability, grow revenue, and boost sales productivity. This software enables sales teams to set and monitor targets for sales acceleration.